Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week in Review

Time to tally up those numbers again! I cannot believe how fast the week flew by. Here in Central New York only 10 MORE weeks of winter! I am counting down!

It was a rocky start to the week trying to get to bed early for my 5AM workouts but by the end of the week I was waking up on my own around 4:30AM so I think Im doing good!

Nutrition wise well lets just say that is a work in progress. I have been reading about all these cleanses lately. Maybe I should try a clean diet as well. Here is what I have noticed about me. I have been making better choices overall but I ALWAYS feel hungry. I have now started adding a little more protein in my diet which has been helping.

At work I am now going to forsee all the staff nurses in our office and help do inservices, reviews and policy and procedures...Along with seeing patients. Man, How am I going to pull all this off?! I can do this. I am a strong motivated person. At least I have an Administrative day on Wednesday that I have to admit I have been working from home while working out! I might have to stay and work on some projects each month.

Workout wise I am proud to say I did not miss ONE workout my coach had set up for me. Consistency and discipline is what has been ringing in my ears for the last few weeks and boy did I nail it this week!

Here are the numbers....

Swim- 4100 meters  2 hours
Bike- 4 hours 41 min- trainer and spin class
Run- 17.93 miles- 3 hours 5 min
Strength- 1hour 3o min

Total Time- 12:16:10

I wonder whats in store next week for me?!! Happy Training!


  1. Nice job with nailing all of your training workouts!! Awesome!

  2. Great job on your training! You are killing it!

  3. Awesome week! Yay for consistency & discipline! :)

  4. Great job Kristin! And I love that you are counting down how long we have left in winter! I needed that!