Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first Real Sufferfest via the Trainer

Last post I talked about my chaffing issues. Well Yesterday was horrible. I finally broke out the A&D ointment and soothed all the areas that needed it. Let me tell you that stuff healed my right up! Its really the same thing as Bag balm ointment without all the added ingredients!

After cursing under my breath that my Boyfriend didn't bring my bike and trainer up from the basement, I proceeded to get it myself and put it on the trainer. After 20 min of trying to get it in the stupid thing I found out I was putting the scewer in all wrong!! It had face back not up!! No wonder it wouldn't stay in the holder! I shook it about 15 times to make sure when My booty got on it, it wasn't going to fall!! I was so proud I finally did it on my own. Yes. I am a little lucky my honey takes care of everything but I think he is trying to tell me I need to learn after 5 years to do it myself!( I finally knew how to change a tire 3 years ago and could change it fairly quickly last year!!)

This was the finished product:

Yes I know the Syracuse 70.3 sticker is still Attached!!!

I knew my New book for work would come in handy!! Ha ha! Great read BTW!
So I loaded up with this.....

Gave the dog 2 bones so he would leave me alone....

Put in "The Ugly Truth" into the DVD player and began my ride. What a great movie that was! I won't give the details away but most of it is so true about both men and women!

That took me right up to 1:40. I was doing great until this point. I got off to take the dog for a potty break and when I got back on my crotch hurt for the last 20 min!! 20 agonizing min!! I even tried to put the Wedding Planner movie on but that didn't even help! This has been my farthest ride so far. I have only ridden 1:10 at most. So this was mental as well as physical. I stopped, stretched about 10 times in that 20 min but I wasn't giving up! I finished!! 2 hours Ave HR 139!! Woo hoo!

Then it was onto a Recovery run for 20 min. I had to keep the heart rate below 144. nope HR 147. I felt awesome though, like I could run forever at that pace!!

Fueling was a little off with the ride. I took in water as well as Heed. a total of a Bottle in a half. Should've finished both I think. Im not sore and I feel great so we will see how my 75 min run on tap for tomorrow goes!!

Happy Training!


  1. Ugh...I did two hours on the hamster wheel today too. That last 20 minutes was absolutely brutal! I must have looked at the clock 150 times in that 20 min. Good music, good movies help, but I would so rather be outside! Way to stick to your plan!!!

  2. I think you should invest ~$20 in a front wheel stabilizer! it'll make you feel more legit...because you already are!!!

  3. great job :) (sweet bike btw--diggin' the pink on the tires!!--that IS pink right??)

    I find that watching really trashy tv shows like The Real HOusewives of Atlanta takes the pain away....

  4. +1 on the front wheel stabilizer - I used books for a year and my friend bought me one of the stabilizers...that thing is cool because you are just that much more stable.

    I DVR stuff and catch up on my TV when on the trainer. Like Modern Family, The Office, etc. Also I do a lot of history channel stuff cause I am a geek.

  5. Great job on the trainer. I have to hit mine today and I am not looking forward to it at all!

  6. Two hours on the trainer is plain hard... great job on getting it done!

    And I loved the Ugly Truth!

  7. Woohoo! 2hrs. on the trainer is amazing!
    About the front wheel stailizer, you can get them really cheap. I think the one we got at Performance was less than $10. It really does make me feel more stable when I'm on the trainer.