Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Me time, training and Paleo Eating

I have been MIA the last couple days mainly because I have had no me time and since it is rest week, I made it an effort to spend some quality time with myself! It has been fanastic!

I put in a good 13+ hours last week of training and have been soaking up the fatigue this week.

I have been very good on my Paleo eating and have actually lost 6 lbs! Stepped on the scale after 2 weeks of eating clean and I finally see it paying off. I have to tell you I do cheat only around training times with carbs but for the most part it is all lean meats, fruits and veggies. I even have had no chocolate! I crave it still but they are getting less. I eat fruit instead. Seems to be working out ok.

I have exactly 1 month to go before my next race which is May 1st!! The Mountain Goat 10miler. If Central New Yorkers have not done this race then you are missing some of the hilliest parts of Syracuse. It is a great race and I have done it for the past 5 years.

I leave you with this video! So inspiring! This is the race Im doing!! ahhh!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend things

Yesterday my daughter and I both cycled on the trainer. Yes you are probably asking how I got her little bike on a trainer but we made it happen! It was the funniest. And Yes I have Pics!!
Thats her in the Front

We had a Benefit at our indoor training facility for the Humane Society of CNY. It was actually kind of fun. We cycled to music from movies and had to guess the movies to receive a PowerBar Gel Latte Flavored. I got around 10 of them! My daughter even knew some of them. I biked for a good cause for 2 hours 45min all while watching my daughter play with the dog, watch a movie, bike. Yes it was the best training ride in a while. I even made my Zones!! I was riding on a Sweet Kurt Kinetic trainer as well. I need to invest in one of these because this trainer puts mine to shame. 

We then chit chatted triathlon business, had veggie pizza and went home. I had a 45 min run on tap which went like this 15 min @9:30, 15min @9:00, 15min @ 8:47. By the end I was going a little faster! I always seem to be better at running off the bike. Its kind of interesting. I don't know how this will play out in my Ironman Marathon but Im optomistic that I will do well. Im not a fast runner yet, but I can run for long periods of time.

Im in the Middle. The only one on a Tri Bike! :)

My daugher and Shotzie
Next week is recovery week and time to get back to the family and housework.

Thanks to all that read my Blog! I have 70 Followers now! Surprises in store if you are a Follower! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What has been happening in my life

This week has been crazy. The weather here still doesn't know what it wants to do and we are getting blasted again with snow. I really want to get outside and ride my bike! Im really starting to go batty training on my trainer for 2 hrs and 45 min at a time!

I have made a conscious effort in my eating healthy. It has been exactly 3 days without any sweets at all. I am working on a 85/15 paleo diet right now. I can cheat 15% of the time with grains but this is it. I was upset with my boyfriend the other day as I told him I wanted to eat sensibly and more healthy and him and his friend thought that it would be a good Idea to order pizza and wings. I was upset and told him how I felt, baked and ate my Tilapia and veggies while they were scarfing down the Pizza. Yesterday, my guy knew how serious I was and started to ask me what he needed to do in order to support me in my process of eating well. Im on the right start! I've even got him to join me again for swimming and cycling sessions! Yah!

I had a fit the other day when I decided to wear a dress to work. It had a zipper on the back and I couldn't seem to get it all the way zipped up. I was in the locker room and didnt want to ask another person to help zip me up so I pulled it up and zipped it over my head, all while saying, a woman wouldn't have designed this outfit!!

I also was revved up about the gym again. Now the gym is very busy around 4-6 pm and this is when we decided to swim yesterday. I saw people waiting for parking spots. Now this gets me aggravated. Sure I will look for a spot up close if it is cold and raining, but to wait?! NO way! You are going to the gym people! it wont hurt to walk to the door too.

I finally saw who that Mark guy was that took my complaint call as I mentioned in a earlier post. He looked just like he sounded. Old jerk. Ah, that felt better that off my chest.

I received a nice letter of thank you from one of my patients this week and it really made me smile and be proud of the practitioner I am today. This is my passion to help people, to listen, to give advice. I guess I made the right choice. Somedays are harder than others but in the end I like what I do.

I have a hour ride to do so Im going to get cycling!

Happy training!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weekly Report.

This week was a great training week for me. I felt great coming off a couple days rest.

Monday at work we upgraded our software EMR system and let me tell you it STINKS! I hate the new version. It was easier learing the Whole EMR system than learning this upgraded garbage. I almost through my laptop out the window by the middle of the week. By the end of the week I was just snapping at my nurse. So Im making progress.

Tuesday I had an awesome run with some friends and even got to wear Shorts!!I was freezing at the end but Im not letting anyone know! I also had a great swim workout and got in almost 2 miles in a hour!! Speed work is improving!

Wednesday I vegged as I had a half day at work and it felt great! I still got my workout in though!

Thursday Was St Pattys day and I didn't even get my Shamrock Shake!! I did have a few patients as me if I was going to get drunk as I am Irish. What?! me?! Heck no!!
I had a SOLID amazing run while my daughter was at gymnastics. Im multitasking you see?!!

Friday night I skipped my Bike so I could hang out with my honey since he had to work all weekend long. We went to the local Mexican restaraunt and then had movie night.

Saturday I biked and then ran. I had a girly movie day by myself as the little one was at her fathers this weekend. I watched some real tear jerkers!!

ANd last but not least today....I ran with my little groupies this morning. It was so nice to hear the birds chirping and the sun shining through the trees. What a gorgeous day for the first day of Spring!!

And here is the Mileage!!!

Swim- 4800 meters- 1 hour 40 min
Bike- 5 hous 15 min- 1 spin class, the rest trainer ride
Run- 28.62 miles- 4 hours 45 min 30 sec
Strength- 1 hour

Total TIME- 12:30:30

And now for my Power up Smoothie from the Paleo diet!

8 oz brewed herbal tea
1 scoop egg white protein powder or your choice of powder. I use gnc whey
1 tbsp ground flaxseed
1 tbsp almond butter
1/2c crushed Ice

Mix all together for 2 min..this is a base for the smoothie. Then add your favorites. Heres mine:

1 tbsp coconut oil
1/2 c fresh or frozen blueberries
1/2 cup strawberries
1/2 cup fresh blackberries


Happy Training

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mountain Goat Training Runs- Have BEGUN!

For any of you not familiar with the Mountain Goat. It is very Special Race Held Every year the First week in May. It is a 10 mile road race that was created in the 70's after men from the Local YMCA started running the Super hills of Syracuse. As their fitness improved so did the mileage. It actually started as a 17.5 mile course but they shortened it up a bit. They wanted a course that would be indeed challenging and provided a true sense of accomplishment upon completing. Over the years,many top ranked National runners have run this course. Joan Benoit, Benji Durden, Jeff Galloway, Jerry Lawson, Michelle LaFleur, Tom Carter, Kevin Collins and Deb Springer are all past winners of the Moutain Goat.

Here is the Elevation Profile:

Every Year Training runs are conducted by the Syracuse Track Club in sponsorship from Brooks Sports and PowerBar. The Training Runs are 6 consective Saturdays Starting this week and Stopping the weekend before the race. They build onto your mileage every week. This week started with 5.75 Miles and will Peak at 9 miles on the last run. Last year there were over 600 People at these training runs. YES TRAINING RUNS!! Can you tell how popular this race is for Syracuse?! They even supply water stops for these runs! Awesome!

This year they even let you wear a pair of Brooks on the run to see if you liked them. I thought that was neat. But, As a runner, I never wear a new pair of sneakers on a longer run. And, Im not a fan of Brooks. They are too heavy of a shoe for me unless I get the racers.

I ran with my Lake Effect Running Group today and we motivated each other to do 5.75 miles in 50:30 min. The hills are tough!!

Last year at this race I wasn't happy with my time. It got extremely hot during the run and they ran out of water at the 7 mile marker. This year Im hoping it will be a better race for me. More on the recap of last year when it gets closer to the race so that I may reflect before the day!

1348 Run
Looking Dead at the Finish Line 2010

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Little tid bits

-I had a pretty good turn out to last week. I got my Long Run in on Sunday and Felt great! Last week was trying and I needed the rest but got over it quickly.

-I have thought about some of my nutritional strategies lately and have figured this is just not conducive to what I want to accomplish this year. I have decided when I get my Paleo Cookbook and diet book in the mail that I will be switching over to this diet as much as I can.

-I have been also looking at doing more nutrition focused workouts and have decided I really don't like Hammer Products anymore and am Going with Some First Endurance/Carbo pro products.

-I am rocking this week in training and even had a guy envy me in the pool today!! Yeee Haaa!!! That was the best motivation ever!! This is how it went down. "Good Morning young lady, how are you?"
"Im good and yourself?!"(me) "Great Great."(him) "Well I would be better if I could Flip turn as well as you do."(me) "Well I would be better if I could kick as fast as you do!"(him)  Really?!! Me?!! Thats all I needed. This guy made my day and he didn't even know it!!

-I actually wore SHORTS for my run tonight!! YES it reached 50F today!!

- Thanks for all the tips on GOLDS GYM. I contacted the corporate office and have yet to get a phone call or email. I guess it stems from the top down. I really am stuck. I don't know what to do!

- I am actually thinking of taking my bike out this weekend if it is nice...YES!!!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

On the Upswing of Things

Thanks for all the kind words on the last post. I really just needed a break. I had a pretty intense training block prior to this and I think it did my body in. I know when I need rest and I will not push my body so that I get injured and cannot recover for my beloved Ironman this year.

I finally caved in and told my coach I couldn't work out any more this week and that I was beyond fatigued. I couldn't get myself out of bed to workout early in the morning yesterday. Thats how tired I was. I am pretty darn good at getting up between 4-5AM on my own!! I didn't. I couldn't. My body was saying NO!

Anyways, I ditched swimming Thursday as I was miserable about my telephone conversation with the Manager or whomever he may be at Gold's Gym. He was very rude when I told him my concerns and said that I was fabricating a little. Believe me, if I could reach through the phone and slap this guy around I probably would have. WHY would I call and lie about how I feel about the pool not being open, the equipment being broken, Nothing for my daughter to participate in while Im there, the daycare having 20 children to 1 person. CONCERNS?! Definately!! I don't LIE, do not call me a liar!! Im still upset. They will not let me cancel my membership as I signed a contract until December 2011. Its purely ridiculous. Why should I sit here and pay money to a company that doesn't serve their customers correctly?? I hate even walking in the door everyday and it is really starting to affect me. I have 9 months of payments left. purely ridiculous.

Anyways. I rested all day yesterday except at work. But I got to sit alot because I can at work, so it helped.

I got a few emails from coach that said, rest it out. "If you werent getting fitter you wouldn't need the rest!!", "All the athletes are going through this right now, not just you, even the men. They just admitted it." I felt better hearing these words. But inside I don't want to fail. But at the same time I know Im not failing. I have PRd, I have shaved minutes off my swim times, I am a cycling fool. So I have nothing to be ashamed of right now. Have you found out I have a Type A personality yet?!

So today, I am resting up again. I will be back out tomorrow to do my long run with my friends. I will do what I can. It doesn't make me weaker, its only making me stronger in the end.

I know my body. I have always been the one to need more sleep and more rest from anything. So if I need it, so be it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

In a Funk

This week has been one of those weeks I just want to park my butt in front of the couch and put on my Snuggie. Yes, I love my Snuggie!!

Anyways, It has been a rough start to the week for me and Im still trying to put my finger on it.

Monday I was pumped and ready to start the week, Tuesday I was ok, By yesterday I was ready to call it quits. I had a bad swim test Tuesday which I cannot seem to get over and my Tempo bike felt awful yesterday. 

I have a nagging Hamstring pinch to my left leg as well as a vice grip feeling that wraps around my calf on the same leg also.  It hasn't prevented my from doing my workouts as it is gone by the next morning. I cannot put my finger on it yet. I don't know if its because I stand all day at work or something else. I will get to the bottom of it.

Today my daughter said the funniest thing. Mom "My Lungs Hurt" All while rubbing her neck!! We were at dinner and I almost spit my drink out!! She realized what she said and started laughing too!!

She also told me I was the most beautiful mommy in the world which was the best ending to the crappy day today....

May the weekend Bring me much more happiness!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Week Review- Feb 28,2011- March 6,2011

Last week was a taper week to my Saturday Race. It didn't feel like it to me however. I really had some deep seated fatigue that I didn't know I even had until Tuesday after my Speed work. I just couldn't get it together the rest of the week. I still managed to get my workouts in, work and find time for family but all I wanted to do was rest and sleep.

By Thursday my legs were letting up and felt a little better about my 30 min run. I still had reservations of how I would do on race day because I just felt exhausted. I felt it in the pool, biking too.

Race day came and went and I felt great about the whole day.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling my bike so I skipped it as I have been dealing with some aching to the lateral aspect of my Right tibia. It doesn't feel like shin splints rather the muscle that attached there feels really tight. I have been wearing my compression stockings hoping that it will get better quickly. There is no pain with exercise, its afterwards. We will see what happens.

I still have been working on nutrition and have to say I did pretty well last week until after my race where I had some Pub food!!

Here is last week in numbers
Swim: 3800 meters- 1 hour 45 min
Bike: 1 hour
Run: 13.2 miles- 2 hours 4 min 54 sec

Total 4 hours 50 min 54 Sec.

Thank god for rest weeks!!!

This week is starting another training Block ending with Musselman 70.3 as the cumulative race!!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run- Race Recap

Today was the day to see if all my training had paid off. All the hard work I have been doing these last few months..

It started out a beautiful morning, so I decided I would wear shorts and my compression socks as my left calf has been really tight this week.

The race was at 11AM, but wanted to get there in plenty of time as parking can be tricky and we were heading to the local bars for grub afterwards. I ate my bagel, banana and coffee at 9AM, started drinking my Gatorade and was out the door. When we got to the race we parked at the local bar we knew we would head to afterwards. Its about a mile uphill from the start. So we started trudging it up the hill. Then, the wind came. 20mph cold wind. I thought, this wasn't happening. Then, Yep, it started raining.

Now I wasn't prepared for this to happen so I had no had or gloves. At this point I looked at my honey and said, I am mentally not into this race anymore. I didn't prepare for the wind and rain. I shook it off and proceeded into the ice rink where everyone was hanging out, relaxing before the race. I took this as an opportunity to enjoy the moment and not let the weather get to me.

Otto the Orange (SU Mascot) and some Lake Effectors

The crowd in full force!

We were all so festive!
I kept with race nutrition with Half a PowerBar at 10AM, Kept drinking my Powerade. The race announcers then said, Its time to head outside. Took my gel and water and headed outside again. By this time the rain had let up and looked like it was going to be a great run.
Half the Mob Scene outside. This extended down the hill

I got into the 8 min miler group with all my friends. The gun went off. Took us 1 min to get to the start as there were 2700 people racing, and then we were off!!

Here are the splits:

Mile 1- 8:35- Kept a easy pace knowing the end was a little harder. First mile was pretty much downhill and it was hard not to want to follow the crowd

Mile 2- 8:35- Kept the same pacing. Was feeling great

Mile 3- 9:23- No matter how hard I wanted to go, I just couldn't. The wind was in my face and it was ALL uphill.

Mile 4- 8:39- I knew I had to make up some time but felt couldn't kick it in fast enough

.1- Felt good to be done!!

Total time 35:54
Total distance by my garmin 4.1
Average Pacing 8:45min/mile!!!

I was really upset about this at first but realized I couldn't be. I race this race last year, granted they did change the course, but, I still PRd by almost a MINUTE per mile!! Ill take it!

Afterwards we went to Nibsy's Pub and Celebrated with some free Pasta and great company!
My Biggest Fan and Supporter!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Race Reflection- Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run

Well, Tomorrow at 11 AM I will embark on my 4 mile Run PR!! Oh yes, Im going for it!

Last Year at this time was when I just started Getting into training again. This year, I have been training since October so I have alot of Base going into this race.

Last year I did 38:57 which was 9:44min/Mile. I have been doing more in training than this now!!

The plan from coach is as follows:

Mile 1- No more than 8:20 per mile. Easy to do since this race has 3,000 participants tomorrow!! Of course this is dependant on if the Rain holds off!! Crossing my fingers!!

Mile 2- Settle in 8:20 or a little better

Mile 3- Kick it into gear and pass all the people that started too fast

Mile 4- Kick it hard and finish Puking...

Yep...this is my goal. Go until it hurts!!! Goal Time 33:00-35:30. I can do this!! Wish me luck!!!

Tomorrow Will be a Race Recap!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is here!! Few more weeks until SPRING!!

Ahh, March!! The light at the end of the nasty winter tunnel. 3 more weeks until Spring!! Today it was almost 40 degrees here in Central New York. This is short running weather for me! I keep looking at the Weather for this Saturday and it still says 40, so it looks like Ill be wearing my green Shorts!!! Did you know green is a lucky color?!! Im psyched!

I have to say today I was doing 1 mile repeats on the treadmill and by the 3rd one I was ready to be done. My legs were just dead. My hamstrings are tight right now. I have been trying to roll the suckers out. My feet are up and recovery socks are on. Direct orders from coach said NO Cleaning, NO standing anymore than I have to so I have been pushing it with the honey making him do my dirty work! I even showed him the email from Ms. Eggers. He whined a little. But he knows I want to do well.

I have some serious mental toughness this week. Eat Clean, Positive Race thoughts, Nailing Pre Race nutrition have all been on my brain when Im not doing anything else. Geesh, I didn't think I'd be so obnoxious about my race this weekend as I have been in the last 2 days!!

February was a good month for me in training. Mainly because of the great gains in my running. I have been training with some hard *sses and they will not let me get away with missing a workout. Especially on Sundays. I would never hear the end of it!

Here are the totals for February-
Swim- 20451 yards, 8.01 hours ,
Bike- 16.17 hours
Run- 82.92 miles- 13.95 hours
Strength- 5 hours

TOTAL time- 43.13 hours

Happy Training!!