Sunday, December 1, 2013

Kiwanis Turkey Trot 5K Review

Few days late but still note worthy! Quick recap....

Thanksgiving morning I was off to the race at 8:30 as this was a late start at 9:15Am. It was snowing and teen degree temps!! What was I thinking?!

Slipped and almost fell prior to the race, but caught myself on the car that was parked next to me. Actually had a big THUD. People were in the car laughing at me! Well, Karma....but, It was kind of funny!

Met some of the Lake Effect Run crew that I love so much! They are like family! You don't see them for a while but they still great you with a warm smile and a hug every time you see them!!

Lined up according to my predicted pace which was 8-9min miles. Well, the gun went off, it took me almost 2 min to get to the start line. There were people walking, WALKING, in front of me!! (Note to self: line up closer to the front.) It took me almost 3 min to get past all the slower runners, that my first mile was 10 min. WTH! I had so much time to make up.

They changed the course last year, didn't realize it. It was now hillier. Every turn you made, there was a hill!!! No lie!

I wore trail shoes, thinking the slush and slip would be better. Never again for a race. My feet fell like lead! They lighter the better for me!

I made it to the end, and saw my time. For sure this was not a PR day. I was a little ticked, but got over it quickly.

Got in my car, went home, And enjoyed a Whole 30 Thanksgiving meal!!

Time: 28:23. 25/122 in AG 30-34

On a side note, I completed my first Whole 30!!! Didn't even cheat ONCE!! I am a strong woman!
I stepped on the scale today. I am 17 pounds lighter than when I started! What a difference in my mood, my well being. I feel so amazing right now. Its not about the weight I lost. Its about finding a healthier way to eat. A blueprint so to speak. Those of you who want to do it but have failed, my advice to you is to think real hard why you want to do this "diet". Think about that every time you want to pick up some processed, sugary foods. If you think of why you want to start, you wont stray. Trust in yourself.

Last week in numbers:

Swim- Still NONE. Cant wait for that pool to open!! December 9th I will get back to the pool I swear!!

Bike- Making it an effort to get on 3 days per week for 45-60min at a time

Run- Big run focus as 2 half marathons are on the horizon- 28 miles this week!!!

Strength- 30 min

Happy Training!!!