Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January is gone...1 month closer to SPRING!!

As I am typing this I am preparing myself for another snow storm that is hitting the east coast tonight!! I want it to stop! Let it be Spring Already! I went into the gym to swim this morning with no snow on the car, come out there is 2 inches on the car. I think I need to move! The weather can be such a drag when it takes you 20-25 min to get to work and really on a good day it only takes me 10! I need to take up some more winter sports!

Last month was a great month. I got to meet some awesome people from the Train-This team. I am so interested in their training as well as my own!

I had some oh no moments, and pulled through as well last month...so onto February!!

Here are the mothly stats! Thank you Training Peaks for making it easier on me!

Strength: Hard core heavy lifting...coach wants to see me get BUFF!! 6 hours 13.33% of training
Swim- 7.25 hours- 8299 meters  16.11% of training
Bike- 18.17 hours- Trainer/Spinning- 40.37% of training
Run- 13.58 hours- 62.74 miles- 30.18% of training

TOTAL 45 hours 40 min!!

Happy Training!!! :)


  1. Great workouts! Now go get buff!

  2. Amazing month Kristin! You are rocking it!

    Hope you guys don't get too much snow. WE're getting ice, so I guess I would love the snow, but I know you've been pounded this winter!

  3. Bang ! Done like a gun ! Nice work on the East coast there, thats tough stuff in January for sure.

  4. Im in the process of familiarizing myself with Training Peaks and making the switch over from Ontri.com Is the site worth paying for? What would you say its best tools are? Keep up the hard work. DS

  5. DS- thanks for viewing my blog!! I actually am a coached athlete so I get mine for free. I LOVE the site. There is a lot you can do on it and it tallys up everything for you which I like! Im not familiar with Ontri.com but If you like numbers and totals and want nutrition facts this website is a good one!