Sunday, September 12, 2010

Accomplishing my goals and dreams, without support

1 week until The BIG Day!! Today we were out at Jamesville beach where the Syracuse 70.3 will be held in just 7 days from now and boy was it a cold one!! We went out to the beach for our triathlon clubs annual Tri/kids tri and picnic.

It was a cold morning and the wind was fierce. I chickened out and didn't get into the water today. I let my daughter be in the spotlight and do the kids triathlon. She did great except for a couple meltdowns due to the water temp.

I have been thinking about the finish line and how Im going to be finishing smiling with my hands up in the air saying yes  I did it!! I also thought about who I want at the finish line seeing me come through, seeing me on this journey as a triathlete. Seeing all that I have accomplished and worked hard for for the last 18 weeks. I want my parents to be at that finish line. Seeing all the people who are athletic and have worked hard, whether they are short, tall, thin or thick...Its all about being in the moment and accomplishing so much.

Now my parents arent athletes at all. They never were. When I was in high school I played soccer, volleyball and softball and I think they may have made it to half a dozen of my games total in all my 4 years of high school. I would watch all the other parents cheering their kids on and wished so much that my parents were there when I had 9 kills in one of my volleyball games, or when I made a goal in soccer or when I scored a double or caught a fly ball in softball.

Its the same feeling now. I said to my parents a few weeks ago, why don't you come out and watch the HIM. I got what time, where, when, how long is it?? I don't think they will be coming out. Its sad but I know that it is about my accomplishments and it is something they are just not into. Even though this is important to me.

They were there for every graduation of mine from high school right up until I graduated from my masters program which was important to me, but I feel this is the same. You begin your journey not knowing a thing about triathlons, then little by little you gain the knowledge and endurance to perform at your best. Then you pass the test by racing your best...same huh??

So, I will be a little sad that my parents will not be at the finish line next Sunday but be grateful for everything they have been to. I will make a mental note to be at everything that is important to my daughter and more.

Here is a capture of our weekend..


  1. That water looked really cold! Congrats to Caitlen for braving that and doing the race! Good for her!

  2. I was thinking about parental support this weekend, too. My husband's parents came out to see his Half-Iron and they spent the whole day asking me, "Why would anybody want to do this?? Is he going to be alright?" They just didn't get it at all.
    Congrats to your kiddo on her TRI!!

  3. :( Makes me sad that you want them there and they won't be there. Remind them again - this is such a big day in your life.

    BUT, if for some reason they aren't there, you are going to have a huge support crew, even if we are cheering you on from a distance! The finish line will be filled with complete strangers who are in awe of what you completed. Be proud of yourself - many times the journey to get where you are is a very lonely road.

    I'm proud of what you've accomplished and I know that next weekend will be an amazing experience... no matter who is there to witness it!

  4. Do it for yourself. In a week you will be iron tough, especially considering it will be a cold swim and hard bike. I'll have no parents at the finish line for my first 70.3 then either. My father went to crazy amounts of my sporting events and will be watching from the heavens. Go get them.

  5. Yay for your daughter doing the tri! That is so exciting! I cannot wait until my boys are old enough to participate in those! :)
    I'm sorry your parents won't be there for your race, but don't let the fact that they are not there dampen your accomplishment! You are going to do great and I can't wait to read all about it!

  6. So glad your daughter is following in your footsteps!! I think that is the most amazing influence you can have so congrats to you for being a positive role model for her and a big good luck as you get ready for next weekend. Stay calm, focused on the journey and how good that finish will feel! You can do it!