Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thanks to all

Thanks to you all who read my blog and Sent me good well wishes on facebook and here. Im happy to say I have a Cardiology appointment scheduled for tomorrow!! Yay!!

Anyways I was not happy with my own PCPs office today. I called yesterday telling them I went to my GI appt and the doc was concerned about my heart murmur and if they could review my echo from JUNE and let me know if anything was wrong. That was 2pm yesterday. It is now 6:23 pm and I have yet to get a phone call. I also called Upstate, got my own echo report, Called and got my own chest xray report, Called and got my own labwork and then called and made my own referral to Cardiology. Gosh I love being in the medical field!!

Anyways, I called my PCPs office to get my latest labwork faxed over to my cardiologists office and I was on hold from 12-2pm. I called at least 6 times and was on hold for more than 10 min each. Hello, I see patients myself here! So I took it upon myself to call the back line. Heres how the conversation went;

Nurse/Secretary: Is this an emergency?
Me: Hello, Im a provider wishing to get my own records faxed as I am a patient there
Nurse/Secretray: Is this an emergency?
Me: Well no but I have been trying to get through the regular line for the past 2 hours, Im a Nurse practitioner who made my own referral as you guys aren't too concerned with my medical condition.
Nurse?Secretary: You referred yourself
Me: Yes I did. Heres the fax number I want it sent to. And I waited 2 hours with no eval at the front line.
Nurse/Secretary: Well we are rooming patients and answering phones and it is quite busy today.
Me: I run a practice myself and am Quite busy. I dont think this is great customer satisfaction. My patients usually can get through within a few minutes and dont have to wait 3 days to hear back on an important issue.  Have a nice day.

Really?! Im getting my medical records transferred. Im a provider and they still treat me like doo doo. Not that I tell everyone that. I let them figure it out on there own for the most part. But this was a little ridiculous!

So now I am anxiously awaiting my appointment tomorrow. In the meantime I shaved almost a MINUTE of my 400meter T-Time in swimming!! Today my 2 tests were 7:16:24 and 7:18:11!! Thats under 2 min for 100meters. YES!!!

until next time....


  1. Good luck with everything and congrats on the speedy swim test.

  2. Good luck with your appointments. Hoping it is nothing serious. And I hate rude receptionists at doctors offices. Nothing is worse than them making you feel as if you don't matter.

  3. Hope everything goes well tomorrow! And awesome work knocking that minute off! Impressive!

  4. I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow!

  5. Sounds so frustrating!! I hope your apt. goes well tomorrow!