Monday, October 4, 2010

Hurt Feelings

This weekend I had an opportunity to hang out with a friend I have been meaning to hang out with for a while. It was great conversation until they proceeded to tell me one of my friends talked about me and said all this untrue stuff. My feelings were very hurt.

I admit I do wear my heart and feelings on my sleeve. I just cant believe this person said all this as I thought we were really close, but more and more Im seeing we arent.

For 1, I do not brag about myself and think Im cooler than anyone else. Do I think I have made great accomplishments and am I proud of where I am today, Certainly!! I have confidence and that comes off to some people as arrogance. Believe what you want to believe

2. I do eat heathy with my rice cakes and Sunflower peanutbutter. I even eat Tofu, hummus and Coconut water. I don't feel that that is bad, so how do I eat badly?? Why would you say anything about that?1

3. Because I want to be healthy does not mean I  have to  be dragged down to a level of not working out and eating poorly...Not my problem.

4. I do not complain about my weight. I simply am watching what I eat and I tell people that. THIS in NO way states I am complaining/

I think that sums up the stuff that was said. To me this is jealousy that I am pursuing my dreams professionally and athletically. Anyone can do this if you think you can. I am in no way a *itch. This is why I think I have more guy friends than girl friends because at least they don't talk behind your back.

Im hurt, very hurt. And I know I've hurt people in the past but that was then, this is now. I am closing in on my 30th Birthday in a few months and have no time for this. So in the end I am breaking the friendship. It'll make me feel better. I usually can forgive, but not this time...Im done being the one who forgives.

“What you perceive, your observations, feelings, interpretations, are all your truth. Your truth is important. Yet it is not The Truth."


  1. I have had relationships like this and like you I just broke them off. I am no longer in high school so I don't want to hang with people who act like they are. So good for you!

  2. Kristin... it's so weird that you wrote this. I too just went through a "divorce" of some horribly mean people who I thought were my friends... one of whom I thought was my best friend. I had a horrible experience with them on Thursday night, ending with them bashing me, my life and my fundraising event on facebook.

    I've cut all ties with them - we're 30 years old and I just can't handle it. I have too much good in my life to have to deal with the BS.

    Hang in there girl! keep your head up and know that this "friend" isn't worth you time or a second thought.


  3. I think many of us have been through something similar. It sounds like someone out there is jealous and it makes them feel better about all the crappy things in their life to say crappy things about yours. you're best off cutting the dead weight. it's hard, but it isn't worth the time. why do people have to do crap like that? ugh.

  4. Kristin, check out my blog today. You are the recipient of my first Hero Award and you totally deserve it!

  5. Kristin - I recently wrote a post on my blog about posting too much on FB about accomplishments, training, etc and came to the conclusion that this is my lifestyle (eating healthy, training, living well) and I should be able to talk about it with anybody and everybody. See everybody is posting about things in their life so why shouldn't I (or we in this case.)

    It is never easy to 'break up' with anybody but getting rid of those that won't show support and provide strength when needed are not necessary in your life as life is hard enough without those trying to pull you down.

    Keep training, keep eating healthy, keep doing what you do that makes you happy.

    BTW - I went to college at SUNY-Oswego. Not to far from you.

  6. Ohh, I'm so sorry that you went through that. I've been there before and I really think you are doing the best thing for YOU by breaking the friendship off. If that person was a true friend, he/she wouldn't have said those things about you. So, although this is easier said than done, you don't need them in your life. They are not worth it.

  7. I've been through a "friend divorce" before and it is painful no matter what. Sadly, I think my hubby is right that for strong women, sometimes the envy of others can really get in the way of friendships. If you can't share your accomplishments as well as your struggles, it's not a friendship, and good friends should always *want* you to succeed in your endeavors, not tear you down. Good for you in having the strength to know it's time to move on.