Friday, January 7, 2011

Serious Chaffing Issues

I have no Idea what is going on this week but I have had some Serious Chaffing issues. I have never had this much in my Half Ironman as I have had in the last week! I have no Idea why.

I have had Sports bra chaffing to the upper part of my chest to the point people ask me what happened to my chest when Im wearing a v-neck shirt. It looks like I burned myself. Seriously.

Now comes the back. THe elastic on my sports bra gave me a nice little cut on my back. Really?!!

Then today in the most enjoyable cycling class I ever took. (Why does it seem like guys classes are always better than the womens?!!) I was having some nether region issues. It was everytime we went to sprint I felt someone was scratching my inner thigh and other areas we wont mention. All day at work my groin hurt to the point I had to put Oint to soothe it. What the heck?!!!! I don't know how Im going to do a 2 hour ride tomorrow!

I have got to start lathering my body up with my chamois butter, body glide, whatever I can get my hands on from now on!!!

Sorry I have been out of the loop on Blogs!! I promise to read all the blogs I follow tomorrow!!

Happy Training!!


  1. Been dealing with chafage down under on the trainer. Thank goodness for body glide and chamois cream!

  2. agreed. I cannot imagine my 2hr ride on sunday. My girly bits are killing me these days.

    there is something about winter and chaffing~ it always seems worse. it also sounds like time for you to go sports bra shopping ;)

  3. I've been using's fantastic!

  4. are you going to be at the syracuse testing next sunday? If so, it will be great to meet you!

  5. Amelia- YES I WILL BE THERE!! YAAAYYYY!! Looking forward to meeting you and everyone else!!

  6. Oh my gosh... I used to get the same mark on the top of my sports bra. I ended up running with them inside out because of it. I switched to the target brand (I think they are actually Champion) seamless ones and I've not have a problem since.

    The things we'll deal with to be active!