Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is here!! Few more weeks until SPRING!!

Ahh, March!! The light at the end of the nasty winter tunnel. 3 more weeks until Spring!! Today it was almost 40 degrees here in Central New York. This is short running weather for me! I keep looking at the Weather for this Saturday and it still says 40, so it looks like Ill be wearing my green Shorts!!! Did you know green is a lucky color?!! Im psyched!

I have to say today I was doing 1 mile repeats on the treadmill and by the 3rd one I was ready to be done. My legs were just dead. My hamstrings are tight right now. I have been trying to roll the suckers out. My feet are up and recovery socks are on. Direct orders from coach said NO Cleaning, NO standing anymore than I have to so I have been pushing it with the honey making him do my dirty work! I even showed him the email from Ms. Eggers. He whined a little. But he knows I want to do well.

I have some serious mental toughness this week. Eat Clean, Positive Race thoughts, Nailing Pre Race nutrition have all been on my brain when Im not doing anything else. Geesh, I didn't think I'd be so obnoxious about my race this weekend as I have been in the last 2 days!!

February was a good month for me in training. Mainly because of the great gains in my running. I have been training with some hard *sses and they will not let me get away with missing a workout. Especially on Sundays. I would never hear the end of it!

Here are the totals for February-
Swim- 20451 yards, 8.01 hours ,
Bike- 16.17 hours
Run- 82.92 miles- 13.95 hours
Strength- 5 hours

TOTAL time- 43.13 hours

Happy Training!!


  1. HAHAHAHA! i love when I can get athletes out of housework!!!!!

    Will they have GPS live updates????

    Roll it out, time to absorb!

  2. No housework? You totally rock!! Good luck!

  3. Ok, so all I have to do is forge an email from my Coach and I can get my girlfriend to do ALL of the cleaning? Brilliant!!!!......haha!.....that would NEVER work. :)

  4. Ha ha!! Yes Jon! Its working SO far! I don't know if I can keep this up until October though!!

  5. getting out of house work pre-race is the BEST!!

  6. I just picked out my outfit for Saturday, short sleeved green shirt! Hope it doesn't rain!