Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mountain Goat Training Runs- Have BEGUN!

For any of you not familiar with the Mountain Goat. It is very Special Race Held Every year the First week in May. It is a 10 mile road race that was created in the 70's after men from the Local YMCA started running the Super hills of Syracuse. As their fitness improved so did the mileage. It actually started as a 17.5 mile course but they shortened it up a bit. They wanted a course that would be indeed challenging and provided a true sense of accomplishment upon completing. Over the years,many top ranked National runners have run this course. Joan Benoit, Benji Durden, Jeff Galloway, Jerry Lawson, Michelle LaFleur, Tom Carter, Kevin Collins and Deb Springer are all past winners of the Moutain Goat.

Here is the Elevation Profile:

Every Year Training runs are conducted by the Syracuse Track Club in sponsorship from Brooks Sports and PowerBar. The Training Runs are 6 consective Saturdays Starting this week and Stopping the weekend before the race. They build onto your mileage every week. This week started with 5.75 Miles and will Peak at 9 miles on the last run. Last year there were over 600 People at these training runs. YES TRAINING RUNS!! Can you tell how popular this race is for Syracuse?! They even supply water stops for these runs! Awesome!

This year they even let you wear a pair of Brooks on the run to see if you liked them. I thought that was neat. But, As a runner, I never wear a new pair of sneakers on a longer run. And, Im not a fan of Brooks. They are too heavy of a shoe for me unless I get the racers.

I ran with my Lake Effect Running Group today and we motivated each other to do 5.75 miles in 50:30 min. The hills are tough!!

Last year at this race I wasn't happy with my time. It got extremely hot during the run and they ran out of water at the 7 mile marker. This year Im hoping it will be a better race for me. More on the recap of last year when it gets closer to the race so that I may reflect before the day!

1348 Run
Looking Dead at the Finish Line 2010


  1. I'm with you on the Brooks; they don't fit my wide feet. And, hey, you finished last year! That was a tough, tough day.
    Maybe I'll see you there next week!

  2. I forgot they started this week. I will have to make an effort to go to the rest of them. I didn't do any last year, and regretted it on race day.

  3. WOW!! That Mountain Goat is no joke!

    I'm not a fan of brooks either...they bother my heel

  4. I agree on not wearing new shoes on a long run (or a race for that matter). However, it is cool that they let you try them out like that; pretty unheard of in the consumer market.