Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ride for Missing Children. Please help out!!!

The last few weeks I have been ordered to wind down and relax as I have been feeling a little hamstring tightness.

Nothing but easy stuff going on here.

I have been doing a little dabbling into other sports, but that will be my next topic.

Today I want to spend some time on the ride I will be doing on September 26 2014. The Ride for Missing Children.

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE SYRACUSE RIDE FOR MISSING CHILDREN? Sponsored by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/New York (NCMEC/NY), the Syracuse Ride for Missing Children is a 100-mile ride made by bicycle riders or "Friends of Missing Children" that raises funds to support prevention education programs and to remember all missing children. More than 2,000 children are reported missing in the United States each day*, some in our own community. For most families, this is only a brief scare as the child turns up in a few minutes or hours. But for some, the nightmare of a missing child becomes a grim reality. NCMEC's mission is to help recover missing children, protect all children from sexual exploitation, and assist in the prevention of these crimes.


With that being said. I am raising money and awareness for this great cause.

With the local news capturing the stories about the 2 Amish girls, Heidi Allen, Etc. Why not help the Nation Center and Donate to such a great cause? If you have children, Grandchildren, Neices, Sisters, Cousins, I beg you to help a great charity. I have donated myself. If anything happened to my children, I would hope that with the funds available the right resources will be there to help find my children.

If you would like to donate, Please click on the link above, On the left Click DONATE NOW and put my last name in there MULLALLY.

Thanks in advance to all that contribute!