Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesdays Ramblings and Last Week in Numbers!

I cant believe I have been so Busy since Saturday! I hope all of you had a Wonderful, Mushy Valentines Day! I spent mine feeling not so hot after work but then a couple hours later was ready to Tackle my new Bike!

- I have to Say I LOVE LOVE LOVE my New Bike. Its like it Purrs on the Trainer! One thing I do have to do is switch out that lovely Seat and Get a White Adamo or Koobi Saddle. I have Been Looking at the Koobi Xenon Saddle and the reviews on it have been great so I might go with this one! Check it out at All3sports.com

- Today, I nailed my Tempo Run!! I had a Ave 8:32 for 4 miles. After this I thought I was going to blow chunks, but hey, I did it the way coach wanted me to. Just kidding I was fine afterwards!

- Swimming is back and forth. One day I feel good the next I am frustrated at how my swimming is going. I have a love hate relationship with the pool. Especially now that I am starting to incorporate flip turns into the deal. Hey, If I wanna act like I can swim I need to do it.

- Nutrition is iffy still. Darn Holidays always revolve around CANDY! I refused cookies yesterday but I did not deny myself a handful of Peanut M&Ms!

- I was thinking of changing to Carbo Pro Products/ First Endurance for Nutrition. Im still reading up on both. I have intestinal issues with everything So I want something that isn't going to make my stomach hurt

- I was really annoyed that a woman bigger than me, Plus size wore a Sports bra and Capris today at the gym. Let me tell you she had it all hanging out. But she wasn't ashamed of herself at all and I think this is what annoyed me because I am so self conscious and here she is saying she doesn't give a hoot. Shes going to be cool while she works out. I still wouldn't be caught doing it. I will admit I do wear only this on the trainer while in the comfort of my own home.

- Last note, the cold here stinks! It has been Freezing and Windy! Spring needs to get here FAST!

Onto the Numbers for last week. I did miss a few workouts due to my endoscopy and my needing a bucket to lean over afterwards for a while.

Ok Here you go:

Swim - 6000 meters  2 hours 45 min
Bike- 4 hours 35 min- Trainer
Run- 18.05- 3 hours
Strength- 1 hour 30 min

Total time: 11 hours 54 min.

Have a great week!


  1. Good job on your tempo run! I'm the same way with my swimming. One day I feel great, and the next I feel sucky! Ugh!
    I see women all the time wearing clothes they have no business wearing, but they are the most confident people ever! It drives me crazy, b/c like you, I'm pretty self-conscience too. Maybe someday I'll have that level of confidence!
    I want spring here too. Today it actually got to 65 and it was AWESOME!

  2. I hear ya on the swim workouts. That is the most up and down thing that I do. I attribute it to the fact that I don't really like swimming and that I suck at it!

  3. Love that you are lovin' the new bike (hint hint... I have a code on my blog for 15% off at All3Sports if you are going to buy the saddle!!!) :) And congrats on the tempo - feeling like you might hurl means you worked hard! Atta girl!

  4. I see some outdoor workouts coming Thursday and Friday with temperatures in the upper 40s and then middle 50s. Warm enough to be out in a sports bra and capris, eh. I would think though the roads are going to be a mess for running let alone biking with potholes and all the salt rocks around. I'm sure you are babying the new bike anyways. The weatherman