Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chilly Chili 5 K race report.

I would have to say today was one of the coldest days I have ran outside in. It was about 4 degrees this morning with a wind chill to make the temp -15 Degrees farenheit. Cold, Cold, COLD! As I opened my eyes this morning, my first thought was I have to run 80 min today. How do I do this and tie a race in there as well? So, I went to the gym for 50 or so min and did 5 miles there in Zone 2 which is 145-155 for me. I did great keeping pace, but I had a guy running around the track behind me so whenever he got close to me, my Heart Rate Monitor would shoot from 146 up to 177! Now I knew this wasn't me and I was getting a little upset about it. But, what could I have done to rectify the situation? Nothing. So I stayed calm and finished my run.

Onto the race. I met a friend, Doug, at the Local Y and we road together. Its so nice to ride with someone and have someone to talk to at a race. We had talks about all our tri moments, our accomplishments, what our goals are this year. It was a nice car ride. We got to the venue and Doug still had to register. We got through the line pretty quick and onto the bathrooms. Why is it that females are so SLOW in the bathroom?!! Just tinkle and get out already! It took me a good 15 min to get into the bathroom. geesh.

I was a little concerned on what I was going to wear as the temps didn't seem to be elevating much over 10 degrees. It was fairly calm in Cazenovia which is surprising because the lake was not too far from the start line. I figured I would toss one of my layers off and just wear a baselayer and thicker Nike shirt on top and base layer and wool pants, wool sock, Balaclava on the head and mittens on the fingers. I was cold at the start but everyone was! We were all jumping, talking with our teeth cattering at each other.

The gun went off and we booked. I started more towards the front as I didn't want to get caught up with slower runners. Of course people passed me left and right but I didn't care. I was there to run my own race. I wasn't competing, just out for a run with friends. The first mile of this race is tough. There is about a half mile hill that you have to climb and it feels like it is never ending. I was very proud as this year I didn't stop once in the race. Last year I stopped on this hill. Yes I did slow down a bit but I wasn't walking!!

Mile 1- 9:06

I felt like I was being consistent today. Keeping up with cadence and just going by feel. Yes my legs felt dead like lead, and I had the rub on to prove it. So bad I made Doug gag a few times on the smell on the car ride there!!! Ha ha!

The next mile was just peaceful, nice downhill into a cul-de-sac. It was nice because we saw the faster runners at this time running. I always love seeing that.

Mile 2- 9:08

The next mile was all about keeping a steady pace as it was a slight decline the whole time. I said some kind words to the slower runners and kept trucking along. Man was I feeling cold and my toe was acting up!

Mile 3- 8:34

The last .16 (not .10) was slightly uphill and then a straight away to the finish. I kicked it up a bit but not too much.

last .16- 8:27

Total time 3.16 28:06- Average per mile 8:55!

I was a little disappointed when I saw their results 27:57, Ave 9:00, but they go by the shortest route possible and I did start my garmin when the gun went off. So this wasn't my Net time on my Garmin. But if you include my .16 it would be about the same. Under 9 min miles...woo hoo!

Next, we layered on warmer clothes and had some fun at the Chili cook off!! Yum!

Looking back on last years race, I felt overall better about my fitness. Last year my time was 28:50 /9:17 per mile so I did improve and this was coming off a 2 hour bike and 50 min run!! Yay!!

I tried to Use Snagit to show you all the data but unfortunately it wont POST!! UGH!

Happy training!


  1. Awesome job Kristin! You are definitely stronger this year!

  2. You are so badass for getting out in that cold today! My 2hrs on the trainer seemed like I got off easy! :) And congrats on that pace improvement!

  3. It was good to see you there! Almost didn't recognize you, all bundled up!

  4. Nice job! Totally a race to run fast to beat that cold! -15 wind chill. BRRRRR!