Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week in Review

This week when I opened up my training week I knew it was a rest week!! Yes for rest weeks! This is the every 4 week period I make it a priority to catch up with friends and family. It really lets them know I haven't fallen off the earth, no one abducted me, and that I m ok.

Monday was crazy at work that I wanted to shut my computer down and walk out and say Im done for the day. But, as we know I cannot do this. I some how made it through without ripping anyone's head off. I did this with no workout in in the morning too!

Tuesday- I wanted to run outside but for some reason kept putting my alarm on snooze. I bugged and bugged my honey until he joined me for both my swim and run at night. Then we followed up with a Taco bell Taco. Yes, just one taco. I can control myself

Wednesday- Day off of work. Went to see the GI doc the same time my mom was on the other side of the office having her colonoscopy. Was told I had a harsh murmur that needed to be checked out. Had a panic attack all the way home. The trainer ride at night felt so liberating!! Now I have to have 2 scopes!! Damn you mother!! :(

Thursday- NAILED my swim TT. I don't know if it was the eye of the tiger song playing in my head or the Im not giving up attitude. 

Friday- Cardiology appt, no murmur, Athletic heart. Scheduled for treadmill stress test. This should be fun. Cannot wait!! I can resume training to full throttle. Had a 35 min run that was awesome. Staying in the Zones!!!

Saturday- Chilled all Day with my little girl. Makeup party, Shopping, Auntie Annes Pretzels, Chilis for dinner. Yep. I was overindulgant a bit. 

Sunday- Went to Celebrate my Nephews 5th birthday at my moms. My hour run never felt better!! 

Swim- 3500 meters 1 hour 15 min
Bike- 2 hours 40 min - All Trainer
Run- 16.45 miles- 2 hours 5 min
ABS 60 Crunches x 3 days- pst don't tell coach!! ha ha!!

Total Time 6 hours

This next 3 weeks of training Im loving as Coach has mixed it up a bit with some tempo runs, Tempo Bikes and a few Bricks and Swimming upped to 3 days a week, Ahhhh!!! This is to prepare me for a PR at the 4 mile Shamrock run. I better be under a 9 min MILE!!! 

Thats all for now. Happy training!!  


  1. a taco from taco bell!! sounds very good and i haven't had one of those in years. i did have a couple of the soft taco's a while back though.
    glad to hear you don't have a murmur. how low is your rhr anyway? just curious.
    enjoy the next couple of training weeks! sending some warm weather your way girl!

  2. KC- My restin HR is between 46-50 BPM!

  3. Last time i had taco bell, Trimommy Kelly told me I should have Moes instead. Now I always have Moes.

  4. I am so glad that you have nothing serious going on with the heart! Have a great week!

  5. Sounds like a great week - and ysy for the changeup from the coach! Enjoy...