Monday, February 21, 2011

Week in Review- February 14, 2011-February 20, 2011

Last week was a typical week for me except for one thing. I suddenly feel like I am enjoying my running! I am seeing gains like no tomorrow! I have stayed true to my Zones like Coach Mary has said and it is totally paying off!

Started off the week with a sore throat but started extra Vitamin C and Fluids. My job even swabbed me for the flu. Luckly I didn't have it. I had a pounding headache and a sore throat thats all.

By Wednesday I had a Sinus Infection but nothing that deterred me from my workouts.

Friday I complained to my honey yet again about my nether regions. I really need to invest in a new seat. This upcoming week I will be perusing the internet and scoping out the softer seats. I have a hard time with firmer seats as I have no padding on this area. I can feel my bones digging into the seat as I ride. Not comfy if you ask me. So if you got any tips to make this easier let me know.

Saturday I managed 2 hours on my bike, 30 min on the Spin Bike, While watching New Moon,  then a 30 min run. I felt like I could run forever off the bike. I don't know why Im so fascinated by the Twilight series but I am. Im a sucker for romance, even when vampires and werewolves are the theme!!

Sunday I did a 1:24 run with 2 of my best running partners. I made them Do mile repeats with me all while groaning at first. By the end, they were loving them, wanting to do them again. We did 1 mile repeats x5. The goal was 8:20min/mi pace. Yeah thats not how it went- It went a little something like this 7:47, 8:00, 8:20, 8:40, 8:20. Eh, I tried.

I had a great email from my Coach this week that made my week a little more positive about the training Ive been doing. Heres the email-

"I have to tell you sister, you are absolutely rocking this program. You are an Absolute DREAM to coach. I can not wait to start your freaking season already because I fully believe we have PRs at every single turn here."

What a way to end a crappy Friday at work to get this message to birghten my weekend. Thanks Coach! Im trying!

Onto the Numbers

Swim- 4,200 meters- 1 hour 45 min
Bike- 5 hours 30 min - trainer riding
Run-  23.8 miles- 3 hours 14 min
Strength- 1 hour 30 min

Total Time: 12 hours 29 min

Happy Training!!


  1. Solid week!
    Do you already use some sort of cream to help out with the girly bike problems? I haven't found anything that totally takes away the discomfort, but using Chamois Butt'r (or even Desitin diaper rash cream) helps me a lot.

  2. Those are some numbers. wow. and I know it's funny how much we hold onto our coaches words to dictate our progess (guilty here myself!)

    Know you are rockin' it;-)

  3. That email from your coach is awesome!!!
    Nice job with your training! You are doing so awesome!

  4. Your coach is awesome. What a great email to receive. FYI, she is totally right. You are killing your workouts and I can't wait to see how you kill on your races!

  5. Print that email out from your coach and look at it often! You are doing amazing!

    Good luck with the saddle. I love my Adamo, but it's not soft. Helped my nether-region a ton though!!!