Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 1 of training..functional training that is

First of all thanks for all the comments about my Hurt feelings. I'm realizing nobody is worth my tears unless it is tears of joy!! :)

Sorry to here about the "Friend" Colleen (HUGS BACK)

I am in Week 1 of my Functional Training. So far so good.

Today I had to do trainer cycling...BLAH.. I have never gotten used to my trainer. I hate the way my bike tips down a little even though I have my front tire on blocks. Hence, I am scootching the whole time. Any Ideas how to fix this?? Anyways I had to do some one legged spins for a minute each. Talk about uncoordinated. I think I almost fell off my bike about 10 times in the 20 min I had to work on this. Well maybe only a couple. I exaggerate a little. But I noticed in doing this I have a dead spot when cycling with my left leg. Definately need to work on that.

I also did a 30 min run focusing on cadence. Man, I felt faster than ever and not winded. That is a good feeling! I was passing people left and right on the indoor track. Its usually the other way around!

I also did a run video to show my coach. My guy was all paranoid at the gym because we brought our video camera. Whatever, I dont care. Im doing this for me and I would fully explain what I was doing. He made me mad as he only got like a min of me running because he was weirded out. I know I have to work on forward lean...I tried that today. Think I did better, feels like Im gonna fall over face first..and that wouldn't be pretty in front of those muscular guys huffing and puffing in the weight room trying to show off who's pecks are bigger you know~

Onto my swimming and lifting tomorrow!! I am going to take a pic of me now and in a few months and see if there is any definition as I haven't strength trained in almost a year!! Bad, Bad, Bad.

Happy Training!! :-)


  1. Those one legged intervals are sooo hard! I need to do more of those too.
    Yay for your run! I love when I feel fast too! :)

  2. I need to do some one-legged intervals also. I have a deadspot as well. I guess that goal will have to go into Operation Iron!

    Good luck with the lifting. I can't wait to see your definition pics!

  3. I just found your blog last night looking around for Tri blogs. I just signed up for the Ironman Steelhead 70.3 next year and wanted to see what others were doing during the season to train. Thanks for sharing your training details like this ... they help newbie people like me figure out their approach to training withing dumping serious $cash.

  4. Thanks Kristin... and you are right - sh*tty people don't deserve the tears! :)

    Sounds like you had a great workout. The trainer takes some getting used to again each fall. I actually tilted my saddle up so I ddin't feel like I was scootching down.

    I'm thinking of doing before and after pictures too... might be frightening for me though!

  5. Colleen- That is sooo Funny! I was thinking the same about my pics..Ba ha ha!! We should do it and post every 4 weeks or so!