Monday, February 28, 2011

Week in Review 2/21/11-2/27/11

Last week was a recovery week. My body was really tired from the Tempo workouts I have been doing in Race Preparation that is going down this weekend!! I am so excited about this race mainly because I am putting the time and effort into my running and it is making some great progress!

My coach sent me an awesome race plan for this coming weekend and I hope Know that I will be executing the plan!! Hopefully the weather cooperates! I have been reviewing this over and over again, reading what she has outlined. Im going for it. Even if Im puking at the end!!

I have been trying to stay positive about the weather and get outside and run as much as I can. It beats riding that darn Treadmill or should I say DREADmill??! Ugh!

I had a really great week otherwise. Nothing too drastic!

Here is the week in Numbers
Strength: 1 hour
Swim: 4800 meters - 1 hour 30 min
Bike- 2 hours 30 min- trainer rides
Run- 19 miles- 3 hours 25 min

TOTAL time- 8 hours 25 min 34 sec

Happy Training!!!


  1. Nice volume for a recovery week! Good luck this weekend!

  2. Knock those 4 miles out of the park girl! Like you know you can.
    You posted some good volume this week. Keep it going!

  3. Good luck this weekend! I can't wait to see how you do.