Sunday, October 26, 2014

Empire State Marathon Relay Recap

Empire State Marathon Relay was last weekend. The course was changed about a month before the race to allow for a faster, flatter race showcasing the new Trail along Onondaga Lake.

I was the Second relayer on our team. I was to go out on Hayes road, back into the park and then to the new section and exchange.

The day started out with my usual breakfast before a race. Protein, Applesauce and Banana. I chugged some water, Grabbed my gels and was out the door.

I didn't like that our bus was supposed to leave as soon as the Marathon started. I didn't want to be waiting out in the cold for a hour waiting for my teammate to arrive to the exchange. To my surprise the bus stayed and kept us warm!!

I got out and did the usual pre race things, chugged a gel and went for a mile warm up. When I came back, the lead people were running by already. Great timing as my teammate was about 5 min off the lead person!

I grabbed our wrist bracelet and hung on for dear life trying to keep my cadence fast and my heart rate in check. My heart rate monitor started falling. It was driving me crazy but tried to focus on my running and form. Mile 1 ticked off at 7 min/mile! I passed one of the lead runners and kept going. Everyone was shouting I was 4th, then 3rd female. How amazing?! I had to tell everyone I was just a relay runner. But the rush was phenominal! I need to continue to get faster so I can cont to feel the rush!!

The next miles ticked off around 7:15-7:30 and I was comfortable with that. By mile 5 I started feeling a twinge in the back of my leg. I kept pushing through it knowing I only had a few miles left before the exchange point. I was ever so relieved to give my wrist band to my next teammate.

I then took her car to meet at exchange #3. Heated seats are awesome! Next car I buy this will be a must!

I met our teammate and we wished her luck to bring us home, jumped in the car and met her at the finish line to run in.

It was cold waiting. It was 40 degrees, overcast and windy. Brrr...

We saw our last runner running in and ran the chute together

Our time: 3:25:11

FIRST FEMALE TEAM!!! 3rd overall team! I know to some having a relay is not much of a big deal but when we can pull together and make a awesome team, that is when we are rewarded. I heart my team!! :-)

Don't we look mighty cold?!!! Finish line photo

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