Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend things

Yesterday my daughter and I both cycled on the trainer. Yes you are probably asking how I got her little bike on a trainer but we made it happen! It was the funniest. And Yes I have Pics!!
Thats her in the Front

We had a Benefit at our indoor training facility for the Humane Society of CNY. It was actually kind of fun. We cycled to music from movies and had to guess the movies to receive a PowerBar Gel Latte Flavored. I got around 10 of them! My daughter even knew some of them. I biked for a good cause for 2 hours 45min all while watching my daughter play with the dog, watch a movie, bike. Yes it was the best training ride in a while. I even made my Zones!! I was riding on a Sweet Kurt Kinetic trainer as well. I need to invest in one of these because this trainer puts mine to shame. 

We then chit chatted triathlon business, had veggie pizza and went home. I had a 45 min run on tap which went like this 15 min @9:30, 15min @9:00, 15min @ 8:47. By the end I was going a little faster! I always seem to be better at running off the bike. Its kind of interesting. I don't know how this will play out in my Ironman Marathon but Im optomistic that I will do well. Im not a fast runner yet, but I can run for long periods of time.

Im in the Middle. The only one on a Tri Bike! :)

My daugher and Shotzie
Next week is recovery week and time to get back to the family and housework.

Thanks to all that read my Blog! I have 70 Followers now! Surprises in store if you are a Follower! Stay tuned!


  1. That sounds like a really fun benefit. I absolutely love dogs - that's a fun idea.

  2. What a great way to help the humane socieity. Congratulations to both you and your daughter.

    You are doing awesome on the training. Your run off the bike was fabulous. I really liked your numbers.

  3. Love the pics!! I think you're speedy!! :)

  4. You run faster off the bike cuz you are all warmed up! Its great, right? Pretty soon that will be the ONLY way to run fast!

  5. that's great that your daughter got to ride, too!! i hope my girls catch the bug and get excited about swimming, biking and running soon!!