Saturday, September 25, 2010

DeRuyter Lake Sprint Triathlon

Today was the Spur of the moment decision to go for one last sprint triathlon. You know we are all crazy triathletes right???!!

Now I have listened to the wonderful people around me who have done longer distance races and didn't run or bike for the whole week. I really wanted my legs to heal before I tried to do anything else.

DeRuyter Lake General Store is was one of the Pit stops on the Syracuse 70.3. Its about 35 miles south of Syracuse. This is where the Tri was held today. It had a country feel and it isn't USAT certified. Just the townspeople putting on a great race!!

My Daughter and Boyfriend came along to be my cheerleaders today. I couldn't do what I do without the support of these two tagging along or even joining in my craziness!!

The Swim-

The swim was in a Little reservoir. I did slip twice getting into the lake at the dock. I even fell on my tush!! The water was about 67 degrees which was great! The water was so clear that I could see all the little fishies swimming under me!!  I had really, really bad sighting issues at this race. This is the 2nd year this was run so there are kinks that need to be worked out. There were balloons in the lake to sight. I couldn't see them at all and ended up missing the first one. Went to the second one and turned around and didn't see the 3rd one. I went off course thinking I must be wrong. When I looked up for the last time I saw the dock and started swimming my butt off to get there...It seemed like I was so far off!! I slipped and fell about 4 more times getting out of the water!! Rough! TIME- 16:00

The BIke-

The bike was a 5.3 mile loop on country rolling hills. The first half I felt so fast averaging a 25mph speed, the back half I had 10mph winds in my face so I slowed down considerably. There was also a part of the route they had just put fresh gravel down on which was a little scary! One thing that the race director should've done differently is made us go in the opposite direction as in the race we were making all Left hand turns. It would've been easier for traffic if we were doing all right hand turns. Oh well, you learn. TIME 48 MIN. (Including transition)

The Run-

Ahhhh the run..Now let me tell you I am not a very fast runner and this is something I want to improve on BIG time. The course was out and back on the same course as the bike. But it was nice to see that most people were on their 3rd loop before the runners started. This was a rolling hill run as well with no major climbs. TIME: 30 (Including Transition time)

TIME: 1:36:17.
2 OA Female.

I feel bad as they called another girls name for second and then I had to take it away from her as I was in second place...Oh well, mine was well deserved and I took it will a smile on my face!!

My legs are a little tired but Im ready to start the Off season!!


  1. Congrats on a great finish on your sprint!

  2. Good golly you killed the race! Nice way to rebound a week out from your first HIM.

  3. AWESOME!!! Congrats on that hardware!

  4. Yay! Awesome job! Congrats on your 2nd place finish! :)

  5. look at you sneakin in one more race...:)

    I almost went myself!

    nice work!