Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Dress Up and Dance!!

Today my daughter and I are having a Mommy and me Kind of day!! We both dressed up, me in my Halloween costume and her in one of her dance costumes and just let it all hang out and dance!

I love Halloween because you can do things you normally wouldn't do, like wear a leotard and leg warmers!! HA HA!!

I hate Halloween because, MY name is Kristin and I am a CHOCO-Holic!!! Yep! I admit it! M&M's...I hate you...Snickers...hate you too...AND Reeses Peanut Butter Cups...I DESPISE you!!! That is what Im telling myself. AND to step AWAY from the candy.

Heres some entertainment. Courtesy of me and my daughter!! Enjoy!!

My Halloween Costume

Also Remember....GIVEAWAY TOMORROW!!


  1. You are SO FLASHDANCE in those legwarmers! I love it. Cute video too.

  2. That costume - or everyday attire -whatever you want to call it - is AWESOME! You can't help but feel cool in leg warmers!!

  3. You look so great in that costumes..the video is awesome...

  4. Awesome costume! Way to rock the leg warmers! :)

  5. Saw your blog linked from Aimee at I Tri To Be Me. How can I not follow a blog called "Gotta Love Triathlon"? The answer is I can't. Then the leg warmer photo. Find of the day.

  6. I love it. I am cracking up from this post. Thank you so much.

    And I am a choco-holic as well but here is my secret for getting past it.

    1- I put a serving (typically 1 tbs) of chocolate chips in my oatmeal after it is hot and the chips melt perfectly.

    2- I put a serving of those same chips in my granola with almond milk and fruit.

    3- I put a serving in the middle of a pb&j on toast so that the heat from the toast melts them a bit.

    4- I put a seving along with peanut butter, almonds and banana between two waffles.

    Now I only do this once a week or so and not all at the same time so it is both a treat and not over-indulgence.

  7. Nice Jason!! I'll have to try some of them!!