Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Thursday

It has been a crazy week this week at work and in training. Now that we are getting into the real swing of things and trying to nail the race schedule down, I have been thinking of a new tri bike since mine is a little to big for me. You see when I bought it I believed I was 5'7" in reality my doc just shrunk me 1.5 feet! Im only 5'5"!! So now because I know this, I know my bike is a little too big for me. I am all stretched out on my bike to the point my back is starting to hurt.

Yesterday I went to a local shop to get a training scewer for my trainer. Yes, I have been riding on the one that came with my bike!! GASP! Well, the guy was awesome in the store and was telling me about some great deals he is having on Felt and Secialized bikes. I mean full carbon bikes here! How can I resist and I was drooling over a few! I decided I would wait to decide and way the pros and cons of each bike before I chose my partner. Im torn! I still cannot decide! Im leaning towards the Felts because of all the great reviews.

Last night I watched Idol while Riding on the trainer. I love watching people who really think they can sing! Hilarious! I always dreamed of being on American Idol since my College days many moons ago. WE would sit and watch it with all the other dormies. It was like family night. I think I would get to the first round at least! Ha ha!

This morning I had an awesome run and wanted to follow it up with my swim. I got a cramp in my inner thigh, same inner thigh after 2500 meters! I took 54g of carbs in per hour so I doubt it was that. I have no clue. Its starting to annoy me. Maybe I should see a Chiropractor.

I guess Im done rambling for now. Until next time. Happy Training!


  1. Yay for possibly getting a new bike! How exciting!!

    I'm sorry, but I'm so over American Idol. I watched like the first 2 or 3 seasons, and then after that I just couldn't get into it anymore!

  2. Cool, that you are thinking of getting a new bike! I think I will get one in 2012.

  3. You can't go wrong with a Felt. My first tri bike was a Felt and it was awesome! :) Then again, you can't go wrong with a Specialized either. Or an Orbea. Or a Kestrel. :)

    I love Idol. Do you like the new judges???

  4. Hi there;-)
    fun fun for a new bike!

    and luv AI- and I'm digging the new judges way more than I thought i would. i have a sort of allegiance with the old crew;-)

    happy friday (yah, i know i'm late on this post;-)