Monday, January 17, 2011

Testing Day

Yesterday I got the opportunity to meet up with my Train-this teamates. I am so lucky to be apart of this team. I only knew a few of these people through the internet world but when we all met, I felt like I could talkt for hours to these people!

First off, It was a blizzardy mess up here, Especially on the Syracuse Roads. People were coming in from Canada, Rochester and Buffalo! Thank goodness they made it all here safe and sound!

When I first arrived I was asked if I was Kelly, nope Kristin I said. She felt awful but I told her I get that all the time and there are far more worse things that I have been called than Kelly!! We are very similar in shape and hair-dos and I think that is what throws people off from a far.

I then proceeded to carry my tri bike through the snow to the YMCA which is in the heart of Downtown Syracuse. Now this place has an old feel to it but it is one of the cleanist Y's I have been to. No lie.

We had to go through a dungeon-like atmosphere to get to the cycle room but when I got there I was releived to see Ted, a fellow CNY tri member manning the Computrainer testing. He put my bike up like it was a baby up on that trainer. I am so glad he did it because I feel very awkward when I put my own bike on the trainer. I don't know, I haven't mastered the skill yet.

I was Centered in the middle of some awesome triathletes for the testing. Boy was I in for it. We were doing a 10 mile TT with hills and let me tell you, it was no joke. I was beat after a 2 hour ride the previous day and then this today. Needless to say I still did pretty well averaging 227 watts of power and average speed of 19.7. Wish it was faster but I really think the CT was calibrated wrong, maybe not. LOL! My nutrition was good and I paced my drinking with Watermelon Heed. We were actually on the thing for a good hour according to my watch with warmup and cooldown.

We then took a swim video. Coach Mary had a great contraption set up with a broom, duct tape and a video camera so that she didn't have to get into the pool. It was pretty funny! hey the video footage so far has been great!

We all got dressed and went to Strong hearts cafe which was a Vegan restaurant as we were taken over by the vegans that were with us! Anyways, it was great food and I had to tell Coach Mary a couple of times that the Chicken in quotes was not real chicken if she knew what I meant. She had a blonde moment. I have to say though the Veggie sandwich and Mocha Milkshake I ordered was great and I was so full off of it!

This ended another great week of training for me. Here are the numbers:

Strength- 1 hour 30 min
Swim- 5700 meters 2 hours 5 min
Bike- 6 hours 11 min- trainer and Spinning
Run-8.25 miles - 1hour 20 min

Total time-11 hours 21 min!

Happy Training!


  1. I've always had challenges calibrating CTs but averaging 227w for a 10mTT is a big number. I try to do my testing on slightly uphill flatish courses - IMAZ seems best for me. Well done!

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  3. ignore the speed on the wont be accurate at all and is not reflective of what you are capable on the road....

    all that matters is the watts......, as long as each machine was calibrated you are good to go. I read mary's blog and sounds like Ted was right on.....

    you cant even compare CTs to each much goes into each set up.....

    w/kg and/or HR zones is all that matters when it comes ot this test......

  4. Great job Kristin! Sounds like a killer TT. You've been having some amazing training weeks. Keep it up!

  5. What a great day! And I am really impressed by your CT ride. I would kill for those numbers!