Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution Run 2011

Nothing says ringing in the New Year Like a good old run with friends! The Resolution run was in full Swing again this year! This race is put on By the Syracuse Track Club Every Year. It is not your typical race scene. There is no chip timing, A champagne and water stop, and custom prizes of all sorts of novelty items, and you never know the distance you are running. But you can guarentee in will be 5k-10k range!

This years Race started at 11:11am. 1-1-11 at 11:11. Pretty Neat! I got to the "race" around 10:30 and signed up for the club. The race was free when you signed up or you could just pay $10 to race. The money goes to a great lunch afterwards as well as free beer. Now you cant go wrong with that deal! This year I promised them I would try to meet up with them for some good old running!

Friends From Lake Effect Run Club

I couldn't believe the turn out! Especially after all that drinking the night before by

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, low 50s!! Yay!! The run started on time and we were all off trying to get our pace going. Now this wasn't timed so I just tried to do my best. There is a infamous hill, John Street Hill, they have us run up this hill every year. A friend of mine, guy here, challenged me to race up the hill will him. The hill is about 10% grade. People were shouting, "show offs!", So of course I couldn't slow down even though I was panting! That wouldn't look cool!!

See the hill coming up?? John Street

All of us stopped at the champagne stop, toasted to a New Year. This was about Mile 3. We went down around the Inner Harbor where the Syracuse 70.3 race ended, and then back to the Spaghetti Wharehouse where the run started.

Total mileage 4.94- Time 46:27, Average Pace 9:24.

10 sec faster per mile than last year!! Hey its faster!! And this year was half a mile longer!!

In closing, the people above have inspired me greatly. All these people, with different running abilities, all support each other in every event we do together. I absolutely love this club!! Hats off to The Lake Effect Running Club!! May there be many more races to laugh, cheer and have a good time together!! ! :)

(PS all the pics are from today but as you can see my camera didnt want it to be 2011!!! Ha ha!!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations on a great resolution race! Isn't it awesome to start the new year doing something great for your mind and body?

  2. Congrats on the race. And that is hilarious regarding the camera. Not even just 2010, but 2008...hilarious!

  3. Nice job on the race! It sounds like it was a fun race! :)

  4. Happy New Year!

    Great job on the race!