Saturday, February 5, 2011

Random Ramblings

I have been absent from the bloggy world for the last couple days!! Gasp! Not that I couldn't find anything to write, but that my life is getting a little crazier every day.

I am focusing on the Shamrock 4 mile race coming up in 3 weeks so coach has me doing some tempo runs, which this week I was on cloud nine because I love to run FAST!! Im hoping to PR this race. Last year I did it in 38min, I think. This year I want 35-36min.

Today I cycled on the Trainer for 2:30 hours while watching Twilight. Now I see what all the fuss was about!! I really enjoyed the movie and the time went by so fast!! I will just say that Edward Cullen is so dreamy! Ha ha! I told my boyfriend that we are going to the movie store to rent the next 2 movies. He rolled his eyes at me of course!
Twilight Movie, Filmed at The View Point Inn
After the Ride, I quickly changed and met My friend T and the Lake Affect Run Club to run the Shamrock Run that is going to be going on March 5th in Syracuse, NY. Its a 4 mile run but I got there late and I only did 3.2mi but this was great as I planned on doing a easy 30 min run. I felt great the whole time running!! I wanted to go faster but knew that I had to keep it easy.
On the note about the Run club. I absolutely love these people! No where have I felt such a great feel of friendship and comradery involved as I see in this club. We meet at various locations, run, and then chat about everything and anything over some coffee and grub. Im glad I met these people! Im even meeting some of these crazy runners tomorrow to run with me for my 80 min endurance run!! If the weather is good of course!!! We are supposed to be getting another snow storm!!
Until Tomorrow...Happy training!


  1. You are doing great with the running! I have a pretty good running group as well and they really do make a difference.

    I hope the running and weather gods cooperate tomorrow and you are able to get your run in.

  2. I wanted to say more than just a quick hello this morning, but had to get going. I'm excited for Shamrock, I've definitely tamed that killer hill : )

  3. 3 weeks! OH No, I better get running again....

  4. So glad that you are liking the run club! And you go girl - 2.5 hours on the trainer would probably kill me!

  5. I am a member of TEAM In Training and train with them for marathons. I totally agree! I love those people and they make training worth while!