Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Am I Addicted to Sugar??

I have a few patients that I can easily point out in my head that have asked me this. They have come to me stating they cant lose weight, they crave sweets all day, they are cranky if they don't have sweets. it true?~~ Is there such a thing as Sugar addiction?!

Sure you have heard on Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, smoking addiction. But Sugar addiction?! Yes it is true. There has been proven studies showing that there is such a thing!

An October 2003 issue of “Brain Briefings” from the Society for Neuroscience suggested that “some brain actions and characteristics associated with the intake of sweets and drug addiction may overlap”, chiefly in the area of the brain’s opioid receptors. The article suggested that sweets may activate a similar biochemical system of incentives and rewards that leads to addiction of substances like heroin and other opiates in the brain.

Interesting huh?

The reason why I say this is because these can lead to more serious problems down the road such as Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, High Cholesterol. What is interesting is they say there is a link also between sugar and the way your body fights infection. Consider the non compliant diabetic who comes in and always has non-healing ulcers. The link is there. See when there is excess sugar in the body bacteria thrive on it so the body never heals unless the cycle is broken.

I have told my patients they arent crazy and their symptoms are true symptoms.

The hard part is managing them. Withdrawl is just like coming off of caffeine. Sugar levels drop and moodiness and irritability can set in. Anxiety, tremors, headaches and cravings are all normal in Sugar withdrawl.

People who are trying to break their Sugar addiction (Like I am, BTW) Should take a more natural approach. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables and YES, more protein! I also tell my patients EXERCISE!! It is the best Natural high there is! It releases endorphins and your body is more efficient at metabolism after exercise!

Now to hop on that Trainer!!

Happy Training!!


  1. Good for you ! Trying to break the sugar habit is not easy.

    Enjoy your workout!

  2. Great post, Kristin! I eat a ton of fruits every day and I don't added raw sugar to anything but an occasional coffee with dessert.

    Thanks for making me feel better about myself! Oh, and take THAT diabetes! You ain't ever gettin me!

  3. I read an article today, "Does Exercising Make You Drink More Alcohol?" (

    I've been trying to wean myself off all the drinks from the holiday festivities, but the more I'm working out, the more I seem to crave that vodka soda each night. What I took from the article was that exercising gives us a happy rush and when we've stopped, we look to get the same "high." (Enter certain foors, drinks, etc). Drinking gives me a happy glow, maybe sugar is yours? :)

  4. I was a total sugar junkie!!! I think part of what fueled it was my Diet Pepsi habit. Even having the sugar substitutes all the time cause you to crave the real thing. Now I just crave avocados...I need to start growing them I eat so many! Good luck with it girl!!!

  5. I am absolutely addicted to sugar. I feel great once I've been off of it for a week, but until I break the cycle I can get a bit crazy.