Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Frustrated Cyclist

My post today is about my ride yesterday. I clearly do not get why people do not pay attention to the road. Me as a cyclist and driver, I pay attention when I am driving. I dont text, I don't call anyone unless its an emergency and I watch my surroundings.

I am very frustrated with some drivers out there who think that they own the road and can be aggressive to cyclers. It baffles my mind when men/women in trucks, cars, minivans rev their engines or give you the finger! Come on!

I had a hour ride to do yesterday and since my butt didn't get up until 7am, I didn't have time to do it in the morning. I took the great opportunity I had at 5pm to ride outside. The weather was a balmy 77 degrees here and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity!!

I had to stay in zone 2 which for me is 130-143. I pretty much stayed in this zone averaging about a 18mph speed, not overdoing it. I was enjoying my ride. I couldn't ask for a better night. Nice breeze, warm crisp air, fallen leaves, so beautiful. I then headed back home after a half hour out and as I was approaching a intersection, a man in an SUV decides hes going to turn right in front of me. Never EVEN looked at me as Im screaming bloody Murder!!! I almost, almost hit his passenger side, Good thing I have good bike skills and made it past him without hurting myself! I quickly turned my wheel to avoid danger. Ok, I he was on his cell phone and clearly wasn't paying attention!!!

Next I pull up to a red light and a man tells me I shouldn't be out any later as I don't have reflective gear on...REally?!! Really?!! Thanks for the input! It wasn't even dark out yet! and yes I can ride a bike! I know how!

Then as I am getting clipped in at the intersection as it was green now, a woman in a sedan decides she is going to honk at me and give me the finger and speed off!! I just don't get it. I obey the traffic laws, I do everything right and this is the treatment I get.

Needless to say after this my ave speed for the rest of the mile was 24mph. I didn't keep that last mile in Zone 2....Sorry coach!!

Enough said today. I am getting the stuff together for the Giveaway...Trust me it will be by the end of the week!! :)


  1. Sorry about the idiots on the road! They frustrate the hell out of me as well. One time I had a passenger in a truck throw a quarter at me and it hit me in the leg. Hurt like hell and I have no idea why. I guess because I was a cyclists. People need to use some common sense!

  2. wow!! Scary!! I had a friend who was riding and got hit with a coke can!! What?!!

  3. Hey I'm a new follower! Great blog!

    Cyclists just can't win anywhere! The pathways are too congested for a safe workout and the roads are treacherous. Drivers just can't seem to learn to share the road. What is everyone's big hurry anyway?

    Anyway, glad you managed to avoid an injury or worse!

  4. Wow! That is just crazy! I don't get it either! I'm so glad you are o-kay though!

  5. yeah, it can be pretty bad out there on the roads. I try to stay on pretty isolated roads when i can, but car drivers can be scary.

    but then there's the cyclists (no YOU!), but as a driver, I've seen SOOO many cyclists who give cycling a bad name! They're either all over the road, wearing HEAD PHONES!! (wuh?), or not abiding the traffic signals/signs, and that can be frustrating too..

  6. It can be down right awful out there. There have been quite a few accidents down here in Dallas regarding cyclists and not just with cars, but other cyclists and runners/walkers. The news just keeps giving us more and more stories of this and I'm not sure why people don't understand.

    Do you have to be in such a hurry to get everywhere? Why? I just don't get it.

  7. New reader, great blog!

    I hear ya on this issue. After getting hit by an idiot driver a few years ago, sadly I do most of my training rides on the computrainer. It's alot safer.

  8. Not to self: piss off Kristin during bike portion of next race. She will ride 24 mph and win race. hehe

    Sorry that this happened all in one ride. I guess I have become immune to the crap people do while driving. I have had it all happen to me (except get hit).

    Also, don't retaliate. They weigh a LOT more than you in their car. :(

  9. Oh man.. I have had those days on the bike. The days where I just want to scream and yell and get off and walk home just to not have to deal with ONE more driver! You did good!!

  10. I don't ever retaliate for the simple fact that people are crazy!!! I would never want someone to come after me or drive me off the rode!!

  11. that is insane, especially the woman flipping you off.

    on a side note, I totally know which photo from the St. Patty's Day race you're talking about! The one Megan tagged me in.....that is so funny!

  12. Scary stuff, especially being "right hooked". There were several cyclists who died in Portland in right hook accidents last year. It's such a dangerous thing for cars to do, how can they not see? Glad you're okay!

  13. Crazy! I really dislike when people honk just to "let me know they're going by." Makes my heart jump every time!