Saturday, March 5, 2011

Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run- Race Recap

Today was the day to see if all my training had paid off. All the hard work I have been doing these last few months..

It started out a beautiful morning, so I decided I would wear shorts and my compression socks as my left calf has been really tight this week.

The race was at 11AM, but wanted to get there in plenty of time as parking can be tricky and we were heading to the local bars for grub afterwards. I ate my bagel, banana and coffee at 9AM, started drinking my Gatorade and was out the door. When we got to the race we parked at the local bar we knew we would head to afterwards. Its about a mile uphill from the start. So we started trudging it up the hill. Then, the wind came. 20mph cold wind. I thought, this wasn't happening. Then, Yep, it started raining.

Now I wasn't prepared for this to happen so I had no had or gloves. At this point I looked at my honey and said, I am mentally not into this race anymore. I didn't prepare for the wind and rain. I shook it off and proceeded into the ice rink where everyone was hanging out, relaxing before the race. I took this as an opportunity to enjoy the moment and not let the weather get to me.

Otto the Orange (SU Mascot) and some Lake Effectors

The crowd in full force!

We were all so festive!
I kept with race nutrition with Half a PowerBar at 10AM, Kept drinking my Powerade. The race announcers then said, Its time to head outside. Took my gel and water and headed outside again. By this time the rain had let up and looked like it was going to be a great run.
Half the Mob Scene outside. This extended down the hill

I got into the 8 min miler group with all my friends. The gun went off. Took us 1 min to get to the start as there were 2700 people racing, and then we were off!!

Here are the splits:

Mile 1- 8:35- Kept a easy pace knowing the end was a little harder. First mile was pretty much downhill and it was hard not to want to follow the crowd

Mile 2- 8:35- Kept the same pacing. Was feeling great

Mile 3- 9:23- No matter how hard I wanted to go, I just couldn't. The wind was in my face and it was ALL uphill.

Mile 4- 8:39- I knew I had to make up some time but felt couldn't kick it in fast enough

.1- Felt good to be done!!

Total time 35:54
Total distance by my garmin 4.1
Average Pacing 8:45min/mile!!!

I was really upset about this at first but realized I couldn't be. I race this race last year, granted they did change the course, but, I still PRd by almost a MINUTE per mile!! Ill take it!

Afterwards we went to Nibsy's Pub and Celebrated with some free Pasta and great company!
My Biggest Fan and Supporter!!


  1. Awesome job! I hate when you can't get mentally prepared for a race and the conditions are different than what you excpect...but you did Great!

  2. Kristin - you PRed by a minute PER mile! Don't be sad about that! You rocked it in crappy conditions! Way to go girl!

  3. Woo Hoo! You Rock! Congrats!

  4. Woohoo! That sucks about the weather, but you did awesome! Congrats on your PR!

  5. Your execution was SOLID. Your form looks BEAUTIFUL! Extremely PROUD OF YOU!

  6. Thanks Mary!! And everyone else! Hard work has paid off! Chipping away the layers bit by bit! I cannot wait until Tri Season!

  7. Congrats!! That is so fantastic!!!

  8. That is a HUGE improvement!!! Congrats!!!

  9. A PR rocks! Congratulations!