Sunday, October 17, 2010

Eastwood Park to Park 5 mile Road Race recap

Today in Central New York it was a Balmy 60 degrees. Yes I said It Balmy. You see in New York in October you can have Nippy weather or nice sunny weather. You just never know. But, I am glad it was on the warmer side. I love 40-60 degree weather for running!

Eastwood Park to Park Run is a 5 mile run showcasing the beauty of Eastwood. It has some challenging hills but not too tough, per what their brochure says.

Packet Pick up was at My favorite Fleet Feet Sports Store Yesterday. We got a cotton long sleeve shirt with the same design as above.

Today went a little something like this...
7 am- woke up with a congested head with a snot nose. Great. Took some Sudafed
7:45am- Ate my Usual Breakfast of Whole wheat Bagel. Peanut butter and jelly on top and a Banana
8 am - Mixed My Hammer Heed Drink in 24 oz and started sipping on it
8:30am.- Decided to have a cup of coffee with just cream. No sugar in my coffee, hate sugar in it!
9 am- Was on my way to the race
9:15am- Parked, talked to my dad, saw a few friends, said hi on the way to the Bathroom
9:45am- Quick warm-up lap around the track at the Rink. Quick Swig of My Hammer Gel
10am- Race start. The national anthem was sung by a beautiful voice right before the start that I was smiling and loving that I am an American and free...

10:45:11- I finished the race after 2 snot rocket stops and 10 tortuous hills. (I think I counted 10?) Well maybe not all tortous. Just the last one at 13% grade!!

I finished in the middle of the pack of people. 16th in my AG 20-29. I really focused on my form and cadence in this run. I kept thinking cadence is high and I feel good for the most part but these people are passing me left and right! Oh well!! Someday I will be a fast runner....someday..

I wore my Fly By night Duathlon arm warmers, a Tank, Shorts and my baby Suacony Fastwitch 4s. A lady came up to me at the end and said. I thought you were crazy for wearing what you wore but I got hot fast and wishe I was wearing what you had on!! I get hot very fast and have learned what to wear depending on the weather!!

Me attempting to be good at my form beforehand!!


  1. I always have a good laugh when i wear sleeveless with arm warmers b/c one time some guy told me it looked a little dominatrix (sp?). Now I have a huge complex about it but still do it. Gotta be comfy. Good job on the run! Lots of hills, whew!

  2. KC..Ba ha ha!! I never thought of that!! Wow! Maybe thats why I got all the looks?! ha ha!!

  3. You dressed perfectly in my world! :) Congrats on a great race!

  4. Great job on the race and it looks like you dressed perfectly!

  5. Yay! Congrats on your race! :)

  6. great race, especially with feeling lousy!