Sunday, January 30, 2011

Week in Review

This week when I opened up my training week I knew it was a rest week!! Yes for rest weeks! This is the every 4 week period I make it a priority to catch up with friends and family. It really lets them know I haven't fallen off the earth, no one abducted me, and that I m ok.

Monday was crazy at work that I wanted to shut my computer down and walk out and say Im done for the day. But, as we know I cannot do this. I some how made it through without ripping anyone's head off. I did this with no workout in in the morning too!

Tuesday- I wanted to run outside but for some reason kept putting my alarm on snooze. I bugged and bugged my honey until he joined me for both my swim and run at night. Then we followed up with a Taco bell Taco. Yes, just one taco. I can control myself

Wednesday- Day off of work. Went to see the GI doc the same time my mom was on the other side of the office having her colonoscopy. Was told I had a harsh murmur that needed to be checked out. Had a panic attack all the way home. The trainer ride at night felt so liberating!! Now I have to have 2 scopes!! Damn you mother!! :(

Thursday- NAILED my swim TT. I don't know if it was the eye of the tiger song playing in my head or the Im not giving up attitude. 

Friday- Cardiology appt, no murmur, Athletic heart. Scheduled for treadmill stress test. This should be fun. Cannot wait!! I can resume training to full throttle. Had a 35 min run that was awesome. Staying in the Zones!!!

Saturday- Chilled all Day with my little girl. Makeup party, Shopping, Auntie Annes Pretzels, Chilis for dinner. Yep. I was overindulgant a bit. 

Sunday- Went to Celebrate my Nephews 5th birthday at my moms. My hour run never felt better!! 

Swim- 3500 meters 1 hour 15 min
Bike- 2 hours 40 min - All Trainer
Run- 16.45 miles- 2 hours 5 min
ABS 60 Crunches x 3 days- pst don't tell coach!! ha ha!!

Total Time 6 hours

This next 3 weeks of training Im loving as Coach has mixed it up a bit with some tempo runs, Tempo Bikes and a few Bricks and Swimming upped to 3 days a week, Ahhhh!!! This is to prepare me for a PR at the 4 mile Shamrock run. I better be under a 9 min MILE!!! 

Thats all for now. Happy training!!  

Friday, January 28, 2011

Good News!!!

Thanks to all that have been reading my blog lately and keeping tabs on me!! You guys are great!

I went to the Cardiologist today. I have to admit I think I was having some palpitations on the way into the office! The nurse recognized my name as a referring provider and asked if I was a Nurse Practitioner. Of course its scary being on the other side of the table! My BP was a little up but I think that was from the 35 min run I did prior to going to my appt because I am not giving up!!

Anyways, after a quick EKG, Nurse telling me my heart rate was only 50 and that she was surprised I weigh as much as I did because "You look tiny" she said. Yes, Its all my MUSCLE!! Ha ha! The doctor, who was really nice and sweet cam in the room. "So Kristin", She said, What is a Ironman?? I've never heard that before?" She asked. Of course I told her what that was and she looked stunned that I wanted to complete this long journey. She also asked how long I had to complete it. I have 17 hours I said. Another jaw drop.

She asked me if I smoked. What?!! You just asked me what an Ironman was! I chuckled inside and said Heck No! She asked other family history and all that other medical crap that we all go through. She looked at my echo report that I had and said, This is a normal heart looking at this Echo report. YAY for me!

Next she listened to me. Said, I don't hear a heart murmur. Ah, What did you just say?!! Ok, I listened to myself and thought I had one as well, but you know how that goes. She said I have a "athletic heart". To a normal practitioner this may sound like a murmur because my heart rate is so slow but it is actually a small extra beat which she says is normal in runners. PHEW!! For the sake of it, The cardiologist is doing a stress test on the treadmill in the next 3 weeks to see how my heart reacts to training, but as far as Im concerned I am CLEAR!! What a nervous nelly I was!! Im glad everything is ok!

Happy Training!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thanks to all

Thanks to you all who read my blog and Sent me good well wishes on facebook and here. Im happy to say I have a Cardiology appointment scheduled for tomorrow!! Yay!!

Anyways I was not happy with my own PCPs office today. I called yesterday telling them I went to my GI appt and the doc was concerned about my heart murmur and if they could review my echo from JUNE and let me know if anything was wrong. That was 2pm yesterday. It is now 6:23 pm and I have yet to get a phone call. I also called Upstate, got my own echo report, Called and got my own chest xray report, Called and got my own labwork and then called and made my own referral to Cardiology. Gosh I love being in the medical field!!

Anyways, I called my PCPs office to get my latest labwork faxed over to my cardiologists office and I was on hold from 12-2pm. I called at least 6 times and was on hold for more than 10 min each. Hello, I see patients myself here! So I took it upon myself to call the back line. Heres how the conversation went;

Nurse/Secretary: Is this an emergency?
Me: Hello, Im a provider wishing to get my own records faxed as I am a patient there
Nurse/Secretray: Is this an emergency?
Me: Well no but I have been trying to get through the regular line for the past 2 hours, Im a Nurse practitioner who made my own referral as you guys aren't too concerned with my medical condition.
Nurse?Secretary: You referred yourself
Me: Yes I did. Heres the fax number I want it sent to. And I waited 2 hours with no eval at the front line.
Nurse/Secretary: Well we are rooming patients and answering phones and it is quite busy today.
Me: I run a practice myself and am Quite busy. I dont think this is great customer satisfaction. My patients usually can get through within a few minutes and dont have to wait 3 days to hear back on an important issue.  Have a nice day.

Really?! Im getting my medical records transferred. Im a provider and they still treat me like doo doo. Not that I tell everyone that. I let them figure it out on there own for the most part. But this was a little ridiculous!

So now I am anxiously awaiting my appointment tomorrow. In the meantime I shaved almost a MINUTE of my 400meter T-Time in swimming!! Today my 2 tests were 7:16:24 and 7:18:11!! Thats under 2 min for 100meters. YES!!!

until next time....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not so good news, hopefully not serious

Today I had a gastroenterology appointment. If you don't know what this is it is a Abdomen Doc. Anything GI related is when you would go to this place. Well, for the past 5-6 months I have been battling Issues with my stomach so my PCP decided I needed to see the specialist. I started off with all the symptoms I have been having including intermittent sharp pains to my Left Upper Abdomen. She knew I was a Nurse Practitioner and asked what I thought it was. Frankly, I think I have an ulcer. Not that I eat anything spicy, I don't take alot of Anti-inflammatory medicine such as Motrin or aleve, I have been taking alot of Osteo-Bi flex. Now, that has been harsh on the stomach so I have cut that out. Another thing that has been aggravating the symptoms is Coffee and Citrus stuff.

While she was examining me, I kindly pointed out that over the course of the last few months my rib cage has been protruding more on my left side as well. She palpated, noticed tenderness on my lower ribcage as well as my stomach. Then, she listened to my heart. Now I have known I have a murmur. A soft murmur for the last year. It hasn't worsened, it doesn't cause me any trouble with anything. She looks at me and says so you know you have a good heart murmur here?! Yes. I do. I had an echo at the Hospital when I couldn't breathe in July and they told me I had a strong heart nothing wrong. Hmmm. Now Im concerned.

All day after this I have been fretting. What if I need surgery? What if they tell me I cannot do my Ironman? What if they tell me not to get my Heartrate above a certain level? What am I going to do? This is one of my dreams. Im not going to stop doing what I love to do! I cried a few times.

Anyways, I have to go for an endoscopy in 2 weeks where I will have a lovely little scope stuck down my throat to my stomach to look at what is going on. Along with this I need to call cardiology and make an appointment ASAP! Wish me luck in finding it is an Innocent murmur. Anything else and I will be heartbroken (in more ways than one!)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Last week in review

It was a great training week yet again. Although I was running out of steam by the time I hit yesterdays 5K.

I had a crazy week at work trying to interview new people for a LPN position that just opened up at our practice as well as see patients, Refills, Labs, etc, etc. I never thought I'd be so busy! Its crazy! But a good crazy!

Thursday while at gymnastics Caitlin was doing a high split jump and landed on her foot wrong and her knee started hurting so we were in the Urgent care for 4 hours. It was very comical listening to the nurses outside the room talk about triathlons and road races. "A kilometer is more than a mile right?!" "A triathlon is only for people that can run 7 min or faster", Cazenovia triathlon is like 10 miles isn't it? It was really amusing!
Anyways Caitlin has a sprain, on crutches with no Gymnastics for 2 weeks. We need to see a Orthopedic specialist as she has alot of instability to her Left knee. Im hoping no tears.

Saturday night I watched a movie "The Road" Very good. I highly recommend watching it. Go and rent it now!! :)

All in this time frame I still managed to take care of a 7 year old, have some play time and get my training in! Im multitasking well, Finally!

Here are the numbers

Swim- 5600 meters - 1 hour 47 min
Bike- 5 hours 5 min- Trainer rides
Run- 19.56 miles- 3 hours 12 min
Strength- 1 hour 30 min

Total time: 11:34:09

Happy Training!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chilly Chili 5 K race report.

I would have to say today was one of the coldest days I have ran outside in. It was about 4 degrees this morning with a wind chill to make the temp -15 Degrees farenheit. Cold, Cold, COLD! As I opened my eyes this morning, my first thought was I have to run 80 min today. How do I do this and tie a race in there as well? So, I went to the gym for 50 or so min and did 5 miles there in Zone 2 which is 145-155 for me. I did great keeping pace, but I had a guy running around the track behind me so whenever he got close to me, my Heart Rate Monitor would shoot from 146 up to 177! Now I knew this wasn't me and I was getting a little upset about it. But, what could I have done to rectify the situation? Nothing. So I stayed calm and finished my run.

Onto the race. I met a friend, Doug, at the Local Y and we road together. Its so nice to ride with someone and have someone to talk to at a race. We had talks about all our tri moments, our accomplishments, what our goals are this year. It was a nice car ride. We got to the venue and Doug still had to register. We got through the line pretty quick and onto the bathrooms. Why is it that females are so SLOW in the bathroom?!! Just tinkle and get out already! It took me a good 15 min to get into the bathroom. geesh.

I was a little concerned on what I was going to wear as the temps didn't seem to be elevating much over 10 degrees. It was fairly calm in Cazenovia which is surprising because the lake was not too far from the start line. I figured I would toss one of my layers off and just wear a baselayer and thicker Nike shirt on top and base layer and wool pants, wool sock, Balaclava on the head and mittens on the fingers. I was cold at the start but everyone was! We were all jumping, talking with our teeth cattering at each other.

The gun went off and we booked. I started more towards the front as I didn't want to get caught up with slower runners. Of course people passed me left and right but I didn't care. I was there to run my own race. I wasn't competing, just out for a run with friends. The first mile of this race is tough. There is about a half mile hill that you have to climb and it feels like it is never ending. I was very proud as this year I didn't stop once in the race. Last year I stopped on this hill. Yes I did slow down a bit but I wasn't walking!!

Mile 1- 9:06

I felt like I was being consistent today. Keeping up with cadence and just going by feel. Yes my legs felt dead like lead, and I had the rub on to prove it. So bad I made Doug gag a few times on the smell on the car ride there!!! Ha ha!

The next mile was just peaceful, nice downhill into a cul-de-sac. It was nice because we saw the faster runners at this time running. I always love seeing that.

Mile 2- 9:08

The next mile was all about keeping a steady pace as it was a slight decline the whole time. I said some kind words to the slower runners and kept trucking along. Man was I feeling cold and my toe was acting up!

Mile 3- 8:34

The last .16 (not .10) was slightly uphill and then a straight away to the finish. I kicked it up a bit but not too much.

last .16- 8:27

Total time 3.16 28:06- Average per mile 8:55!

I was a little disappointed when I saw their results 27:57, Ave 9:00, but they go by the shortest route possible and I did start my garmin when the gun went off. So this wasn't my Net time on my Garmin. But if you include my .16 it would be about the same. Under 9 min miles...woo hoo!

Next, we layered on warmer clothes and had some fun at the Chili cook off!! Yum!

Looking back on last years race, I felt overall better about my fitness. Last year my time was 28:50 /9:17 per mile so I did improve and this was coming off a 2 hour bike and 50 min run!! Yay!!

I tried to Use Snagit to show you all the data but unfortunately it wont POST!! UGH!

Happy training!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Surprise Delivery!

I was so happy when I went to check the mail today and received my new racing outfit this year!!! I am apart of Train-this and we have team uniforms! How awesome is that! Of course I want to represent where my training is coming from and why not do it with my new Jersey!!

Not to mention the Awesome Jacket I got too!! One thing I love about this outfit is I have thicker legs and it isn't tight around my thighs and give me that lumpy look! Ad you know its all about looking the part as well! ;) Thanks to Kim who helped get these all set up! She is apart of our team as well!

Im still in the process for looking at a bike...more details soon on that one. But in the meantime I am Running a FRIGID 5k tomorrow and the name suits it in more than one way! Its called Chilly Chili 5K. The reason for this name is that of course its middle of the coldest winter ever and There is a regional chili cook off that we get into for FREE!! Last year I was a little disappointed in my race but still managed a sub 9 min mile pace. This year Im not looking for a goal but to feel good on the run as I am throwing this into a 80min training run I have planned. It has a pretty steep hill the first mile, then its flat for about a quarter mile, then you go back up then its pretty much downhill to flat for the last mile. I think I can handle this! I have been running with a great group of guys that have been taking me hill hunting on every run I swear!! Thank you so much to Sean and Doug who are my tri-buddies who listen to me gripe and complain and pant and wheeze on every run we do together. (I know Im exagerating the truth a bit)  I honestly have to say I've never enjoyed runs better than being we these two who encourage me to be my best!!

Happy training to you all and the Race report will be up tomorrow and hopefully my stats if I can figure how to post them on this darn thing!!! Anyone have suggestions feel free to post!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Thursday

It has been a crazy week this week at work and in training. Now that we are getting into the real swing of things and trying to nail the race schedule down, I have been thinking of a new tri bike since mine is a little to big for me. You see when I bought it I believed I was 5'7" in reality my doc just shrunk me 1.5 feet! Im only 5'5"!! So now because I know this, I know my bike is a little too big for me. I am all stretched out on my bike to the point my back is starting to hurt.

Yesterday I went to a local shop to get a training scewer for my trainer. Yes, I have been riding on the one that came with my bike!! GASP! Well, the guy was awesome in the store and was telling me about some great deals he is having on Felt and Secialized bikes. I mean full carbon bikes here! How can I resist and I was drooling over a few! I decided I would wait to decide and way the pros and cons of each bike before I chose my partner. Im torn! I still cannot decide! Im leaning towards the Felts because of all the great reviews.

Last night I watched Idol while Riding on the trainer. I love watching people who really think they can sing! Hilarious! I always dreamed of being on American Idol since my College days many moons ago. WE would sit and watch it with all the other dormies. It was like family night. I think I would get to the first round at least! Ha ha!

This morning I had an awesome run and wanted to follow it up with my swim. I got a cramp in my inner thigh, same inner thigh after 2500 meters! I took 54g of carbs in per hour so I doubt it was that. I have no clue. Its starting to annoy me. Maybe I should see a Chiropractor.

I guess Im done rambling for now. Until next time. Happy Training!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Testing Day

Yesterday I got the opportunity to meet up with my Train-this teamates. I am so lucky to be apart of this team. I only knew a few of these people through the internet world but when we all met, I felt like I could talkt for hours to these people!

First off, It was a blizzardy mess up here, Especially on the Syracuse Roads. People were coming in from Canada, Rochester and Buffalo! Thank goodness they made it all here safe and sound!

When I first arrived I was asked if I was Kelly, nope Kristin I said. She felt awful but I told her I get that all the time and there are far more worse things that I have been called than Kelly!! We are very similar in shape and hair-dos and I think that is what throws people off from a far.

I then proceeded to carry my tri bike through the snow to the YMCA which is in the heart of Downtown Syracuse. Now this place has an old feel to it but it is one of the cleanist Y's I have been to. No lie.

We had to go through a dungeon-like atmosphere to get to the cycle room but when I got there I was releived to see Ted, a fellow CNY tri member manning the Computrainer testing. He put my bike up like it was a baby up on that trainer. I am so glad he did it because I feel very awkward when I put my own bike on the trainer. I don't know, I haven't mastered the skill yet.

I was Centered in the middle of some awesome triathletes for the testing. Boy was I in for it. We were doing a 10 mile TT with hills and let me tell you, it was no joke. I was beat after a 2 hour ride the previous day and then this today. Needless to say I still did pretty well averaging 227 watts of power and average speed of 19.7. Wish it was faster but I really think the CT was calibrated wrong, maybe not. LOL! My nutrition was good and I paced my drinking with Watermelon Heed. We were actually on the thing for a good hour according to my watch with warmup and cooldown.

We then took a swim video. Coach Mary had a great contraption set up with a broom, duct tape and a video camera so that she didn't have to get into the pool. It was pretty funny! hey the video footage so far has been great!

We all got dressed and went to Strong hearts cafe which was a Vegan restaurant as we were taken over by the vegans that were with us! Anyways, it was great food and I had to tell Coach Mary a couple of times that the Chicken in quotes was not real chicken if she knew what I meant. She had a blonde moment. I have to say though the Veggie sandwich and Mocha Milkshake I ordered was great and I was so full off of it!

This ended another great week of training for me. Here are the numbers:

Strength- 1 hour 30 min
Swim- 5700 meters 2 hours 5 min
Bike- 6 hours 11 min- trainer and Spinning
Run-8.25 miles - 1hour 20 min

Total time-11 hours 21 min!

Happy Training!

Friday, January 14, 2011


This week was crazy at work! I cant believe how many patients I saw! I was a walking zombie by 4:30 this afternoon. Do you know what the number 1 medical daignosis I made on half of my patients?! Depression. I cannot believe how many Central New Yorkers are Depressed. There are many factors that play a role. The new economy, lower pay raises, Winter season. One therapy I always recommend....exercise! Natural high!

I was depressed 5 years ago but decided to take an active approach and took up weight loss and exercise. I have never been more happier with this in my life. I always tell my patients to take up something that they want/love to do but haven't as it will make their mood better.

I am so proud of my little girl! She was asked to move up to the Advanced Super Stars gymnastics session because she fufilled all the basic skills of the Super Star class. She finally did a backwards flip by herself! She has only been doing this for 10 weeks. She is naturally athletic and I am going to foster that! I was watching her run the other day and she just has grace that I dont have! Its so interesting to watch her! I am a Proud mommy!

Im so excited for this weekend as I will be seeing alot of the Train-this athletes! We are meeting for some testing at the Local YMCA and I am stoked! I hope I can keep up with them! I have a 2 hour ride with 20 min recovery run on tap for the morning! Then Sunday is 10 mile TT test and swim videos! Ahhh! My coach said bring pre-ride, in ride and post ride nutrition. Pre ride I always do a meal 1-2 hours before riding followed with a simple sugar 15min beforehand. while Im riding it is either Perpetuem/Heed drink. Post ride is aways a little carb and protein shake.

Let me put it out there...what is your nutrition like?? I am trying to gain insight on what others do as I am trying to master this STILL!! Im hoping to have it down before my 140.6!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Venting About my Swim today

I had a Huge Ironman swim set that Coach mary Gave me to do. My first reaction last week was, "Shes wants to kill me, she must be out of her mind?!!" But after the first session last week it wasn't so bad. Not to mention in the last 2 weeks I have YET to get through the whole set. Ill get there. Patience. Still learning it.

Let me tell you how my swim went this morning. I jumped in the lane a few minutes early because the beautiful little lifeguard let us in early! YES! I have more time to complete some of this workout! I jumped into the lane with a lady that is always at the pool. I think that is all she does. Really. She swims her 30min straight and she is out of the pool. My pet peeve is that I cannot pass her. Its either I have to go at the wall before she does or She waits. Just go! I can get by you easily! Whats the big deal?!!

The guy in the lane next to me is on his back kicking like he is trying to get away from a shark! I swear the lap lane was moving closer to me the more he kicked. Is this really necessary?! At first I thought he was a little handicapped so I shrugged it off and let it be. But now that I know he isnt I want to throw the lap lane back at him. Well at least Im getting the feel of open water.

The lady next to him is trying to race me. Look lady, I know you can swim faster than me. Great! I really don't care what you have. Im here to do me.

These people leave and another set of people get in. One guy always reads my paper that I bring with my Detailed set. He must be in awe of me. LOL!

The other guy that gets in the pool doesn't wear goggles and is all over the lap lane. I feel bad that I have Hit him and kicked him. Well geesh, share the lane buddy!

Wow, Its amazing I even get my workout in on swim days with all the chaos that occurs. I had breathless moments this morning. Could this be why??

Enough venting for me. Time to get to bed for a 5:15AM workout session!!

Happy Training!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I was Cycling yesterday at my local gym and afterwards the instrctor came up to me and asked, "What keeps you motivated to workout??" Now I gave her a quick answer and proceeded to keep spinning since the classes are only 40 min long and I needed my hour.

Thats another subject all in itself. This instructor sings in her mic, pants in her mic, I felt like leaving the class but the music was good and it passed the time away.

Anyways...back to the Motivation piece of the story. I have been thinking long and hard over the last day at what keeps me motivated.  If you look at the definition of Motivation it is the drive to acheive certain goals. Eveything we do everyday is overshadowed by the existance of motivation. We who work are motivated to work, we who compete are motivated to compete and so forth.

I have a certain goal I want to acheive and that is Finishing an Ironman distance race. If I want to do this and do it within the time frame, I need to be able to put the time and effort into being consistent with training. I think about my previous races and what I did well, and what didn't go so well and I think this is another motivator to prove that I can improve.

I was heavy for a good portion of my life. I have come to where I am today through exercise. It gives me stress relief and enjoyment and I have made friends through this journey. I am motivated because diabetes, high cholesterol and Hypertension run in my family and I am not going that route.

When I fail its not the ending, its the beginning of a new challenge for me. I am motivated because nothing is going to come between me and my dreams. If someone told me I couldn't do something I would prove them wrong in everyway. I am who I am because I had drive and determination to get me where I am today.

"So long as there is breath in me, that long I will persist. For now I know one of the greatest principles on success; if I persist long enough I will win."

~Og Mandino~

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week in Review

Time to tally up those numbers again! I cannot believe how fast the week flew by. Here in Central New York only 10 MORE weeks of winter! I am counting down!

It was a rocky start to the week trying to get to bed early for my 5AM workouts but by the end of the week I was waking up on my own around 4:30AM so I think Im doing good!

Nutrition wise well lets just say that is a work in progress. I have been reading about all these cleanses lately. Maybe I should try a clean diet as well. Here is what I have noticed about me. I have been making better choices overall but I ALWAYS feel hungry. I have now started adding a little more protein in my diet which has been helping.

At work I am now going to forsee all the staff nurses in our office and help do inservices, reviews and policy and procedures...Along with seeing patients. Man, How am I going to pull all this off?! I can do this. I am a strong motivated person. At least I have an Administrative day on Wednesday that I have to admit I have been working from home while working out! I might have to stay and work on some projects each month.

Workout wise I am proud to say I did not miss ONE workout my coach had set up for me. Consistency and discipline is what has been ringing in my ears for the last few weeks and boy did I nail it this week!

Here are the numbers....

Swim- 4100 meters  2 hours
Bike- 4 hours 41 min- trainer and spin class
Run- 17.93 miles- 3 hours 5 min
Strength- 1hour 3o min

Total Time- 12:16:10

I wonder whats in store next week for me?!! Happy Training!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

My first Real Sufferfest via the Trainer

Last post I talked about my chaffing issues. Well Yesterday was horrible. I finally broke out the A&D ointment and soothed all the areas that needed it. Let me tell you that stuff healed my right up! Its really the same thing as Bag balm ointment without all the added ingredients!

After cursing under my breath that my Boyfriend didn't bring my bike and trainer up from the basement, I proceeded to get it myself and put it on the trainer. After 20 min of trying to get it in the stupid thing I found out I was putting the scewer in all wrong!! It had face back not up!! No wonder it wouldn't stay in the holder! I shook it about 15 times to make sure when My booty got on it, it wasn't going to fall!! I was so proud I finally did it on my own. Yes. I am a little lucky my honey takes care of everything but I think he is trying to tell me I need to learn after 5 years to do it myself!( I finally knew how to change a tire 3 years ago and could change it fairly quickly last year!!)

This was the finished product:

Yes I know the Syracuse 70.3 sticker is still Attached!!!

I knew my New book for work would come in handy!! Ha ha! Great read BTW!
So I loaded up with this.....

Gave the dog 2 bones so he would leave me alone....

Put in "The Ugly Truth" into the DVD player and began my ride. What a great movie that was! I won't give the details away but most of it is so true about both men and women!

That took me right up to 1:40. I was doing great until this point. I got off to take the dog for a potty break and when I got back on my crotch hurt for the last 20 min!! 20 agonizing min!! I even tried to put the Wedding Planner movie on but that didn't even help! This has been my farthest ride so far. I have only ridden 1:10 at most. So this was mental as well as physical. I stopped, stretched about 10 times in that 20 min but I wasn't giving up! I finished!! 2 hours Ave HR 139!! Woo hoo!

Then it was onto a Recovery run for 20 min. I had to keep the heart rate below 144. nope HR 147. I felt awesome though, like I could run forever at that pace!!

Fueling was a little off with the ride. I took in water as well as Heed. a total of a Bottle in a half. Should've finished both I think. Im not sore and I feel great so we will see how my 75 min run on tap for tomorrow goes!!

Happy Training!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Serious Chaffing Issues

I have no Idea what is going on this week but I have had some Serious Chaffing issues. I have never had this much in my Half Ironman as I have had in the last week! I have no Idea why.

I have had Sports bra chaffing to the upper part of my chest to the point people ask me what happened to my chest when Im wearing a v-neck shirt. It looks like I burned myself. Seriously.

Now comes the back. THe elastic on my sports bra gave me a nice little cut on my back. Really?!!

Then today in the most enjoyable cycling class I ever took. (Why does it seem like guys classes are always better than the womens?!!) I was having some nether region issues. It was everytime we went to sprint I felt someone was scratching my inner thigh and other areas we wont mention. All day at work my groin hurt to the point I had to put Oint to soothe it. What the heck?!!!! I don't know how Im going to do a 2 hour ride tomorrow!

I have got to start lathering my body up with my chamois butter, body glide, whatever I can get my hands on from now on!!!

Sorry I have been out of the loop on Blogs!! I promise to read all the blogs I follow tomorrow!!

Happy Training!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Am I Addicted to Sugar??

I have a few patients that I can easily point out in my head that have asked me this. They have come to me stating they cant lose weight, they crave sweets all day, they are cranky if they don't have sweets. it true?~~ Is there such a thing as Sugar addiction?!

Sure you have heard on Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, smoking addiction. But Sugar addiction?! Yes it is true. There has been proven studies showing that there is such a thing!

An October 2003 issue of “Brain Briefings” from the Society for Neuroscience suggested that “some brain actions and characteristics associated with the intake of sweets and drug addiction may overlap”, chiefly in the area of the brain’s opioid receptors. The article suggested that sweets may activate a similar biochemical system of incentives and rewards that leads to addiction of substances like heroin and other opiates in the brain.

Interesting huh?

The reason why I say this is because these can lead to more serious problems down the road such as Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, High Cholesterol. What is interesting is they say there is a link also between sugar and the way your body fights infection. Consider the non compliant diabetic who comes in and always has non-healing ulcers. The link is there. See when there is excess sugar in the body bacteria thrive on it so the body never heals unless the cycle is broken.

I have told my patients they arent crazy and their symptoms are true symptoms.

The hard part is managing them. Withdrawl is just like coming off of caffeine. Sugar levels drop and moodiness and irritability can set in. Anxiety, tremors, headaches and cravings are all normal in Sugar withdrawl.

People who are trying to break their Sugar addiction (Like I am, BTW) Should take a more natural approach. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables and YES, more protein! I also tell my patients EXERCISE!! It is the best Natural high there is! It releases endorphins and your body is more efficient at metabolism after exercise!

Now to hop on that Trainer!!

Happy Training!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Treadmill thoughts and week in Review

Today I was on the treadmill at my local Golds Gym. I looked around and saw so many new faces. You know the ones that make losing weight and being healthy a goal for the New Year. Its frustrating when the gym is jam packed with people like this with only a few sticking it out for the long run each year.

I was there at one point so I need to be nice and curteous to these people with similar goals. Although today, I was being gauked (Sp.?) at. I don't like when people stare at me at the gym. I wonder what they are thinking in their head? Do I have a booger hanging out of my nose? Do I Have toilet paper hanging out of my shorts? Ba ha ha!! I really go into panic mode. Don't know why but I do sometimes. I decided today though that I was going to let them stare at me. Maybe they like a quality they see, maybe they think Im strong, maybe they think Im awesome?!!

Another revealation I had today was when I was on the treadmill for 75min. You know a lot goes through your mind in this time frame! This is how it went: first 10 min I kept thinking, Oh my, my legs are tight from yesterdays run..keep the cadence up! Next 10 min I was laughing inside at the lady next to me that kept having to stop running. And was huffing and puffing about it. Slow down chicka. Next 15 I thought about my cadence, my Ironman and how I wanted to finish. I pictured myself fist pumping at the end, I might have even tried it out on the treadmill but thought against it. The 35 min I looked at all the people on the treadmill of all different shapes and sizes, running all different speeds and it was in this timeframe that I decided I wasn't going to race the guy next to me, I wasn't going to get frustrated with my slow Zone 2 times, but to run my own pace, in my own zones and not care what goes on around me. They don't see what I am trying to accomplish and most of these people will never know. So from now on, it is just me and the treadmill, or road, whichever that may be. I had a good run today and I think this is why!!!

Onto the week in review. I had a pretty crazy week. I had to skip a few workouts here and there because I didn't have enough time to do all the other family things I needed to do. I spent a lot of time with my daughter as she had the week off from school so the time spent was different. All in all I still managed to get some training in. Here are the Numbers:

Swim: 5750 meters- 2 hours 9 min
Bike: 2hr 11 min - trainer
Run: 16.74 miles- 3hours 1 min 27 sec.
Strength: 1 hour 30 min

TOTAL TIME: 8:51:27  


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution Run 2011

Nothing says ringing in the New Year Like a good old run with friends! The Resolution run was in full Swing again this year! This race is put on By the Syracuse Track Club Every Year. It is not your typical race scene. There is no chip timing, A champagne and water stop, and custom prizes of all sorts of novelty items, and you never know the distance you are running. But you can guarentee in will be 5k-10k range!

This years Race started at 11:11am. 1-1-11 at 11:11. Pretty Neat! I got to the "race" around 10:30 and signed up for the club. The race was free when you signed up or you could just pay $10 to race. The money goes to a great lunch afterwards as well as free beer. Now you cant go wrong with that deal! This year I promised them I would try to meet up with them for some good old running!

Friends From Lake Effect Run Club

I couldn't believe the turn out! Especially after all that drinking the night before by

The weather couldn't have been more perfect, low 50s!! Yay!! The run started on time and we were all off trying to get our pace going. Now this wasn't timed so I just tried to do my best. There is a infamous hill, John Street Hill, they have us run up this hill every year. A friend of mine, guy here, challenged me to race up the hill will him. The hill is about 10% grade. People were shouting, "show offs!", So of course I couldn't slow down even though I was panting! That wouldn't look cool!!

See the hill coming up?? John Street

All of us stopped at the champagne stop, toasted to a New Year. This was about Mile 3. We went down around the Inner Harbor where the Syracuse 70.3 race ended, and then back to the Spaghetti Wharehouse where the run started.

Total mileage 4.94- Time 46:27, Average Pace 9:24.

10 sec faster per mile than last year!! Hey its faster!! And this year was half a mile longer!!

In closing, the people above have inspired me greatly. All these people, with different running abilities, all support each other in every event we do together. I absolutely love this club!! Hats off to The Lake Effect Running Club!! May there be many more races to laugh, cheer and have a good time together!! ! :)

(PS all the pics are from today but as you can see my camera didnt want it to be 2011!!! Ha ha!!)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!