Friday, October 29, 2010

Swim Sets.

 I am sore from my workout from Wednesday of swims sets but hoping today will be a little easier. Heres what IRONMAMMA has in store for me today....

Planned swim time 1 Hour

400 free
200 kick with fins
100 free

10X50 on 50. Moderate pace

300 6 kick switch drills with fins

4X100 free on 2:10

200 cool down

I know I am swimming right as my Lats have been achy. A good ache. Not a ache that I cannot handle.

I did get alot of cramps in the inner thigh the other day when I was swimming. I wonder if I was a little dehydrated. Anyone else experience this?? I am going to try to drink on my rest intervals today...we will see how that goes. I've only cramped up once before and that was AFTER a 2 hour run...hmmmm...

Also the 6 switch drills with fins is an awesome is the video


  1. One thing to think about when kicking is to kick from your hips, that might help a bit. and NP... always pee pale yellow!

  2. That is a good swim workout! Might have to steal this one off of you;) This is the type of swim that pays dividends on race day.

  3. yes yes, I am an NP...but you know Im only human!!! Yes..Im a big slacker with water intake!!

  4. I have had the cramping problem also and usually it is because I have not drank enough water throughout the day!

  5. I'm tired from just reading about this swim! Nice work!

  6. I am definitely going to steel this workout! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for posting the video with this. Will definitely add that drill!