Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Week in review

Well this week was a trying week for me. I really thought I was recovered enough to get back doing my tempo runs, hill runs, etc, etc. Well I think I need to cool it with the runs for a wee bit more. You see I am swimming and biking without difficulty but as soon as I start running my right hamstring keeps tightening up right around the 2 mile mark.

This is how my week went:

Monday- Spin class was at 6pm so I decided I would spin my legs out at the Local gym. I walked into the jam packed room right to the front because I dont like to be behind sweaty grunting people. I don't know. Its just a pet peeve of mine..Let them look at my butt!! Ha ha!! Anyways...I really didn't care for this class. The teacher was a little whacky. I don't think she had any tension on her bike and when she said add I did, but she was still spinning faster than me. The lady was very 70s with the music she was playing. She did mix some good tunes in there, but she was way into the oldies!! After the class she looked at me and said you are a triathlete aren't you?? I was like "why yes, YES I AM!!!" She says, "I really thought you were going to walk out of this class, because as soon as some people see me, they walk the other way, Im glad you stayed" Little did she know I was debating whether to leave or not!! Oh god!

Tuesday- So glad I could get in a swim at 6 am only to find out the lifeguard wasn't there. What? Ok I pay valuable money to come to the gym to swim. At least the employees could be a little considerate of people who want to get there swim on in the morning. This isn't the first time this has happened to me and I wasn't too pleased at all!! I made my emotions known. They opened the pool for me and had the front lady desk person watch me swim until the lifeguard got there. Good thing I didn't drown or anything!!

Wednesday- I got some lifting in for the first time in a couple months...Wow am I weak..well maybe just a little weak, not like Pee Wee Herman or anything!! I did a nice 3 mile run and I did great. 25 happy with that!! Even my heart rate was lower!

Thursday- Decided to just have fun with my daughter and guy in the pool. My daughter is learning how to swim. She is getting better each time. She actually put her face in the water and did a few strokes...Breast stroke looking things...but it was a start!! I also had my guy do my swim video for my coach. Good times. Ive looked at it about 15 times already!! So critical! Well Mary said I was a B swimmer (Michael Phelps an A+(A++++ in my book), and another one of her clients a C) so Im ok..need to work on my left arm, and my pull BIG time, and also my kick is sloppy...oh dear!

Friday- Started running and was doing right hamstring started bothering me at mile 2..I got off the treadmill and went for the glider for 20 min. I don't want to injure myself. I have a lot this upcoming year and need to protect my body! I came home and put some BioFreeze on it...I love this stuff!! It makes my aches feel so much better!

Today----I will be heading out to ride with some of my buddies in the 51 degree weather. If you didn't know today is LIVESTRONG day and we will be riding for the cause. I wanted to wear my prettiest yellow but that only comes in a dress... Pics and report to follow!!