Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I am so READY for Spring!

I love the winters in New York, most of the time. This winter has got me really bummed! One day it is nice out, next we have 5 inches on the ground! Spring needs to get here soon!

I was thinking of how eager I am to race this upcoming season. I have never been on top of getting my race schedule together as I have this year. I am thinking of doing a Race in June but cannot find one that will fit with my schedule. I have a race every month besides June! My honey laughs at me because I want to race all the time. He doesn't understand why its so maddening to me and not to him. Must be a guy thing.

I am going today AGAIN to look at a new Tri Bike. I so want a Felt B-12 and I think Im going to tell the shop to order it. I would love it to be in PINK but of course I have to settle for the only color that it comes in which is black and white. Of course I can spruce it up with Pink wheels, handlebar tape, pedals.... Ok Im getting excited about the vision of this bike! I am so picky these days with my bike selection. I am back and forth with what I want. I cannot believe I am doing this. I guess I want a bike that when I walk in and see it the light shines on it and I hear the angels sing in the background just like in the movies!! That has yet to happen.

I have been hanging on to the fact that there were these awesome green knee high running socks at Dick's Sporting goods store. I have been thinking about them all week. I want to race in them in a few weeks. I know, Im silly like that! It better be 40-50 degrees because I want to wear shorts for Pete's sake!

On a side note. My running was so exhilarating last night. I don't know why I felt good but I just went with the flow! I forgot my heartrate monitor watch and didn't figure it out until I got to the gym. I said screw it and ran anyways. I went by feel. Let me tell you, being free, not strapped in and looking at my watch every 10 seconds made me actually run faster! I did check every now and then that I was in my zones though by putting my hands on those metal sensors. I was in the Zones baby! I had to do a 15 min Zone 2 warm up followed by 15min x2 Zone 3 with 5 min rest in between, followed by a cool down. My Ave HR 158. Zone 3 speed was 8:34 and 8:32!! Last week they were 9:05 and 8:56!! have a monitor or not?? HMMMMMM...Ok coach..yes I in Heart Rate zones is making me faster...I believe that NOW!!


  1. I am doing a Lepchraun race in March and I am looking for fun St. patty gear to run in! Green socks sound right up my alley

  2. I don't blame you for being picky about your bike. When you put that much money towards something you have a right to be picky!! I'm so excited for you to get a tri bike...woohoo!!

    Awesome job on your run! I love those types of runs when you just get in a's awesome!

  3. You gotta be picky about your bike. You are going to be sitting on it for hours on end so it better be perfect for you.

    And I can't stop reading B-12....the bike sounds like the perfect vitamin for what ails you.

  4. Ditto! Spring where are you?!?!! I have found out the hard way that I don't like winter when instead of skiing I'm training for a marathon. Hope you find the perfect fit on your new bike!

  5. I got fit by Retul last week and im now also looking to decide between the B12 and B14. Im just not sure how much a difference in feel the Dura Ace is going to be compared to the SRAM Red R2C. Check out my blog entry on the matter: