Sunday, October 2, 2011

September in Review

I think September was my hardest month. I felt flat. I felt like everyone was done with their training and I was basically on my own. I met up with a few friends who are training for IM Arizona and IM Florida and rode with them. Its hard when the sun stops shining, the rain and cold move in and the darkness takes over your early morning rides and runs. SIGH

I had a few weeks where I did what I could but knew that wasn't the best option going into the last 8 weeks of training. Pick it up Kristin. Id sleep late, eat bad, you name it I did it last month.

What brought me back to life is my ranting to my coach and reading Chris McCormacks Book. Hes so sassy but so right in so many ways. Hes a bigger triathlete just like me..he cant take big hills and heat, just like am in awww of all his accomplishments

Last month my daughter went into 3rd grade, started gymnastics AND dance!! I cant imagine having any more kids with all the stuff she does! Although Im not opposed to it by any means!! ;)

Yesterday started a new month, new consistency, new eating, new outlook on my tri-training. I know I can do this and do it with confidence and grace if I have my head in the right place.

Last month in numbers:
Swim: 18,646 yds-  8.17 hours
Bike: 19.56 hours- 266.12miles + trainer
Run: 18.15 hours- 114.59 miles
Strength 1.5 hours


27 more days!!!


  1. Those are some great numbers for training!

  2. Holy cow, I can't believe your race is so soon! I know what you mean about the kids activities, L&E have a better social life than me!