Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cross out child Abuse 2014

Trying to do something new definitely has its obstacles!! Like the Sand pit above! This was after about 4 times already going through it. Hit a rut and went down. I never have felt so much pain and happiness as I have on a cross bike. Luckily I escaped this race with just minor Bruises.

Cat 4 race:
Did well the first lap. Then It all went downhill from there. I hit a off camber uphill turn and fell, I never could clip in after hitting the barriers. Damn this shit is tough! I use my breaks a lot and am still learning how to be more fierce. Time and practice will be the only saving grace for this type of Racing! I came in 5/9 females! Only 1 min off the lead person! Not too shabby!!

Open racing:
A harder field but was just using this as practice. Fell a whole bunch of times! Had a bad sport in the bunch racing with us. There has to be one rotten egg in the bunch!
3/3 people!! Ha ha! I actually won money and donated it back to the County to help raise awareness about Child abuse.

Happy Training!

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