Monday, October 25, 2010

Week in Training

Last week was all Recovery and Boy does it feel good to get going again!!! I don't know if everyone knows But I will be signing myself up for Beach to Battleship Full Ironman Distance Next year!!

This week started out with Functional Strength Training and Can I tell you, I am weak in strength...Weak, Weak, WEAK!!! Ok well maybe not as weak as I think I am but definately have alot of strength to gain!! I like the workouts. They are somewhat challenging but fun! One legged rows, kick backs with a stability ball, reverse crunches, planks, Reverse Negative Crunches....Yeah I feel it afterwards big time...120 count for abs...I better have abs of steel by the time Im done!!

I have 9 hours posted for this week of training. The last few weeks have been 5-6. So a little more for the next 3 weeks or so. I can definately handle this! I like that my coach says we are building an aerobic base...I need to have the mind set that we don't always have to go fast to see gains but to focus on form and cadence too. I nailed my run yesterday in both Zone 2 and cadence!!! Ahhh!! I finally know what it feels like to be light on your feet!

I even have swim sets to do this week!! Swim Sets!! I don't know what to do with myself!! I haven't done swim sets like this since Masters swim a year ago!!! I hope I can make the time cut offs! :) Its hard for my coach to guage this as I swim in a 50 meter pool not Yards. Ill show her I can get my swim on! (Does anyone else get dizzy from flip turns??!! I think I hold my breath or something??)

Enough of my ramblings....

I am thinking of a giveaway!!! Yeah!! More on that when I have everything together!!


  1. (I just realized when I reply to your comments the email goes to "no-reply." Do you get those?)

    Anyway, so cool about B2B! My IM is close in date so it'll be fun to train "alongside" you! My next step is to find a coach... any tips?

    Would love to hear more about your stregth training. Working on mine as well. Haven't been so sore in ages! :)

  2. Congrats on your decision to do b2b. I've heard great things about that race. You had a great training week! About the dizziness...i get dizzy from just swimming. After i got done with the 2.4 miles on Saturday, i looked like a stumbling drunk for about 100 feet. Happens after long swims. Keep up the strength training. I'm a big fan of weight/core training and tried my best to keep it part of my IM training schedule at least 2x's/wk...i swear by it!

  3. Great new pic. Finisher.

    Strength and core work are very important. I do them twice a week with terrific results as my coach has me doing much different types of set then I did when I was just weight training.

    Congrats on the decision for 140.6....can't wait to follow your progress here.

  4. hey, nice new header pic;-)

    and yeah, functional strength training rocks. and 9 hours training this week! dang! that's not shabby at ALL!


  5. I like your new blog header picture! :)

    Congrats on deciding to sign up for B2B!! How exciting! :)

  6. Great week of training! And congrats on the decision to B2B. That is exciting!