Sunday, October 31, 2010

Brueggar Bagel Halloween Fun Run 5K recap AND Giveaway!!!

First of all Happy Halloween-ie!!!! Ha ha!! I love saying that!!

Today was My chance to run with my Flashdance outfit!! Woo hoo!! I told you I like Halloween for the simple fact of not being yourself for one day. Where people wont make fun of you for being crazy. Wait did I just say that?!! Ok Most of the time I don't care what people think anyways.

Heres how the day went...

It was a dreary morning and I was really worried that it would be a bit chilly in my leotard. I bundled up in my costume and sweats. Ate a hearty bowl of Oats with raisins, had a Hammer Heed drink and was out the door 2 hours later. As I was approaching one of the intersections, I was greated by the most beautiful sight in the world. A rainbow. I thought YES it is going to be a beautiful day for a run!!

I arrived about an Hour early and Im glad I did. I still needed to pick up my race number and shirt, go to the bathroom, you know the usual stuff you do before a race! I found some of my local running buddies and chit chatted for a bit and did a warm up mile. It was a bit chilly but good because I get hot quickly when I run!! It was 42 degrees at the start. Perfect!!                                                                                                          
What I don't like about this run is they have you start in a wide open field and then as soon as the gun goes off you are bottlenecking into a trail. I probably should've mentioned that to my coach when she wanted me to run a 8:40 first mile! Ahhh was I freaking out!                                                                                        
When the gun went off of course I was talking and was in the back of the crowd so as we bottlenecked in I looked at my watch and it took us almost 3 min to get into the trail itself! and to top it off they start the timer
in the open field so you have to be in front or trample, kick, trip, people down to get to the lead. I would never do that so I politely said ON YER LEFT, On YER RIGHT!! It was kind of annoying when people didn't move out of the way. I thought about tripping people...naw that would make more work for me in the long run!! So I nudged a little and said sorry. Whooops!!        

THis was a beautiful Trail run with some bridges that were sinking and quite slippery!!

Mile 1- 8:50- By MY watch
Mile 2- 8:50
Mile 3- 9:10

Total time 26:50- my real time
On the clock, 29:43 or some boloney like that!! 

Afterward we snacked on Brueggar Bagels!! YUM!! But they ran out of water!! WHAT?!!!      

Giving a warm up to everyone....Ha Ha!!


I have over $50 worth of goodies for you to fight over!!
1. Manzella 360 degree Reflective Warm Gloves. They are M/L mens but I put them on and they fit me  
    perfectly and I am a size 61/2-7 glove.
2. Manzella WindTex Warm Hat. Also mens sizing but its One Size Fits Most  All.
3. Nathan Ankleband pair of reflective Velcro straps to keep you seen in the dark runs, bikes, swims...oh
    yeah swimming is OVER up North!! 
4. WigWam HIking/Outdoor Pro Socks! I love these socks on Cold days!! They are wool blend so they
     wick moisture away but keep your toesies warm!!

Over $50 in Goodies!!
Ok so heres the Deal...

1. Be a Follower of My Blog
2. Tell me your Best Halloween Costume Idea
3. Tell me your most embarrassing Running, triathlon, Swimming moment...

Thats It!! Answer all three and you will have 3 entries!! 2, 1 you get the idea!!

I will end the Giveaway in 1 week and contact the lucky winner by email! Good Luck!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Dress Up and Dance!!

Today my daughter and I are having a Mommy and me Kind of day!! We both dressed up, me in my Halloween costume and her in one of her dance costumes and just let it all hang out and dance!

I love Halloween because you can do things you normally wouldn't do, like wear a leotard and leg warmers!! HA HA!!

I hate Halloween because, MY name is Kristin and I am a CHOCO-Holic!!! Yep! I admit it! M&M's...I hate you...Snickers...hate you too...AND Reeses Peanut Butter Cups...I DESPISE you!!! That is what Im telling myself. AND to step AWAY from the candy.

Heres some entertainment. Courtesy of me and my daughter!! Enjoy!!

My Halloween Costume

Also Remember....GIVEAWAY TOMORROW!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Swim Sets.

 I am sore from my workout from Wednesday of swims sets but hoping today will be a little easier. Heres what IRONMAMMA has in store for me today....

Planned swim time 1 Hour

400 free
200 kick with fins
100 free

10X50 on 50. Moderate pace

300 6 kick switch drills with fins

4X100 free on 2:10

200 cool down

I know I am swimming right as my Lats have been achy. A good ache. Not a ache that I cannot handle.

I did get alot of cramps in the inner thigh the other day when I was swimming. I wonder if I was a little dehydrated. Anyone else experience this?? I am going to try to drink on my rest intervals today...we will see how that goes. I've only cramped up once before and that was AFTER a 2 hour run...hmmmm...

Also the 6 switch drills with fins is an awesome is the video

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frustrated Cyclist

My post today is about my ride yesterday. I clearly do not get why people do not pay attention to the road. Me as a cyclist and driver, I pay attention when I am driving. I dont text, I don't call anyone unless its an emergency and I watch my surroundings.

I am very frustrated with some drivers out there who think that they own the road and can be aggressive to cyclers. It baffles my mind when men/women in trucks, cars, minivans rev their engines or give you the finger! Come on!

I had a hour ride to do yesterday and since my butt didn't get up until 7am, I didn't have time to do it in the morning. I took the great opportunity I had at 5pm to ride outside. The weather was a balmy 77 degrees here and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity!!

I had to stay in zone 2 which for me is 130-143. I pretty much stayed in this zone averaging about a 18mph speed, not overdoing it. I was enjoying my ride. I couldn't ask for a better night. Nice breeze, warm crisp air, fallen leaves, so beautiful. I then headed back home after a half hour out and as I was approaching a intersection, a man in an SUV decides hes going to turn right in front of me. Never EVEN looked at me as Im screaming bloody Murder!!! I almost, almost hit his passenger side, Good thing I have good bike skills and made it past him without hurting myself! I quickly turned my wheel to avoid danger. Ok, I he was on his cell phone and clearly wasn't paying attention!!!

Next I pull up to a red light and a man tells me I shouldn't be out any later as I don't have reflective gear on...REally?!! Really?!! Thanks for the input! It wasn't even dark out yet! and yes I can ride a bike! I know how!

Then as I am getting clipped in at the intersection as it was green now, a woman in a sedan decides she is going to honk at me and give me the finger and speed off!! I just don't get it. I obey the traffic laws, I do everything right and this is the treatment I get.

Needless to say after this my ave speed for the rest of the mile was 24mph. I didn't keep that last mile in Zone 2....Sorry coach!!

Enough said today. I am getting the stuff together for the Giveaway...Trust me it will be by the end of the week!! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Week in Training

Last week was all Recovery and Boy does it feel good to get going again!!! I don't know if everyone knows But I will be signing myself up for Beach to Battleship Full Ironman Distance Next year!!

This week started out with Functional Strength Training and Can I tell you, I am weak in strength...Weak, Weak, WEAK!!! Ok well maybe not as weak as I think I am but definately have alot of strength to gain!! I like the workouts. They are somewhat challenging but fun! One legged rows, kick backs with a stability ball, reverse crunches, planks, Reverse Negative Crunches....Yeah I feel it afterwards big time...120 count for abs...I better have abs of steel by the time Im done!!

I have 9 hours posted for this week of training. The last few weeks have been 5-6. So a little more for the next 3 weeks or so. I can definately handle this! I like that my coach says we are building an aerobic base...I need to have the mind set that we don't always have to go fast to see gains but to focus on form and cadence too. I nailed my run yesterday in both Zone 2 and cadence!!! Ahhh!! I finally know what it feels like to be light on your feet!

I even have swim sets to do this week!! Swim Sets!! I don't know what to do with myself!! I haven't done swim sets like this since Masters swim a year ago!!! I hope I can make the time cut offs! :) Its hard for my coach to guage this as I swim in a 50 meter pool not Yards. Ill show her I can get my swim on! (Does anyone else get dizzy from flip turns??!! I think I hold my breath or something??)

Enough of my ramblings....

I am thinking of a giveaway!!! Yeah!! More on that when I have everything together!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Triathlon Funny!!

Got To Get this Book!! Especially When Ironman Training really Hits!!
I can Only Imagine what is going through this guys head!!
19---Triathlons---I-Do-That.jpg image by Run DMT

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recovery Week Thoughts

I'd love to think this is what I could do this week but I think my coach wouldn't be too thrilled with me taking a week off!!

1. This week has been a recovery week and quite frankly I am getting a little antsy but understand that 
     recovery is important!!

2.  I have been really focusing on Cadence in my running. This is the frustrating part. I cannot get to 45
     strides per foot in 30 sec. I get 43, 44...Darn it!! Give me 45!!!

3. I also have been working in zones..recovery zone is the hardest mentally...

4. That reminds me I need to fix my Garmin to Incorporate my New Zones!!

5. Tomorrow is Continuous swimming for 30 min...including my new flip turn!! YAY!!

6. I have been getting my costume ready for the Halloween run next weekend....I know the suspense is
    killing you but you will have to wait!!!

7. I have put my applications in for the Surgical ICU NP position and the Urgent Care!!! Thanks for all the

Thats all for now!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Career Path

So, I have been thinking about a new career path. Not that I don't love what I do, but I need a change. You see I was a ICU nurse prior to taking a Nurse Practitioner job in Family Practice. I thought this is what I wanted to do. I enjoyed the people I worked with, I am practically my own boss, nice location, Great pay. But, I don't see myself doing this for 40 more years.

I am a ICU nurse at heart. I used to live and breathe trauma, codes, drips, ventilators, you name it, I've probably done it in some way or another. I think this is where my heart is at and am torn at what to do.

There is a Surgical NP position at the Hospital I used to work at available. I have asked my former Supervising Physician to write me a letter of recommendation which was the most awesome letter I have ever received! Even though I have put this all in place I still fear going back to the ICU even though thats where I want to be. I fear the loss of my skills for the last 2 years, being the person making the decisions when death is at the patients door...Scary right?!!!

I have also looked into a position at the Local Urgent Care. I think both would be suitable options for me.

Im torn as I have made great repore with some patients and I know they would be upset to see me go since there has been so much change in the last 2 years of my employment with the company I work for. But at the same time I feel I cannot compromise my happiness for these patients, for money, for anything.

I really have to think long and hard on this one...I will make my decision by the end of the month...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eastwood Park to Park 5 mile Road Race recap

Today in Central New York it was a Balmy 60 degrees. Yes I said It Balmy. You see in New York in October you can have Nippy weather or nice sunny weather. You just never know. But, I am glad it was on the warmer side. I love 40-60 degree weather for running!

Eastwood Park to Park Run is a 5 mile run showcasing the beauty of Eastwood. It has some challenging hills but not too tough, per what their brochure says.

Packet Pick up was at My favorite Fleet Feet Sports Store Yesterday. We got a cotton long sleeve shirt with the same design as above.

Today went a little something like this...
7 am- woke up with a congested head with a snot nose. Great. Took some Sudafed
7:45am- Ate my Usual Breakfast of Whole wheat Bagel. Peanut butter and jelly on top and a Banana
8 am - Mixed My Hammer Heed Drink in 24 oz and started sipping on it
8:30am.- Decided to have a cup of coffee with just cream. No sugar in my coffee, hate sugar in it!
9 am- Was on my way to the race
9:15am- Parked, talked to my dad, saw a few friends, said hi on the way to the Bathroom
9:45am- Quick warm-up lap around the track at the Rink. Quick Swig of My Hammer Gel
10am- Race start. The national anthem was sung by a beautiful voice right before the start that I was smiling and loving that I am an American and free...

10:45:11- I finished the race after 2 snot rocket stops and 10 tortuous hills. (I think I counted 10?) Well maybe not all tortous. Just the last one at 13% grade!!

I finished in the middle of the pack of people. 16th in my AG 20-29. I really focused on my form and cadence in this run. I kept thinking cadence is high and I feel good for the most part but these people are passing me left and right! Oh well!! Someday I will be a fast runner....someday..

I wore my Fly By night Duathlon arm warmers, a Tank, Shorts and my baby Suacony Fastwitch 4s. A lady came up to me at the end and said. I thought you were crazy for wearing what you wore but I got hot fast and wishe I was wearing what you had on!! I get hot very fast and have learned what to wear depending on the weather!!

Me attempting to be good at my form beforehand!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

K Swiss K ONA S

I was so excited when my new K Swiss K ONA stability shoes came in the mail Yesterday!! I have been hearing all about these sneakers and wanted to try them out for myself.

This is what the Sneaker Company states of its product:

"The lightweight and breathable K-Swiss® K-Ona shoe is ideal for race days or triathlons. It's packed with performance technology, like a Superfoam® cushioning insert and an Aosta® II outsole, which provides tremendous traction on a variety of surfaces. The rigid TPU shank stabilizes the midfoot for a smooth ride."

I took it out for my own test run and fell in love with them pretty instantly that I was looking for another pair already!! 

What I love about this shoe is the wide Toe box. I tend to spread my toes when I run and feel these give me the room to do so. They are also True to Fit. I love the color schemes. Not to mention you can get a USA flag design pair!!  They are a stability shoe but give you enough cushion for the ride. I do not like stiff and heavy shoes weighing me down and these shoes are perfect!!

You hear so much about other top brands but I have had most of the other brands and haven't felt half as good as I have felt in these shoes.

What I don't like about them....I dont think there is anything at this point!!! After running in them a few more times maybe that will change but for now, they are one of the better shoes I have owned!

I do have a 5 mile road race planned for tomorrow in Eastwood Section of Syracuse. It is the Last run for the Syrathon  unique series of Six road races through our city’s parks system, and along charming city streets. The Series is designed to encourage healthful physical activity year-round…all while promoting the sights and sounds of city life! The Whole series covers 26.2 miles of the streets of Syracuse. Its all Participation based and you can win some cool prizes!! Check it out!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Pink Compression socks

I was browsing the internet and went to a site I have been eyeing some running skirts on. That site is . As I was perusing the site I found a cute little pair of Pink comression socks.

It is Breast Cancer awareness month and they were on sale so I decided I would get a pair!!! Everyone probably knows by now I am in love with the color pink!! If I could wear pink everyday and get away with it I would. If I could paint my house pink and get away with it I probably would....maybe thats a little drastic but you get the Idea!!!

I was surprised when the package came in the mail very quickly! I ripped opened the package like a little kid on Christmas morning to find my lovely pair of Compression socks! Now when I saw them at first I was thinking oh my are they even going to fit me?!! But they did stretch quite nicely and they are a great compression sock.

Pros: 1. The color is great
         2. They are great for long runs and recovery
         3. Who doesn't look cool running a race with knee high socks on?!!
         4. Did I mention they were pink? with a heart on it too?

Cons: 1. I have bigger calves than most girls and quite frankly I think my heart is 10xs bigger than it should
             be on my calves!
          2. I don't like that when they stretch they are white in between the pink
           3. they are a tad bit too short for my legs

I like them and I am recovering in them. I cant wait for my Sugoi ones to come!!! I also am waiting for another product...details to come shortly!!

BTW....I love the ARMY skirts at't they cute?!! Im thinking of grabbing one..along with a cute PINK shirt!! :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pumkin Picking in Central New York

Today the sun was shining and it was a Warm 65 degrees here in Upstate Ny!! Really too nice to stay inside!

I did my normal routine with getting up early and doing my workouts, went to the gym later to Lift, then waited for my biggest fan to get off the school bus so we could go Pumpkin Picking!!

We went to Abbotts Farms in Baldwinsville, NY. Really nice little place. They had a corn maze, apples, Apple cider, Cider Doughnuts, Homemade Fudge, fresh baked Pies....and PUMKINS!!

This place is a Pick your own pumkin and haul it back to the shop kind of place. It was fun, but there wasnt much left to choose from. My daughter and I had fun looking into the rotted pumpkins swarming with bugs.....not really, but we did have fun picking out small, big and Bigger pumpkins to take home and make our own pumpkin family.

Tomorrow we will be painting our family and putting them outside....

Heres pics of our day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

25 Mile Trek Ride

Today millions of people all over the world joined forces in the fight against breast cancer. I am proud to say I was one of them.

Today was a beautiful 50 degrees when I woke up. I put my Under Armour shirt on along with my Vello Bella Jersey and Jacket, and Bike shorts to match and was out the door to Greenlakes State Park in Manlius NY for the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Ride.

When I got there I was surprised at the great turn out! The sun was shining and so were peoples spirits and smiles.

My training plan was supposed to be a 1 hour easy ride and this was a perfect day to kill 2 birds in one stone!! I met some of my teamates in the crowd, got some pics and we were on our way. I was going to ride with a couple of my good friends and just sit back and chit chat. Yeah, that didn't happen. As soon as I saw people trying to race, so did I.

I was in the lead group for most of the time. I met a great girl who wanted to work together and I said sure, then we caught up to a few guys so we used them as well to draft off of. This is what I love about cycling!! Drafting!! getting a break!! But are you really getting a break when u are fighting in the front to pull or fighting in the back to stay on?? I dont know but I forgot how much I loved cycling until today!

The wind was fierce throughout the whole ride. I would say at least 10-15 mph winds. It definately felt hard the whole time.

I felt good until mile 23 and then I dont know wha happened and I got dropped...ugh!! Oh well. I sucked it up and finished the ride/race in 1:15:00.

I met up with my friends I ditched to be cool race. I told them I was sorry and they were ok with it. I love good people!!

I did end up watching Kona and was amazed by the strong performances day maybe...One day... Oh on another note. I was quite offended by the commentator talking about Caroline Steffen being a "bigger" know what she still kicked #ss and Im proud of her!! For Petes sake she is only 140lbs!!

Here are some pics from my day today:

CNY tri Girls!!


My friends who understand me!! :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is the time when the World Championship Goes down. The Best of the Best race it out to see who is going to be the Champion of the World.

I got my Bets on Chrissie Wellington and Craig Alexander. Maybe its their accents that get me, but one this is for sure, I think they are BOTH phenominal athletes.

I looked at my guy yesterday and said. I idolize Chrissie. She is so warm hearted and friendly and for petes sake she is a 3x Ironman World Champion!! She is going to rock and Ill be sitting there watching her this weekend with Amazement.

Im also excited for someone who is local that might make herself known in Kona. That girl is Kristin White. She is a local Triathlete, going PRO next year! Yeah I met her. I can honestly say I know a Pro. If you don't know Kristin Came in 3rd OA...3RD!! At the Syracuse 70.3 beating out some of the pros!! She also had the fastest bike split on one heck of a course! Im interested in what she will do this weekend. Follow her blog at She also has other impressive stats!

Craig Alexander is going to win...I can feel it. I love his nicely shaped legs. I love mens muscular legs...I don't know gotta thing for legs on a man. I know weird. Chris Lieto is pretty hot too so Ill be watching him as well. Hes the fastest Cyclist in the sport you know. And did you also know he was a water polo player and a surfer prior to starting his triathlon journey?? Friends laughed as he said he was going to be like Mark Allen. He took this as a challenge and look at him today!! See anyone can do it!!

In closing, I will be cycling this weekend for Breast Cancer and then plopping myself on the couch with drool coming out watching the Best of the Best at Kona!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 1 of training..functional training that is

First of all thanks for all the comments about my Hurt feelings. I'm realizing nobody is worth my tears unless it is tears of joy!! :)

Sorry to here about the "Friend" Colleen (HUGS BACK)

I am in Week 1 of my Functional Training. So far so good.

Today I had to do trainer cycling...BLAH.. I have never gotten used to my trainer. I hate the way my bike tips down a little even though I have my front tire on blocks. Hence, I am scootching the whole time. Any Ideas how to fix this?? Anyways I had to do some one legged spins for a minute each. Talk about uncoordinated. I think I almost fell off my bike about 10 times in the 20 min I had to work on this. Well maybe only a couple. I exaggerate a little. But I noticed in doing this I have a dead spot when cycling with my left leg. Definately need to work on that.

I also did a 30 min run focusing on cadence. Man, I felt faster than ever and not winded. That is a good feeling! I was passing people left and right on the indoor track. Its usually the other way around!

I also did a run video to show my coach. My guy was all paranoid at the gym because we brought our video camera. Whatever, I dont care. Im doing this for me and I would fully explain what I was doing. He made me mad as he only got like a min of me running because he was weirded out. I know I have to work on forward lean...I tried that today. Think I did better, feels like Im gonna fall over face first..and that wouldn't be pretty in front of those muscular guys huffing and puffing in the weight room trying to show off who's pecks are bigger you know~

Onto my swimming and lifting tomorrow!! I am going to take a pic of me now and in a few months and see if there is any definition as I haven't strength trained in almost a year!! Bad, Bad, Bad.

Happy Training!! :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hurt Feelings

This weekend I had an opportunity to hang out with a friend I have been meaning to hang out with for a while. It was great conversation until they proceeded to tell me one of my friends talked about me and said all this untrue stuff. My feelings were very hurt.

I admit I do wear my heart and feelings on my sleeve. I just cant believe this person said all this as I thought we were really close, but more and more Im seeing we arent.

For 1, I do not brag about myself and think Im cooler than anyone else. Do I think I have made great accomplishments and am I proud of where I am today, Certainly!! I have confidence and that comes off to some people as arrogance. Believe what you want to believe

2. I do eat heathy with my rice cakes and Sunflower peanutbutter. I even eat Tofu, hummus and Coconut water. I don't feel that that is bad, so how do I eat badly?? Why would you say anything about that?1

3. Because I want to be healthy does not mean I  have to  be dragged down to a level of not working out and eating poorly...Not my problem.

4. I do not complain about my weight. I simply am watching what I eat and I tell people that. THIS in NO way states I am complaining/

I think that sums up the stuff that was said. To me this is jealousy that I am pursuing my dreams professionally and athletically. Anyone can do this if you think you can. I am in no way a *itch. This is why I think I have more guy friends than girl friends because at least they don't talk behind your back.

Im hurt, very hurt. And I know I've hurt people in the past but that was then, this is now. I am closing in on my 30th Birthday in a few months and have no time for this. So in the end I am breaking the friendship. It'll make me feel better. I usually can forgive, but not this time...Im done being the one who forgives.

“What you perceive, your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth. Your truth is important. Yet it is not The Truth."

Saturday, October 2, 2010


There is just something about cycling that I absolutely love. I love feeling carefree. I love the feeling of the wind blowing over me, I love the feeling of going Fast!!

I love,, love my road bike...did I mention I love it?!! :)

Heres my BABY!!!

Well, our ride was a gorgeous 50 degrees. I started out wondering if I should wear my leg warmers but took them off an put Embrocation on my legs instead. This stuff is awesome. You don't even feel cold when you have it on!! My friend T even used some too!! We are crazy, er, a, Tough I mean!!

We had a total of 7 riding with us and then a few triathletes with their tri bikes met us about half way that we knew. They were speeding by us like nothing...gotta love triathletes!! ;)

A total of 26 miles on beautiful country rolling roads was done today. Here are some pics to highlight my ride!

The Week in review

Well this week was a trying week for me. I really thought I was recovered enough to get back doing my tempo runs, hill runs, etc, etc. Well I think I need to cool it with the runs for a wee bit more. You see I am swimming and biking without difficulty but as soon as I start running my right hamstring keeps tightening up right around the 2 mile mark.

This is how my week went:

Monday- Spin class was at 6pm so I decided I would spin my legs out at the Local gym. I walked into the jam packed room right to the front because I dont like to be behind sweaty grunting people. I don't know. Its just a pet peeve of mine..Let them look at my butt!! Ha ha!! Anyways...I really didn't care for this class. The teacher was a little whacky. I don't think she had any tension on her bike and when she said add I did, but she was still spinning faster than me. The lady was very 70s with the music she was playing. She did mix some good tunes in there, but she was way into the oldies!! After the class she looked at me and said you are a triathlete aren't you?? I was like "why yes, YES I AM!!!" She says, "I really thought you were going to walk out of this class, because as soon as some people see me, they walk the other way, Im glad you stayed" Little did she know I was debating whether to leave or not!! Oh god!

Tuesday- So glad I could get in a swim at 6 am only to find out the lifeguard wasn't there. What? Ok I pay valuable money to come to the gym to swim. At least the employees could be a little considerate of people who want to get there swim on in the morning. This isn't the first time this has happened to me and I wasn't too pleased at all!! I made my emotions known. They opened the pool for me and had the front lady desk person watch me swim until the lifeguard got there. Good thing I didn't drown or anything!!

Wednesday- I got some lifting in for the first time in a couple months...Wow am I weak..well maybe just a little weak, not like Pee Wee Herman or anything!! I did a nice 3 mile run and I did great. 25 happy with that!! Even my heart rate was lower!

Thursday- Decided to just have fun with my daughter and guy in the pool. My daughter is learning how to swim. She is getting better each time. She actually put her face in the water and did a few strokes...Breast stroke looking things...but it was a start!! I also had my guy do my swim video for my coach. Good times. Ive looked at it about 15 times already!! So critical! Well Mary said I was a B swimmer (Michael Phelps an A+(A++++ in my book), and another one of her clients a C) so Im ok..need to work on my left arm, and my pull BIG time, and also my kick is sloppy...oh dear!

Friday- Started running and was doing right hamstring started bothering me at mile 2..I got off the treadmill and went for the glider for 20 min. I don't want to injure myself. I have a lot this upcoming year and need to protect my body! I came home and put some BioFreeze on it...I love this stuff!! It makes my aches feel so much better!

Today----I will be heading out to ride with some of my buddies in the 51 degree weather. If you didn't know today is LIVESTRONG day and we will be riding for the cause. I wanted to wear my prettiest yellow but that only comes in a dress... Pics and report to follow!!