Thursday, January 13, 2011

Venting About my Swim today

I had a Huge Ironman swim set that Coach mary Gave me to do. My first reaction last week was, "Shes wants to kill me, she must be out of her mind?!!" But after the first session last week it wasn't so bad. Not to mention in the last 2 weeks I have YET to get through the whole set. Ill get there. Patience. Still learning it.

Let me tell you how my swim went this morning. I jumped in the lane a few minutes early because the beautiful little lifeguard let us in early! YES! I have more time to complete some of this workout! I jumped into the lane with a lady that is always at the pool. I think that is all she does. Really. She swims her 30min straight and she is out of the pool. My pet peeve is that I cannot pass her. Its either I have to go at the wall before she does or She waits. Just go! I can get by you easily! Whats the big deal?!!

The guy in the lane next to me is on his back kicking like he is trying to get away from a shark! I swear the lap lane was moving closer to me the more he kicked. Is this really necessary?! At first I thought he was a little handicapped so I shrugged it off and let it be. But now that I know he isnt I want to throw the lap lane back at him. Well at least Im getting the feel of open water.

The lady next to him is trying to race me. Look lady, I know you can swim faster than me. Great! I really don't care what you have. Im here to do me.

These people leave and another set of people get in. One guy always reads my paper that I bring with my Detailed set. He must be in awe of me. LOL!

The other guy that gets in the pool doesn't wear goggles and is all over the lap lane. I feel bad that I have Hit him and kicked him. Well geesh, share the lane buddy!

Wow, Its amazing I even get my workout in on swim days with all the chaos that occurs. I had breathless moments this morning. Could this be why??

Enough venting for me. Time to get to bed for a 5:15AM workout session!!

Happy Training!


  1. For years I have swam masters, so this is my first fooray into lap swimming. All of these same people are at my Y. Every single one.

  2. I love your pool stories buecase I can relate. However, now that I am swimming at masters it is much better.