Sunday, January 2, 2011

Treadmill thoughts and week in Review

Today I was on the treadmill at my local Golds Gym. I looked around and saw so many new faces. You know the ones that make losing weight and being healthy a goal for the New Year. Its frustrating when the gym is jam packed with people like this with only a few sticking it out for the long run each year.

I was there at one point so I need to be nice and curteous to these people with similar goals. Although today, I was being gauked (Sp.?) at. I don't like when people stare at me at the gym. I wonder what they are thinking in their head? Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose? Do I Have toilet paper hanging out of my shorts? Ba ha ha!! I really go into panic mode. Don't know why but I do sometimes. I decided today though that I was going to let them stare at me. Maybe they like a quality they see, maybe they think Im strong, maybe they think Im awesome?!!

Another revealation I had today was when I was on the treadmill for 75min. You know a lot goes through your mind in this time frame! This is how it went: first 10 min I kept thinking, Oh my, my legs are tight from yesterdays run..keep the cadence up! Next 10 min I was laughing inside at the lady next to me that kept having to stop running. And was huffing and puffing about it. Slow down chicka. Next 15 I thought about my cadence, my Ironman and how I wanted to finish. I pictured myself fist pumping at the end, I might have even tried it out on the treadmill but thought against it. The 35 min I looked at all the people on the treadmill of all different shapes and sizes, running all different speeds and it was in this timeframe that I decided I wasn't going to race the guy next to me, I wasn't going to get frustrated with my slow Zone 2 times, but to run my own pace, in my own zones and not care what goes on around me. They don't see what I am trying to accomplish and most of these people will never know. So from now on, it is just me and the treadmill, or road, whichever that may be. I had a good run today and I think this is why!!!

Onto the week in review. I had a pretty crazy week. I had to skip a few workouts here and there because I didn't have enough time to do all the other family things I needed to do. I spent a lot of time with my daughter as she had the week off from school so the time spent was different. All in all I still managed to get some training in. Here are the Numbers:

Swim: 5750 meters- 2 hours 9 min
Bike: 2hr 11 min - trainer
Run: 16.74 miles- 3hours 1 min 27 sec.
Strength: 1 hour 30 min

TOTAL TIME: 8:51:27  



  1. Great workouts for being busy!

  2. That is the PERFECT way to look at it. They don't know what you are doing or for what reason.