Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recovery Week Thoughts

I'd love to think this is what I could do this week but I think my coach wouldn't be too thrilled with me taking a week off!!

1. This week has been a recovery week and quite frankly I am getting a little antsy but understand that 
     recovery is important!!

2.  I have been really focusing on Cadence in my running. This is the frustrating part. I cannot get to 45
     strides per foot in 30 sec. I get 43, 44...Darn it!! Give me 45!!!

3. I also have been working in zones..recovery zone is the hardest mentally...

4. That reminds me I need to fix my Garmin to Incorporate my New Zones!!

5. Tomorrow is Continuous swimming for 30 min...including my new flip turn!! YAY!!

6. I have been getting my costume ready for the Halloween run next weekend....I know the suspense is
    killing you but you will have to wait!!!

7. I have put my applications in for the Surgical ICU NP position and the Urgent Care!!! Thanks for all the

Thats all for now!!!


  1. Hi there!
    hear you on #2. Have you seen/used the FINIS swim tempo trainer? It's a small blue lil' timer that's like a metronome for your foot cadence. I use it all the time. Just found the link:

  2. Good luck with your applications!!!
    I would love to do a halloween 5k, but I haven't quite figured out how to make it work with my two boys. We'll see though!

  3. This might be a stupid question, but how do you keep track of your running cadence? Who is your coach? Good luck with the swim and applications!

  4. I know I shouldnt but I hate recovery weeks. I start getting pretty twitchy

  5. I like the idea of the tempo trainer for running cadence! Very good!

    And yes, i might kill you if you took an ENTIRE week off..... but I will bookmark this post for the week after Ironman when you will take a week off at LEAST!

  6. - TO My life and running- I keep track by counting how many times my foot falls on my right side in 30 sec. This should equal 45 strides..I always fall a little short. AND my coach is Mary Eggers AKA I will Def have to get a tempo trainer!!

  7. Good luck with the application!

    Recovery weeks are so hard, but SO worth it! :)