Thursday, October 14, 2010

My New Pink Compression socks

I was browsing the internet and went to a site I have been eyeing some running skirts on. That site is . As I was perusing the site I found a cute little pair of Pink comression socks.

It is Breast Cancer awareness month and they were on sale so I decided I would get a pair!!! Everyone probably knows by now I am in love with the color pink!! If I could wear pink everyday and get away with it I would. If I could paint my house pink and get away with it I probably would....maybe thats a little drastic but you get the Idea!!!

I was surprised when the package came in the mail very quickly! I ripped opened the package like a little kid on Christmas morning to find my lovely pair of Compression socks! Now when I saw them at first I was thinking oh my are they even going to fit me?!! But they did stretch quite nicely and they are a great compression sock.

Pros: 1. The color is great
         2. They are great for long runs and recovery
         3. Who doesn't look cool running a race with knee high socks on?!!
         4. Did I mention they were pink? with a heart on it too?

Cons: 1. I have bigger calves than most girls and quite frankly I think my heart is 10xs bigger than it should
             be on my calves!
          2. I don't like that when they stretch they are white in between the pink
           3. they are a tad bit too short for my legs

I like them and I am recovering in them. I cant wait for my Sugoi ones to come!!! I also am waiting for another product...details to come shortly!!

BTW....I love the ARMY skirts at't they cute?!! Im thinking of grabbing one..along with a cute PINK shirt!! :)


  1. Super cute socks! I like the heart!

    And I love their skirts, although I haven't been brave enough to buy one. I have 2 running skirts and the shorts always ride up on them under the skirt. Drives me nuts. If these guaranteed that they wouldn't, I'd be so on them! And I love the army one!

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