Friday, January 28, 2011

Good News!!!

Thanks to all that have been reading my blog lately and keeping tabs on me!! You guys are great!

I went to the Cardiologist today. I have to admit I think I was having some palpitations on the way into the office! The nurse recognized my name as a referring provider and asked if I was a Nurse Practitioner. Of course its scary being on the other side of the table! My BP was a little up but I think that was from the 35 min run I did prior to going to my appt because I am not giving up!!

Anyways, after a quick EKG, Nurse telling me my heart rate was only 50 and that she was surprised I weigh as much as I did because "You look tiny" she said. Yes, Its all my MUSCLE!! Ha ha! The doctor, who was really nice and sweet cam in the room. "So Kristin", She said, What is a Ironman?? I've never heard that before?" She asked. Of course I told her what that was and she looked stunned that I wanted to complete this long journey. She also asked how long I had to complete it. I have 17 hours I said. Another jaw drop.

She asked me if I smoked. What?!! You just asked me what an Ironman was! I chuckled inside and said Heck No! She asked other family history and all that other medical crap that we all go through. She looked at my echo report that I had and said, This is a normal heart looking at this Echo report. YAY for me!

Next she listened to me. Said, I don't hear a heart murmur. Ah, What did you just say?!! Ok, I listened to myself and thought I had one as well, but you know how that goes. She said I have a "athletic heart". To a normal practitioner this may sound like a murmur because my heart rate is so slow but it is actually a small extra beat which she says is normal in runners. PHEW!! For the sake of it, The cardiologist is doing a stress test on the treadmill in the next 3 weeks to see how my heart reacts to training, but as far as Im concerned I am CLEAR!! What a nervous nelly I was!! Im glad everything is ok!

Happy Training!!


  1. That is great news. When you do your treadmill test, ask if you can go for a PR at 5 k distance and see what they say. :-)

  2. That is awesome news and I am so glad that you got to hear it!

  3. YAY!!! That is awesome news! I am so happy for you!

  4. Hi;)
    great to hear the positive diagnosis for you! I'm currently dealing w/ a family health 'crisis' and can relate to the loops of ultimately knowing YOU are A ok;-)

  5. That's really really good news. Relief...

    I bet you could have done an Ironman coming out of the office with that much weight off your shoulders...

  6. HOORAY!
    So glad it was nothing to worry about. Now, back to your Iron Man Training!

  7. The jaw drop never gets old! :) Great news Kristin!