Monday, October 31, 2011

Beach to Battleship 140.6 Race Review-Part 2

Since you all are DYING to know how the run went...Here goes!

After I went through the changing tent, I felt amazing! The rush of the people just took me out to the run and down the road. I looked at my watch about a 1/2 mile in and saw I was running 8:52. I backed off and settled into a pace more like 10:00/mi. I thought I could never hold that pace for the rest. Then came a +ucker of a hill. It was over a bridge and the wind was in my face. I thought walking was a good option as the wind was sucking the life right out of me. I decided to keep running.

This is actually mile 3/4 for me!

I was feeling for all my nutrition and realized I forgot my salt tabs. No biggy. They had Endurolytes at every hydration station.

Every mile or so there was a water stop. Filled with Broth, heed, oranges, bananas, gels, endurolytes, candy. You name it, it was out on the course I think.

Mile 10! Still had good form!!

I stopped at every other rest stop as I had nutrition on me. I walked through and grabbed water, tore my powerbar gel ate and went. Next stop was HEED, and I alternated this all the way up to mile 19.65. After this I felt my legs breaking down underneath me. The time was now about 11:30 or so and I thought to myself if I could keep this pace or even a little slower I would be done before 13 hours. I was hoping for 12:30 -12:45.

I ran down the first hill on the way back (about mile 21)...son of a gun it hurt, and hurt bad. A lady came running up near me and asked if I was on my first or second loop. I said second. She was amazed it was my first and I was this far already. We both pushed each other for a few miles. I tried to run to every aid station, grab anything I could, cola was my favorite at this point. I alternated cola/broth with Powerbar gels. By mile 23 I was getting stiff.

I started up a little hill and couldnt shake this nagging feeling in the back of my Left knee. It  felt like the ligaments were stiff! I kept telling myself keep moving forward. At this point I was walking more than running. The last hill I was scared for my life! No lights, I couldn't see who was running at me as I was blinded by 55mph cars flying by me. I walked most of it, then the downhill ripped my legs apart but I knew it was only about a half mile to the finish. I looked at my watch 12:53. I knew I could beat 13:00 If I gave it my all now.

A guy asked me on this strip how many miles I ran. I said 26.2, He said no way you look great! What?!! I felt like scrap! I smiled anyways. a few times I smiled at people, they didnt know I was hurting. They thought I was having a blast. I was SUFFERING...but I kept moving forwards!!!!

I ran down the finishers shoot in pure joy to be done. I put my hands up and screamed going through. I had a tear in my eye as they took my chip away and handed me my medal AND a finishers long sleeve shirt!

RUN TIME: 5:31:55

Total TIME: 12:57:32

51st  female/149 participants (I don't know where I ranked overall as it wasn't ranked this way!)

The volunteers escorted me out, asked me if I needed anything. They took care of all of us! I went into the warming tent and just sat there for a few minutes. I was so stiff it was hard to get up afterwards. I was walking like I rode a bull for 12 hours! ha ha! I took some motrin and coke that a volunteer gave me and just kept moving.

I hugged Andy and cried and thaked him for all he has done for me for the whole year!

We took the ferry boat to the other side of Cape Fear River and went back to the hotel. I took a nice long bath and it felt so good! I zonked right out after this! I wanted to go back and watch the last finishers but I was pooped!

Yes, Im a princess with a MEDAL!!

I will say this race is a great first timer race. Even though the wind and rain definately played apart in my mental game, it definately didn't get me to stop the race. The support crew, the volunteers, the race director, everything was top notch! This is definately on the race calendar for the future.

The race went well for me, I never had any cramping or stomach issues the whole time! I even could eat afterwards and that is saying alot for me!

I am still sore 2 days later, we have been having fun sight-seeing but it is so worth it!!
This is the Battleship we ended up at! USS North Carolina!

Thanks again to everyone who was apart of my day!! 

Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 Review- Part 1

Words cannot describe the feelings I still have about this race 2 days later. First I want to thank all my friends, family and the CNY tri community for all the support and encouragement you have given me throughout my journey. I also need to thank my coach who calmed me down twice; the day before the race and on race day. And last but not least the 2 LOVES of my life, my daughter and Andy. Without them, I don't know how I would've made this dream happen.

Enough mushy gushy I know

Onto the race. I think I should start with the days leading up to the race first which I think had a total impact on my race. The 2 days before my race I ate little fiber, drank like a fish and ate carbs galore. I totally loved it as I have been at the mercy of my nurses at work telling me I cannot have the sweets! They know I crave them and they remind me of my goals! Love them!

The night before I went to the pre race meeting which the race director was a Hoot! He told us about the incoming tide and if we were a Dorito bag floating with the tide we would finish in 1:30 or less. Ha! He also said You are going to SUFFER, SUFFER alot but if you keep moving forward you will cross that finish line. Anyone can do any Ironman, Its if you have the will to Suffer. Greatest words! The other thing I loved is all/most of the volunteers were ironman/triathlon finishers!

After the meeting we went across town and racked my bike, dropped off all the transition bags. Dinner at Carrabas was Phenomenal. I love that place. I went easy on the sauce and went for more of a chunky tomatoe basil topping so that I could pick half of the sauce off. Didn't want to upset the tummy. But I did eat a crap load of their bread. Its SO Good!!!
Me talking to Coach Mary. I look worried!!

Sleep the night before...why absolutely! I slept a total of 6 hours!! I couldn't believe it! I went a little easier on the nutrition in the morning since we did eat late the night before. I drank 3 cans of Boost, 1 Plain Bagel and a Banana at 4 AM. Got my Jersey on, flip flops, grabbed my swim/post race gear and laid back in bed for about another hour. The Pre race jitters were starting. My Coach text me and yet again I text back Im nervous about the swim. I was nervous as it was a salt water swim, the fear of the unknown and the mass start of 1,000+ people!

I had Andy Body Mark me before we went down to save me some time. He writes my age on my calf Vertically. Thats what I get for making him do this half asleep! We made coffee and headed down to transition.

When we got there it was cold. About 40 degrees with a slight breeze. I found my bike in transition and went to feel the tires and I had a Blow out on the back tire. My heart sank and I started to tear up. I thought oh god, I dont have another spare if the new one should flat. Andy calmed me down and changed my tire. I went to the tech support and asked if I could buy a tube. They handed me one! Free! I was so grateful I almost hugged the guy!

It was about 6AM , made a potty break, Ate half a powerbar, kept drinking fluids

The seam ripped right out of the tube!

Now this is the part that got tricky, and I almost teared up again. I had to take a trolley to the start of the swim and Andy couldn't come with me. I was a nervous wreck. I kissed him goodbye with a tear in my eye and palpitations in my heart. I boarded the trolley with all other FULL distance athletes. We all were talking about the wind, the swim, other triathlons weve done, and where we were from. We said good luck to each other and within 5 min were off the bus at the start line. At this point I had 30min left. I said to a few guys, no turning back now! we have to swim back! Another guy said to me, you look so calm, you are smiling. I guess I can put up a great front!!

20 min before the start I grabbed another porta-potty break, then took my gel with water, and got my wetsuit, booties, caps and goggles ready. Walked down to the shore. I thought to myself, ok this doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Got into the water to get the wetsuit filled up. Surprisingly the water was warm! About 69-70 degrees. I got my goggles into place, seated myself to the right of the crowd. Then the Eminen song came on- Lose Yourself...we were all singing and dancing, then the horn blew. I ran to the water and dove in and started swimming.

I should've stayed to the right but somehow ended up right in the middle of the whole pack! I was freaking out as I was getting hit, and touched and water was flying. And it was Salt water which I didn't like the taste of when a guy in front of me was kicking like a turbo fan! I slowed down, looked up and wadded a min to catch my breath and bearings. After this it was fine. I sang to myself, I counted to myself. I sighted very well and even drafted off a guy for a few minutes. The tide was to our backs which I could feel it occasionally pull me forwards. I turned at the last orange buoy and swam to a green one and was out of the water. I thought, I cant be done yet, that was too easy! I looked at my watch, 53:-- min. I hurried to the dock where I sat down and let the wetsuit stripper strip me down, ran into the showers and washed the salt away, then onto the timing mats.

SWIM TIME- 55:04

I stopped at the Hot showers for 2 seconds to get warm as the air was Much cooler than the water. It was about 45 degrees and windy. The forecast called for rain and 20 mph winds. I took off across the street, grabbed my transition bag, Stripped down, towel dried myself as much as I could, put arm warmers, knee warmers, hat and gloves on, helmet and shoes with toe covers, a little Chamois Butter and I was out of T1.

T1- 11:25
Off to ride 112 Miles!

The bike was a false flat, occasional rollers with a few inclines mixed in. We were up against some strong winds. I kept telling myself everyone is in the same boat as me and to stick with it. There were times my fingers were so cold, I wanted to stop. At this point I just focused on nutrition and my heart rate. Keeping it below 145 as much as I could. Around mile 40 I could tell I needed to pee. I thought to myself I can hold it until mile 51 where the special needs bags were. About mile 45 I was so full thats all I could think about and I didn't want to drink. I knew I had to do something. I stood up, leaned to the left and peed. It was gross but it was all I could do to keep going with my hydration. I stopped at the special needs area, refueled my bottles, ate 2 snack sized snickers, peed again and was on my way. The guy at the rest stop kept saying another 20 miles and then you will have a tail wind. I didn't believe him. We were pushing into the wind and rain all day! Mile 70 came and we turned onto this nicely paved highway and I was easily keeping a 22 mph average speed I kept this until about mile 90 when the wind started coming from the side. I just kept saying, 10 more miles you can do it. then when that 100 came, I said it again, 10 more miles. Then they stuck it to us by giving us a decent climb into the wind on Cape Fear Bridge right before transition.
I couldn't wait to get off the bike and start running.
I handed my bike off, yelled my number out for my run bag, grabbed it and crossed the timing mat into the womens changing tent. I saw Andy at this time and waved!!

Nutrition on the bike was spot on! 6 bottles of Perpetuem, 1 half bottle water, 1 powerbar, 4 salt tabs, 10oz of gel. NO cramping!! woot!

BIKE TIME- 6:13:53


Changing Tent!

T2 was stripping everything off, putting shoes on, hat on, fuel belt, and getting gels together. There were volunteers in there helping us every step of the way!


Onto the run.....will be Part 2!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Packet Pickup, Pre Race Jitters...

WE made it safely to North Carolina last night. What a road trip that was!! 14 1/2 hours, 4 rest stops, 2 meal stops, 2 gas stops....and then 2 Im Freaking out LOST stops!! See when we got into Wilmington it was a little confusing as to where US 17 was as it was marked business district. Little did we know thats exactly where our hotel was!

We have a nice hotel with a flat screen TV, Free WiFi, Microwave, Refrigerator and Coffee Maker! was right! Woot! And the best part is we are right in between both of my transitions which is about 5 miles each way. (Yes T1 and T2 are not in the same area!!)

Packet pickup went smoothly. These people have it all down pat! I saw my Finisher Jacket hanging up calling my name after I finish. Thank god it will be available AFTER the race. No jinxing the race here!! I will finish, then get the damn thing!!! :)

Being the Transitions are not in the same area makes this a very confusing race. Ugh. I have to have all bags packed tonight which I have worked on for the last couple hours! I am now eating, drinking and resting until tonight when I have a pre-race meeting and need to drop off everything to transition area where the volunteers will transport all the bags to the appropriate areas!!

I have had a few freakout moments, but I am ready. I know in my heart I am ready.

My coach just called and we both know this is a great day to be nervous. As soon as that gun goes off I will be that much closer to finishing. 3 workouts in 1. Thats all this is. NO pressure.

The next time Ill be writing is when I am a Iron Distance Finisher!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

1 More week!

I cannot believe the day is almost here! Taper started Wednesday and I am going crazy trying to stay in the Core Diet plan! There is something to be said about me and exercise! If I exercise, I eat better. The less I move the more I want to eat! Strange!

I have also been busy trying to get everything together for next week! I received a nice packing list from my friend Rae over at who just got done with her 2nd Ironman!! Thanks for the tips and list!!

I have had some anxiety moments as the last few days I have had a knot in the back of my Left Calf. It feels very tight. I have been stretching and rolling it out as much as possible. I've also been really tense in the neck area. Maybe I should book a massage..

I have had dreams were I can see a 13 above me coming into the finishers shoot. I don't know where that 13 is on the time clock but I keep having this dream over and over again. I have had dreams about changing outfits, Getting snickers bars, throwing water bottles...hmmmm

Today I did purchase new tires and new water bottles, met with one of the new owners of Train-this over at Bike Loft East. I also got a new jersey to Represent with!!! Woo hoo! I am really excited for next year and Train-this has some really nice things happening with their Coaches and Clients. So excited to be apart of the team. I cannot wait to see how next season unfolds!

I received an email from my coach Last night which really had me choked up. She outlined my past, that I stayed true to myself when all else was failing in my life. It really had me tearing up! The fact that she believes in me, the fact that I can always contact her, the fact that there is a bond between us as parents, athletes, professionals, Really means alot to me!

I am ready to give all myself to the experience next week and just live in the moment, Smile and Never give up. As my saying on my Road ID says...You can if you THINK you can!!! Stroke, Glide, Stride.

7 DAYS!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

2 weeks and Counting

In 12 Days I will culminate this year long journey. I have envisioned how it will play out in my mind a billion times. I have watched myself enter the finishers shoot with pure joy and elation, I have visioned myself running out 6.55 miles and back 6.55 miles, Twice. I have visioned myself settling in the swim and just relaxing.

Easy to say now!!! I cannot believe it is so close! I have had some teary moments, frustrated moments, pure happy moments. It all comes with the territory of your first 140.6! I know that now and I have embraced it all.

Through my last 18 mile run on saturday I kept thinking to myself. This is it. This is your last chance to get nutrition and hydration right. Get it right. I was loving every 18 miles of my run. Through the wind, rain, cold, it was all worth it. My friend was slowing down, but I was on a mission. I was on that mission to block the muscle fatigue, to smile through that, to focus on form and nutrition. It paid off!!

Yesterday I went out with my friend KD who is doing IM Florida. Thank god for her as she has spent the last 4 weekends with me training. If it wasnt for her pushing me and me pushing her, I dont know where I would be right now. Its friends like her that mean so much to me. Friends who inspire, who let you see all the sides of the Ironman experience. This is her 3rd IM and she has some goals in mind that I know she can achieve!! Anyways, we set out for the ride. Me doing 6 hours, her 4 hours. We were great 30miles in, when we made the turn to go back the 30 miles it was Torture!!! 25 mph winds, my bike almost came out from underneath me, I couldn't get into aero without being scared I would fall off my bike. I was miserable. Not to mention I started having a lot of tension to the neck. I finally got home, got on the trainer but my neck was bothering me only to finish another hour because of my neck. I had so much tension from riding outside. Not to mention I had deep dish wheels on which made it that much more difficult to control!! I should've changed the front tire out!

I am ready, I have done the workouts. This has been a long journey. Im ready to soak up the moment and smile through the pain!!!

12 DAYS!!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Week in Review

I just got a chance to stit down and type a bit! As the days get nearer to my Full Iron Distance race, time is crunched between my work, activities, my Daughters activities and then being a good old partner to my honey!

Last week was one of the best training weeks I have had and It is another boost to my self confidence going into B2B.

Saturday was my long bike which I rode from my house, met a few friends and rode out to Green Lakes State Park for the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness 25mile ride. This was a great event where we raised $10,000 for Breast Cancer research and had over 450 cycling! It was a beautiful day! I then Rode home and around with my friend closer to home. On the Way home I flatted 2 times. After 107 miles Ill take it! I called my honey to come to my rescue. His comment to me was "How are you going to change this at B2B if you are taking so long changing it now? Mind you I have 808's on my bike which are deep dished making it a little harder to get off. So I had to do a few changes at home and still was frustrated as I couldn't get the wheel (Back wheel) back on the bike. I had a little meltdown. I'll wait for the repair wagon I guess if it happens on race day!! I am able to change it...but it takes me about 15-20min to do so! I would rather have my regular wheels on but then I've been training with these ones all summer so I will stick with what I know.

I followed this bike up with the best transition run I've had in a long time. I felt fresh, I was holding a pretty good pace in my heart rate zone! This really made me happy with 3 weeks left until show time.

Sunday I had a split run with a spin in between. I felt great for the 1st hour and a half then I was mustering up some good old energy to finish the last half hour. I made it home and was relieved that I could focus on other things in my mind and keep running despite my legs being lead. Took a few hours to visit the family who thinks I am crazy, thinks Im too busy for them, etc. It was nice to see my family. I haven't seen my sister in a month since we got back from Florida!! Geesh!
I came home, Spun out the legs for a while, then on the treadmill for a hour. I started out with a not so good feeling. Running on brick feeling legs is not fun. But after about 15 min I found a groove I could stick with for a hour. (Not to mention the chafing, changing clothes, turning the radio up, etc), I was a bit slower this time around but managed a solid effort.

Last Night I had my first IronMan Dream. I was swimming, swimming, swimming, I looked around and I was last out of the water. I looked around and all the bikes were still there. Looked up at the clock and it said 6 hours. Everyone was already back from their bike and running already. I was all alone.......what a dream!!!!!

From Breast Cancer ride (the date reset! Stupid Camera!)

18 Days and Counting!!

Here is last week in numbers:
Swim: 4,484 yds - 1.67 hours
Bike: 131.8 miles + Trainer- 15.03 hours
Run: 51.63 miles- 8.66 hours
Strength: .50 hour

Total Time: 16:10:26

Sunday, October 2, 2011

September in Review

I think September was my hardest month. I felt flat. I felt like everyone was done with their training and I was basically on my own. I met up with a few friends who are training for IM Arizona and IM Florida and rode with them. Its hard when the sun stops shining, the rain and cold move in and the darkness takes over your early morning rides and runs. SIGH

I had a few weeks where I did what I could but knew that wasn't the best option going into the last 8 weeks of training. Pick it up Kristin. Id sleep late, eat bad, you name it I did it last month.

What brought me back to life is my ranting to my coach and reading Chris McCormacks Book. Hes so sassy but so right in so many ways. Hes a bigger triathlete just like me..he cant take big hills and heat, just like am in awww of all his accomplishments

Last month my daughter went into 3rd grade, started gymnastics AND dance!! I cant imagine having any more kids with all the stuff she does! Although Im not opposed to it by any means!! ;)

Yesterday started a new month, new consistency, new eating, new outlook on my tri-training. I know I can do this and do it with confidence and grace if I have my head in the right place.

Last month in numbers:
Swim: 18,646 yds-  8.17 hours
Bike: 19.56 hours- 266.12miles + trainer
Run: 18.15 hours- 114.59 miles
Strength 1.5 hours


27 more days!!!