Saturday, January 22, 2011

Surprise Delivery!

I was so happy when I went to check the mail today and received my new racing outfit this year!!! I am apart of Train-this and we have team uniforms! How awesome is that! Of course I want to represent where my training is coming from and why not do it with my new Jersey!!

Not to mention the Awesome Jacket I got too!! One thing I love about this outfit is I have thicker legs and it isn't tight around my thighs and give me that lumpy look! Ad you know its all about looking the part as well! ;) Thanks to Kim who helped get these all set up! She is apart of our team as well!

Im still in the process for looking at a bike...more details soon on that one. But in the meantime I am Running a FRIGID 5k tomorrow and the name suits it in more than one way! Its called Chilly Chili 5K. The reason for this name is that of course its middle of the coldest winter ever and There is a regional chili cook off that we get into for FREE!! Last year I was a little disappointed in my race but still managed a sub 9 min mile pace. This year Im not looking for a goal but to feel good on the run as I am throwing this into a 80min training run I have planned. It has a pretty steep hill the first mile, then its flat for about a quarter mile, then you go back up then its pretty much downhill to flat for the last mile. I think I can handle this! I have been running with a great group of guys that have been taking me hill hunting on every run I swear!! Thank you so much to Sean and Doug who are my tri-buddies who listen to me gripe and complain and pant and wheeze on every run we do together. (I know Im exagerating the truth a bit)  I honestly have to say I've never enjoyed runs better than being we these two who encourage me to be my best!!

Happy training to you all and the Race report will be up tomorrow and hopefully my stats if I can figure how to post them on this darn thing!!! Anyone have suggestions feel free to post!


  1. Ohhhh wow, it is going to be chilly tomorrow for sure! Keep warm & have fun on the hills!

  2. Yay! Love the kit! And good luck tomorrow!

  3. Great lookin' kit! I have got to convince my coach to come up with something cool like that!

    Have a great race!

  4. You guys have great team suits! Good luck tomorrow!