Sunday, December 28, 2014

IMLP Training Week #8

Today ended week #8. I am a little achy. I actually started running today and was dreading it after 30 min. My mind was just not into it. My Piriformis was acting up, my Ankle felt funny. Gosh I even hated the roads I was running on. I decided to focus more on mental strength at this point in the run and focus on what I could control. I ended up running 10.5 miles! Its amazing how your mind can be tricked into feeling good if you let it.

I will definitely need a foam roller tonight!!

I had a great week off with my family. I actually loved being home. I got so much accomplished in such a short time. Cuddling, playing, cleaning, working out was on repeat the whole week but it felt so good not to add the added stress of work in between those things.

The weather has been really interesting in my neck of the woods. It has been in the 40-50's all week. I got out and ran a few times. I wish I could've  biked outside too but my honeys schedule didn't allow me to this week. I am hoping next week I can hop outside if the weather cooperates. Biking in Upstate New York without 10 layers on in December is unheard of! I will take this mild winter any day!

30 weeks and counting!

WEEK totals:

Swim: 5800 Yards (1:47:00)
Bike: 88.2 miles   (4:45:20)
Run: 24.6 miles  (3;32:00)
Strength:40 minutes

Total time: 10:44:20

Happy Training!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

IMLP Training Week 6&7

Wow. The last 2 weeks have flown by. Not much to report. Week 6 was a Down week, now ramping it back up for another 3 weeks.

I have been busy with work, Christmas shopping and training these past few weeks. It leaves me little time to blog about all the happenings in my life.

A little run down for the last 2 weeks:

I came in 3 OA in a Running RACE!! FINALLY!! I stayed with the lead pack for the first mile. Trying to hold onto that top female runner. She was just a wee bit faster than me! I do have to complain she won a trophy for overall, money, AND the age group award. I was pretty upset about it but whatever. I still came in 3rd OA!!!! 22:51! Woooo hooo! It was a small hometown race and I loved it. Not a bunch of hype. But could use a little updating on the timing and awards system.

My son is turning 2 on Christmas. We celebrated his birthday today with close family. I cannot believe he is turning 2 already..and that I was crazy enough to sign up for an IM. God bless my Honey's heart for being so loving and supportive!

I haven't nailed down my whole racing season yet. I am a little nervous to "race" anything but what my ultimate goal race. That of course being IM. Anyone else feel the same way?? Wouldn't want to break a hip or get a stress fracture ;-p

Total time for Week #6- 8:43:24 (4400 yds swim, 64.1 miles on the bike, 21.5 mi of running, 30 min strength)

Total time for week #7- 9:37:24 (5125 yds swimming, 88mi on the bike, 18.2 mi of running, 30 min of strength)

Hopefully my blog posts in the next coming weeks will be better since I am off from work the whole week!! Yay me! More time for family, friends..and of course TRAINING!!

Happy Training!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

IMLP Training-Week #5

Week number 5 is coming to a close. As I have been looking at my numbers and analyzing what I have been doing. I noticed I am about 3 weeks ahead of my training than I want to be on my plan. Time to recover next week and reboot a few weeks backwards! Whoops!

I have been nailing down my race schedule and it is getting pretty Hairy. With Ironman right smack in the middle of summer, it is taking alot away from the races that I would normally do.

I still am going to have fun and go with the flow though. I may do some races and tack on training before and after. Its all good!

The week started with a terrible sore throat. I worked the past weekend and saw many acute, sick patients with the common cold and flu. Not to mention 3 flu cases in a matter of 2 days.

I figured by Wed or Thurs I would feel better and to just go easy as much as I could.

By Wed I was congested, but still planned on doing my Speed workout as it was only in my nose, not in my chest.

Thursday, It took all I could to swim 2200 yards. All doped up on Sudafed, Coughing and Hacking all the way!

Friday, Same rendition as Thursday

Saturday- Long Bike felt like torture on the bike. COuldn't get comfortable and legs felt heavy but I got through the workout, Brick run legs felt dead halfway in.

Today- I just barely got through a 1:23 run, Still have 50 min bike to go

I think the week has physically drained me- I don't feel anything in my chest, but know that this is starting to brew into a Sinus Infection. Maybe I am not hydrating enough, recovering enough, eating enough??? I will play around with this in weeks to come. Its hard to gauge when you are exposed to these illnesses on a daily basis at work.

Total Training time: Before the Bike- 11:02:27
Swim:7525yds- 2:30:14
Bike:91.3 miles- 4:51:47
Run:20.2 miles: 3:05:26
Strength: 30 min

Happy Training!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Making IM training work

I always hear, "How do you have enough time to do all you do with your family?"

I make the time.

Rules of making it work for me:

1, Get up early. I get up around  4:30 in the morning to work out. If I get up a little later, I don't stress over not getting my workout in.  I do it when my kids go to bed

2. No time is wasted time. If I have a hard workout planned. That's what it is going to be. Every workout serves a purpose whether it is strength, threshold, etc. If I have to group things together to make it work that day, I do. Like my Strength workout. Total body twice per week if I can. Get it done and move on.

3 Don't take time away from the kids. When I am with my kids. I am with my kids. That simple. I am not working out. I am watching movies, making them food, taking them shopping, Playing Frozen songs over and over.

4. Have a supportive partner. I cannot stress this enough. I would never be sane or have time to workout if I didn't have my best friend at my side to help me through the days when I want to cry or give up.

5. Have fun. When it isn't fun anymore, then I will give it up. I have started to dabble into some tougher things. Cross training with cyclocross. I will also cross train with some Snow shoeing and Cross country skiing this year! Woo hoo!

6. If training is getting stale, change it up! I think we can go back and refer to #5 for most of this.

7. If stressed, take a day off. As much as my type A personality wants to admit, I do take a break If I feel I need one. Over the years, I have really listened to my body and know when enough is enough. Heart rate is high, feeling more angry, workouts are harder, then it is time to break.

8. Know why you are doing what you are doing.  I have this in my head everytime I start a workout. I do it for me. I do it for my kids. I do it for my sanity. I do it for the love of the sport. I do it for the amazing fitness gains. I do it because it makes me feel good. I do it because I have control over it. See where I am getting at??

I am sure I can think of many more, but this is a good start how I make it work for me.

Happy Training!!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Training week 3 and 4

Ending IMLP week 4. Where did the time go? I forgot to blog about week 3!

Nothing new to report maybe..

Swim: I am getting 2-3 days a week of swimming in. It is getting hard because I love to be cycling and running instead but know how important the swimming is! Last week I rounded about 5300yds in the pool. This week I was slacking and only got about 3300! Yikes! Next week it will be a focus to make sure there is 2 days in the pool!

Biking: I haven't been outside much on the bike d/t it snowing and being cold! Brr! The trainer and I have begun to love each other again. Now that my ass is not going numb every time I sit on the darn thing! My Kindle and Ipod are definitely getting more use these days!

Running: what can I say?! I love it! I love how it makes me feel. Even though I am working out some niggles right now with my running I have seemed to continue to give at least 3-4 days to running.

Strength- I did get in 2 days in the last 2 weeks! How do I fit this in?! Having trouble finding the right time to do so!

Week 3 in numbers:

swim:5246 yds
Run:15.2 miles
Strength:30 min

Week 4 in numbers:

Bike:89.6 miles
Run:22.4 miles
Strength:30 min

Happy Training!!!

Friday, November 28, 2014

My Turkey trot and Gobblecross 2014 in the books

Yesterday I didn't feel like doing any Turkey Trotting. I feel like the races in my neck of the woods are getting way too crowded to have a decent time unless you start in the front or Throw some elbows to get to the front right after the gun goes off.

Last year I did not have a great experience at the Baldwinsville Turkey Trot. I was going to do one in Rochester, close to where my sister lives as I was going to her house for dinner. I decided it wasn't in the best interest of my 2 kids or my honey to sit and wait 45-50 min for me to finish in the snow and wind. On that note I decided to go to the Gym and Run a race against myself. With a mile warm up, I did 5 miles in 40 min with a mile cool down thereafter. It was fun to see what I could do on the treadmill, but sometimes I feel it is my limiter as well. I feel like I am dying on the treadmill only to note my Heart Rate is in the high 140's to low 150's

I felt like that was a good place to say OK, I did something cardio wise on Thanksgiving. Then I ate a Paleo Dinner to my hearts desire! Turkey, Sweet potatoes, Sausage stuffing, Homemade cranberry sauce and Paleo Apple Pie!! YUM!!! I am not going to lie when I say I went for Seconds.

Onto today's "Race". GobbleCross 2014. It was at a fellow Cyclists House. Really low key, come and have fun in the snow, drink and be merry basically. It had been off and on snowing here and the wind was blowing pretty harsh. I was nervous about cross racing in the snow as this is my first year getting into this. My technical skill are yet to be desired on a off road race scene. It's improving. Slowly But surely.

I did a practice run and thought. Are you #ucking serious right now?! why the hell did I pay money to torture myself to no end?! Snow, Slipping, Mud, Hills, Barriers?!! Oh MY! Not to mention my Raynaud's kicked into high gear and made me almost want to throw up or cry because I felt like Daggers were piercing my skin, then throwing a lighter on top of it when they were thawing out. Luckly one gentleman gave me a great Ski glove to wear and I survived the race.

I was only going to do one lap and then DNF. But when I wasn't last I decided.."Its still a race to the finish!!" I did get lapped...TWICE! But, I never gave up on finishing. By the 3rd lap I was feeling confident in getting up and down some of those crazy hills. I still have a lot to learn, but am loving this cyclocross scene!!

Moral of the story. Complete what you set out to complete. 2nd Place Female overall

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Body Image

Size 26.2- This is a great video on how women who are physically fit still have body image issues.

Here's a shocker..I feel insecure most days too.

I try to hide it well and not care what people think but still have this little voice in my head saying oh look at that, look at this..ugh

Will all the advertisements showing what so called beauty is by posting half nude photoshopped pictures in magazines, how is a girl not to start self loathing??

After watching the video above, I plan to celebrate my body. The body that has given me the chance to swim many miles, Bike long distances and Run my heart out. The body that has carried 2 of the most beautiful children ever. The body who has gained and lost some throughout the years. The Body that is mine.

I will vow to not be negative and look at all the positives this day forward.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week 2- IMLP training

Week 2 has ended and I am finally getting more focused on Ironman Training.

I have been a little scatter brained in getting back up in the wee hours of the morning that I had to to some double workouts this week which I hate to do. One of the important things for me is to NOT take time away from my family. I stay up late, get up early, Whatever I need to do to get my workout done without sacrificing their time. I think that is one important goal of mine.

Goals for next week are to certainly get to bed a little earlier, make my gym bag the day prior and Get to the gym earlier!!

I had a great week of training. Hit every workout with purpose and focus. If I needed to scale back, I knew where to do it and that is one good thing!

The weather has been getting colder here and the Trainer and pool have become a lovely sanctuary. I refuse to run on the treadmill more than I have to so still running outside!

My mind says yes, body says COLD!!

I have been working with my nutrition as I am pretty much Paleo. Being a Athlete and being Paleo has had its challenges. Larabars and Huma Gels have been my saving grace as well as Bananas and applesauce. So far so good! We will see when the numbers start Escalating!

Figured I would Give Infinit hydration a try. Anyone tried this product?? What are your thoughts?

Right now I am sitting at almost 9 hours of training. I feel like I can handle more training load, with my busy schedule, but don't know where my breaking point will be yet. We will see.

I have a few races scheduled next weekend. One being the Arthritis foundation jingle bell run. I am running this for a work friend whose daughter was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at such a young age. I will be running for her and all the others who are debilitated by Arthritis. Next but not least, Turkey CROSS!! It is the last in the CNY cup series and I need to grab my points for a victory celebration!!

Totals this week

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cider Cross Race Recap

I am late at writing my recap of Cider Cross!

I will give a quick recap so I can return to your regularly scheduled Blog of IMLP training as I know you are all dying to know what I am doing!

This would be my 5th race of Cyclocross. Yes, I still don't have all the technical shit down pat but I am trying. Why the hell can I not do a Flying mount?!! It still baffles me that I plan to do this every race but continue to not do it.

I will however say I surprised myself with things I thought I couldn't do at this race.

Lets give you the low down.

It was about a 1.5 mile course starting going up a rocky incline to some off Camber switchbacks, to some rocky road, into the apple orchard weaving in and out of rows, Down a decent to a quick turn, into some muddy tight turns, down another rocky path, into some more muddy turns to a Barrier, then to some switch backs and the hill to the start. Try that times 4!!!

Can I say this was definitely a challenging course! You are redlining it most of the way. This race is about Punching it when you can and giving it good power effort.

I started getting off my bike at the first off camber areas for the first 2 laps. Then I had a friends husband whispering in my ear that I could definitely bike it! So the last 2 I tried and I did it!! WTH! I should've just done it in the first place, But if you saw the pile up when we did a practice lap, I think you would've been scared to ride it too!!

Anyways, Coming down to the end I saw a girl ahead of me. I just wanted to pass her! We kept playing this cat and mouse game. I finally gave in on the last climb and let her go. She beat me by 4 SEC and cost me SECOND place!!

Anyways, I got 3rd Cat 4 and received bragging rights and $10 worth of coffee in the end.

The Post race party was AMAZING!! We got Gluten free chili and mac and cheese for free. A pint of Cider (choice of regular or alcoholic) Free Hot Cider and Apples!

On another side note, Beak and Skiff Apple farm is Amazing! I will definitely be going back and taking the kids as well.

Happy Training!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

IMLP training has begun!

My first week of training is coming to a close. its amazing how i managed to get all the training in. i am just close to 8 hours this week. It will stay pretty close to this for the next couple of weeks.
looking forward,  I see some 12-14 hour weeks! yikes!

I am not going to be worried right now. I am going to do what I can while working as a full time practitioner, mommy of 2 and everything in between!

I've struggled with getting in the pool, but have managed to get 3 days in this week!
I love being in the water, but find it gets monotonous. I may get a underwater MP3 or ask for one for Christmas!

I still am doing some cross races..which I am totally digging and may do more after IM is over
I have been buiding my base on that bike. Trainer time is in full force!

I have begun to love running more and more. I am getting faster and loving it! I am hoping to break some records with some runs this upcoming year!!

How is everyone else's training going?!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Empire State Marathon Relay Recap

Empire State Marathon Relay was last weekend. The course was changed about a month before the race to allow for a faster, flatter race showcasing the new Trail along Onondaga Lake.

I was the Second relayer on our team. I was to go out on Hayes road, back into the park and then to the new section and exchange.

The day started out with my usual breakfast before a race. Protein, Applesauce and Banana. I chugged some water, Grabbed my gels and was out the door.

I didn't like that our bus was supposed to leave as soon as the Marathon started. I didn't want to be waiting out in the cold for a hour waiting for my teammate to arrive to the exchange. To my surprise the bus stayed and kept us warm!!

I got out and did the usual pre race things, chugged a gel and went for a mile warm up. When I came back, the lead people were running by already. Great timing as my teammate was about 5 min off the lead person!

I grabbed our wrist bracelet and hung on for dear life trying to keep my cadence fast and my heart rate in check. My heart rate monitor started falling. It was driving me crazy but tried to focus on my running and form. Mile 1 ticked off at 7 min/mile! I passed one of the lead runners and kept going. Everyone was shouting I was 4th, then 3rd female. How amazing?! I had to tell everyone I was just a relay runner. But the rush was phenominal! I need to continue to get faster so I can cont to feel the rush!!

The next miles ticked off around 7:15-7:30 and I was comfortable with that. By mile 5 I started feeling a twinge in the back of my leg. I kept pushing through it knowing I only had a few miles left before the exchange point. I was ever so relieved to give my wrist band to my next teammate.

I then took her car to meet at exchange #3. Heated seats are awesome! Next car I buy this will be a must!

I met our teammate and we wished her luck to bring us home, jumped in the car and met her at the finish line to run in.

It was cold waiting. It was 40 degrees, overcast and windy. Brrr...

We saw our last runner running in and ran the chute together

Our time: 3:25:11

FIRST FEMALE TEAM!!! 3rd overall team! I know to some having a relay is not much of a big deal but when we can pull together and make a awesome team, that is when we are rewarded. I heart my team!! :-)

Don't we look mighty cold?!!! Finish line photo

Cross out child Abuse 2014

Trying to do something new definitely has its obstacles!! Like the Sand pit above! This was after about 4 times already going through it. Hit a rut and went down. I never have felt so much pain and happiness as I have on a cross bike. Luckily I escaped this race with just minor Bruises.

Cat 4 race:
Did well the first lap. Then It all went downhill from there. I hit a off camber uphill turn and fell, I never could clip in after hitting the barriers. Damn this shit is tough! I use my breaks a lot and am still learning how to be more fierce. Time and practice will be the only saving grace for this type of Racing! I came in 5/9 females! Only 1 min off the lead person! Not too shabby!!

Open racing:
A harder field but was just using this as practice. Fell a whole bunch of times! Had a bad sport in the bunch racing with us. There has to be one rotten egg in the bunch!
3/3 people!! Ha ha! I actually won money and donated it back to the County to help raise awareness about Child abuse.

Happy Training!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cyclocross. All the cool kids are doing it!

The last month I decided to give another sport a try. Cyclocross!! Cyclocross is a very specific type of bike racing. For the most part, the course is off-road but there are sometimes portions of pavement included in the course. You can expect to encounter grass, dirt, mud, gravel, sand, and a whole slew of other assortments and combinations.

Why did I decide to do it?? Because of course all the cool kids are doing it! My honey is loving it and I decided what better way to share some time together?? By killing myself, I mean, Having fun with my partner and best friend!

I've done a few races just weeks after owning my own bike. I think I got the hang of it somewhat. I am not that graceful, nor can I really "jump" or remount or whatever you want to call it back on my bike.

My honey looks way more professional than I do
So this weekend I will be going up to Oswego, NY to do the Cross out Child Abuse race. I felt daring enough to do 2 races tomorrow!

We will see how it goes!

T minus 27 Days until Ironman Training begins!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ride for Missing Children. Please help out!!!

The last few weeks I have been ordered to wind down and relax as I have been feeling a little hamstring tightness.

Nothing but easy stuff going on here.

I have been doing a little dabbling into other sports, but that will be my next topic.

Today I want to spend some time on the ride I will be doing on September 26 2014. The Ride for Missing Children.

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE SYRACUSE RIDE FOR MISSING CHILDREN? Sponsored by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/New York (NCMEC/NY), the Syracuse Ride for Missing Children is a 100-mile ride made by bicycle riders or "Friends of Missing Children" that raises funds to support prevention education programs and to remember all missing children. More than 2,000 children are reported missing in the United States each day*, some in our own community. For most families, this is only a brief scare as the child turns up in a few minutes or hours. But for some, the nightmare of a missing child becomes a grim reality. NCMEC's mission is to help recover missing children, protect all children from sexual exploitation, and assist in the prevention of these crimes.

With that being said. I am raising money and awareness for this great cause.

With the local news capturing the stories about the 2 Amish girls, Heidi Allen, Etc. Why not help the Nation Center and Donate to such a great cause? If you have children, Grandchildren, Neices, Sisters, Cousins, I beg you to help a great charity. I have donated myself. If anything happened to my children, I would hope that with the funds available the right resources will be there to help find my children.

If you would like to donate, Please click on the link above, On the left Click DONATE NOW and put my last name in there MULLALLY.

Thanks in advance to all that contribute!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Tromptown Half Marathon Review

A night 13.1 mile run with a few of your close friends? Why not?

I signed up for the Tromptown Race a few weeks ago as it was a relatively cheap half marathon. For $15.00 you get to run 13.1 on the most scenic roads, with water stops. Why wouldn't you?

"Tromptown is a loop course beginning and finishing in a small country village. A scenic run, taking in rural sights and smells. As you approach the halfway point you are running along side of the DeRuyter Lake (Tioughnioga Reservoir). You cross the dam at the end of the lake at about 7 miles and start your journey back towards the village and the fairgrounds. The course is undulating with the elevation at the dam the same as at the village four corners and the fairground, about 1280 feet. The course starts just before the cemetery, heads north toward the school and by the fairgrounds and through the village four corners. It then turns westerly and eventually northerly through the shelter of one of the hills for about 4 miles. This will be a welcome relief if it is a warm and humid evening. The return begins as you turn off the dam and progress along the East Lake Road. You will leave the lake at about the 10 mile point and return to the village on Middle Lake Road. The finish, friends and family await you at the Firemen's Fair."

I met my Friend MR at her house to take the hour long drive to the venue. We had a lot of catching up since we haven't seen each other that much since D was born.

We ended up chatting so much we missed our exit off the highway!

We arrive within 20 minutes of the starting time. Enough to grab our bib and take a quick pit stop.

I met up with some of my running group friends for an evening of fun.

Going into the race I had told myself this will be a training run. Just for fun. No pressure. Well, that shit went out the window as soon as I lined up to the start. I was situated in the back of the crowd. When we all started running a fire lit inside me and I wanted to see how long I could hold a good pace for.

The weather was Ideal Conditions. Nice 70s with a breeze. Perfect. It did help the race started at 5:45pm as well.

The first few miles ticked by at a 8 min pace. I thought, wow I could keep this pace. Feels like a good effort, but not that I am pushing into the red zone.

I managed to meet up with some of my faster running friends around mile 5. Which I was totally stoked about

I kept trailing along, keeping them in my site as long as I could. I managed until about mile 7.

After that, My legs started to feel dead, My left hip was hurting for some odd strange reason and my leg turnover sucked!

I tried to focus on nutrition and just keep pushing through

Mile 9-11 Was when 4-5 people passed me, which I was not happy About.

I sucked it up and tried to reel in the guy ahead of me, then the girl, then the other girl. Even with a Left foot that was curling/cramping up in my shoe!

I ran past the last girl into the finish shoot, glad to be done with this race. I was a salty mess even though I had 1 gel at the beginning of the race, 2 gels in the race and my hydration. My stomach felt very sloshy the last 4 miles and I knew I couldn't take any more hydration in.

Time: 1:53:01
5/12 in AG 30-34
25/95 Females
92/200 Participants

I was told the Medals would go 5 deep in AG. I was happy that I would finally get a medal in a all out running race! Come to find out it was based on a percentage of how many people were in the age group so they only went 3 deep in mine. WTF?!! I was a little upset, but can't with the price I paid for the entry. I sucked it up.

On the drive home, I started to feel HORRIBLE. I had MR pull into the McDonalds so that I could vomit and all that good stuff. Same thing happened when I went home. I think the Gels didn't sit right, night race, not well rested had a lot to do with this!!

Onto the next race, Tour De Loop!!! So Excited!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Swimming thoughts

Yesterday I had a 2K swim. I looked at my planned workout with confusion. What the heck is a 2K swim? Endurance swim? How fast do I need to go? How many miles is that?

Then it dawned on me...oh...a 2000 Yard Swim!! Genius I am these days!

I Thought this will be easy. Nice long strokes, think about pulling that hand back through the full stroke.

Got it.

Heres how the swim went:

0-200yds:  Wow I feel like I'm Flying! I'm going to rock this Swim

200-400yds.: Pull, pull, pull

400-600 yds: Is the lifeguard judging my stroke?? Aw, who cares anyways.

600-800 yds: Gosh I feel dead.. Just keep swimming..

800-1000yds: I wonder if I can grab the line at Lake Placid and never have to sight!

1000-1200 yds: Ok Start kicking or you are going to sink!!! Ok, Why do My legs feel like weights?!

1200-1400yds: Let me look at my Garmin. I must be almost done...What?? Ok, keep swimming

1400-1600 yds: I am swimming pretty smooth. no one else in the pool, the Lifeguard is staring at me! Why is he getting off his chair? I am not drowning!! Do I look like I am?!!

1600-1800 yds: " Honestly, I wanna see you be brave!!" (Songs starting to drift into mind)

1800-2000yds: I wonder if work is going to be busy today. Maybe not, its going to be a beautiful day. Who really wants to go to the doctors on a Saturday anyways??

2050yds: Oh!! I'm Done!!! Wooo hooo!! I can totally Survive Lake Placid!! ;-)

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Hot and Humid with a touch of weirdness.

Today was supposed to be a long run from my house, meet my friend at the parkway, run home.

Well, lets just say someone forgot to set their alarm right.

I woke up to 2 text messages from my friend, KM. "You did say 6 right?" OMFG!! Yes I did!

Well lets just throw that plan out the window and come up with Plan B!

I met her at the parkway about 20 min after I rummaged through the house trying to find what I needed. And why didn't I get it out the night before?! We won't even go there

There is something you need to know about my friend. She is like 80 Feet tall 5'11 and can talk while running a 7:30 min mile like nobody's business. I have tried to slow her down multiple times in our runs together but it never happens! Ha ha!

So out we went for at least an hour together. Chat chat chat, feel like shit, hot and muggy, chat some more, chug on water, gel, Feel like shit, hot and muggy. Get the picture on how the run went?

Needless to say we managed 7.2 miles in that hour time. In 94% Humidity! Ouch!

I came home to my honey. He told me to go out and do more of what I could before he left me had to go to work and leave out of town for the next 2 days. Gosh I am such a lucky woman!!!!

So off I went for another 4 miles. And crappy I felt. I started out fine, but 2 miles in I swear I had this out of body experience and felt like I was there running but couldn't feel my legs or arms doing the work. Does that sound crazy?! I looked at my pacing. Still was 8 min/mi so I wasn't backing off. I kept looking forward and just concentrating on the feeling of foot fall. I was worried and wondering why I felt so light as air! Is this the runners high everyone talks about? Have I really not experienced it before and this is what it feels like?! I kept pushing on. Stopped and walked a minute and kept on thinking, I don't feel bad, pacing is ok, but what the hell?!

I decided to keep trucking on focusing on form. Then like a light switch, I could feel everything again.


Maybe it was hydration, maybe I was low on glucose. No idea!

Anyone have any thoughts on this?!

I managed a little over 11 miles in 1:32!!!

On to run the treadmill when little DD goes to bed for a quick nap for another 3. The marathon is going to be terrible if I don't start getting more mileage in!!

Happy Training!!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coach time

I have been back and forth with the thought of being coached again through my second Ironman.

I have finally decided that If I want to be injury free and do my best, I need to have someone else decipher my data and tell me what I'm doing well and what I need focus on. With a busy home and work life, it takes that stress out of it for me.

I want someone that is going to fit my personality, my goals and know how busy my home life is. I need every moment to count while I am training. My daughter is extremely active in Gymnastics, making it to Worlds in Orlando this year, which I'm sure she will make it next year too. Every weekend we are driving up and down NY State for meets. Put on top of that a extremely active 19 month old, and my husband who is now dabbling into Cycling and Cyclocross.

Yikes!! I am nervous on how I am going to make this work..I will make this work!

I am very disciplined and will do what I need to do. I am one that doesn't like to take a day off, but I know how much that is needed. I do go stir crazy not exercising. I need to be doing something. I know this is a fault. Again, Why I am choosing a coach.

I also need someone that Is passionate about coaching and will give me the feedback I need. I don't need someone to hold my hand, but give me the push I need to succeed and beat my times from this year. Shaping my body and Mind at the same time.

With that being said. I am going to enjoy the journey with a coach. Details to come soon on who that shall be!!

Happy Training!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I did it again!!

I signed up for a Ironman!!! I was back and forth about this for a few weeks and decided I wanted to do another one.

Its right in my back yard and one of the most Iconic Ironman races of all time!! Of course! Why not?!!

ok I have 363 days until the big day!!!

Now will be the real blogging of my Journey to yet, another Ironman!!!

Happy Training!

Monday, July 28, 2014

So Behind- 2 race reports Combined!!

This past month has flown by and I am so behind on my blogging. I have done a few races since my last blog post. The Boilermaker 15 K in Utica, NY AND the Lake Delta Sprint-Intermediate race in Utica, NY. It was the place to be this month!

I wont bore you with all the nitty gritty's just the highlights of both:

Boilermaker 15K- July 13,2014-

It was hot and muggy. The air was pretty dense. I was glad to run in Florida while on vacation the week before as it prepared me for the weather.

The first 2-3 miles were insane trying to get past people. When there is a field of 12,000 people, the race is pretty congested the first few miles!

There was nothing but water at the aid stations. Really?!! It was hot! Electrolytes were definitely a must!

TIME: 1:18:07- 80/871 in AG 30-34, 483/5,658 females, 2174/11891 total!

Great day- Tried to put down under 75min but was happy with my time given the conditions and crowd.

Onto the Next race-

Delta Double- Sprint and Intermediate Triathlon Combined

What was I thinking?!! I was fortunate enough to get a free entry to this race as the other half was doing race support. Love that my man is a Certified Race Mechanic!! Makes my life (and bike riding) so much easier! :-)

In the Sprint Swim I got kicked in the head at the start. I was not happy that these girls didn't know how to hold their line and ended up hitting me. I tried to brush it off. My arms felt really heavy at the beginning of the swim but focused more on smooth swim strokes the best I could. I felt the swim was LONG. I was right by a quarter mile!  Swim- 18:43(2:30m/meter)

Getting back in transition and seeing my lonely bike on the rack and everyone else doing the double already out on the bike depressed me even more. T1- 1:01

I knew I had to make up time on the bike with my god awful swim. I tried to focus On smooth strong strokes, push the pace as much as I could tolerate and keep hydrating well knowing that I would be doing this all over again soon but for longer. Bike- 35:17(20.57mph ave

I pulled into transition with one of the other girls in the Double. I thought ok, not too bad. I know my running has improved greatly from the previous year so I just tried to hang on and make the cut-off time. (There was a cut-off time of 1:25:00 if you were doing both races) )T2- 0:51

I focused on form, my breathing and pushing the pace, and my nutrition. Getting as much as I could in before the next race was key for me.

My run was the best run I have had in a triathlon! I was proud of that run! Run- 22:54 (7:38 ave pace)

TIME:1:18:46 (2nd overall)

I had 10 minute left to get ready for the Intermediate. I had my friend JB help me literally YANK my wetsuit back on my sweating body!

In the water again. I was kicked in the leg and slapped in the head multiple times. I actually stopped swimming and looked at the girl and said some choice of words. Never have I been hit so much in a swim. I didn't think I was that bad of a swimmer and was trying to swim a straight line!

I started cramping in my thigh on the second lap but just tried to maintain focus on breathing and smooth swim strokes. Swim- 39:30 (2:24/100m)

Again my swim was terrible! See the trend here?! T1- 1:26

The bike was a *hit show. I kept playing cat and mouse with a few girls and it was starting to wear on my nerves. I think it was a toss up between my fatiguing legs and my swim getting the best of me. I tried to focus on spinning and just going with the flow but when you are competitive sometimes it just doesn't go down like that. Bike- 1:08:50 (20.92mph ave)- T2 1:19

I got off the bike feeling pretty good. I knew I had 3, 2 mile loops to do and I would be done. The first I had to pee so bad I just sat on the side of the road and peed. I couldn't think of anything else but that and I knew it would make me slower. I picked up the pace a little on the second loop, third loop started and I got a rock stuck in my shoe. Bent my leg to get it out and BAM a cramp in my hamstring!! I could hardly even walk!! I walked for a few minutes, took my gel and started to run again. A little slower than I would've liked but tried to stay focused on form and breathing through it. I rounded the corner and knew I was done. My honey was whistling at me but I know I gave him the look that I was dying as seen in my pics! Run- 55:35 (9:15 ave pace)

Time- 2:52:57- (3rd overall)

Overall it was a good day. I believe I placed for nationals next year which was my intent going into it!!

Thank you to my honey, my family and Bike Loft East who support my crazy triathlon life!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Syracuse 70.3 Race Recap

I know this is a few weeks late. After the race I was so focused on our trip to Orlando, Florida that this seemed to go on the back Burner.

I was fortunate enough to get a entry into the Sold Out race that happend June 22, 2014. I was notified 2 weeks before the race that I had a chance to do it and if I wanted the entry. I thought about it for a few days and pondered if I really had enough training to do a 70.3. I thought about it and realized I had been doing all the training just needed to put it all together. While I knew my swimming has been less than steller this year, I knew I could pull off a decent bike and run as I have been running well this year.

I decided to ride the course the week before the race and then give the ok to JC at Bike Loft East if I felt ok to do the race. I figured I will try for under 6 hours and if that didn't happen just go to complete it. After riding with a few of the greatest people, including the Race Director, in my home town, on a challenging course and doing pretty well with a run after, I knew I would be ok to race.

I arrived with my man in tow as he was helping with the bike mechanics of the athletes all weekend. What a job! sun up to sun down working on bikes. I just love that my man is a race mechanic and knows alot about bikes! How lucky am I?!!


I started a hour after the race started. I was just trying to picture a decent swim. I knew I would struggle a little but just tried to remember I could get through it. I did have some sighting issues on the way out. I felt like the buoys Kept drifting, but most likely it was me. when I had about 200 meters to go, My left leg was starting to cramp up. I focused on relaxing more and kicking a little to get the blood flowing.

Time:42:21 Ave pace 2:11/100m


I was a little down about my speed in the water but knew my strength is the bike, so Just tried to maintain a good effort on the bike without sacrificing too much. I passed a lot of people and it felt so good! I was on a road bike and passing people that had souped up tri bikes was a great feeling!!
I did 2 1/2 bottles of Cliff Electrolyte drink. I couldnt get my Gel to come out of my flask, so I decided to use the aide stations for GU. Used 3 gels, 2 salt tabs. I should've had a little more gel. Usually I do at least 4-5 in that given time frame.
I started to cramp up in the inner thighs at the end of the bike, but knew I had enough in me to complete the run.
The last 6 miles of the bike is a no pass zone. I got behind a girl that was only going 12-15mph...ugh! I was itching to get by her, but used this time to spin a little, get out of the saddle and stretch the cramped up legs a bit.

Time: 3:01:31 Ave speed : 18.51mph


This is where I started to break down a bit. This is a 2 loop run course with some steep climbs in it. The sun was starting to get hot and there was little to no shade on the run course. I started out with a good pace. Keeping about a 9 min mile. It all ended after the Gigantic hill that we had to go up....TWICE! The first loop was ok. I was really loving the crowd support and all the cheers I received along the way. It really helped out tremendously. I tried to focus on nutrition and keep moving forward. I took 16oz of Clif Electrolyte drink. 2 salt tabs, 3 gels and a banana in on the course. I felt depleted on the second loop. The down hills on the course as well as the uphills were starting to grab at my thighs. I grabbed sponges at the water stations to keep cool. I kept looking at my watch. I knew I could make my goal if I just kept moving forwards. the last 3-4 miles were tough, but Kept trucking along.

Time; 2:07:47 Average pace 9:45/mile

Time: 5:57:46- 29th in AG 30-34

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Big surprise

I have been keeping a big secret over the last few weeks because I was very unsure if I was going to race.

I have decided after doing a race, few harder rides and running some bricks, I am ready for it....

Oh yes!! I went there!!

With the final days coming up before the race this weekend, I am focusing on good nutrition, hydration and race execution. I am doing this for fun. No pressure on me. I am grateful to my honey , my family and my friends who support me in my craziness!!

I also have to say thank you to

Especially JC at Bike Loft East Making it possible to race this weekend. 

My Honey has put the tubulars on the I am going to spin them around for a bit!!

Happy Training!!