Monday, October 31, 2011

Beach 2 Battleship 140.6 Review- Part 1

Words cannot describe the feelings I still have about this race 2 days later. First I want to thank all my friends, family and the CNY tri community for all the support and encouragement you have given me throughout my journey. I also need to thank my coach who calmed me down twice; the day before the race and on race day. And last but not least the 2 LOVES of my life, my daughter and Andy. Without them, I don't know how I would've made this dream happen.

Enough mushy gushy I know

Onto the race. I think I should start with the days leading up to the race first which I think had a total impact on my race. The 2 days before my race I ate little fiber, drank like a fish and ate carbs galore. I totally loved it as I have been at the mercy of my nurses at work telling me I cannot have the sweets! They know I crave them and they remind me of my goals! Love them!

The night before I went to the pre race meeting which the race director was a Hoot! He told us about the incoming tide and if we were a Dorito bag floating with the tide we would finish in 1:30 or less. Ha! He also said You are going to SUFFER, SUFFER alot but if you keep moving forward you will cross that finish line. Anyone can do any Ironman, Its if you have the will to Suffer. Greatest words! The other thing I loved is all/most of the volunteers were ironman/triathlon finishers!

After the meeting we went across town and racked my bike, dropped off all the transition bags. Dinner at Carrabas was Phenomenal. I love that place. I went easy on the sauce and went for more of a chunky tomatoe basil topping so that I could pick half of the sauce off. Didn't want to upset the tummy. But I did eat a crap load of their bread. Its SO Good!!!
Me talking to Coach Mary. I look worried!!

Sleep the night before...why absolutely! I slept a total of 6 hours!! I couldn't believe it! I went a little easier on the nutrition in the morning since we did eat late the night before. I drank 3 cans of Boost, 1 Plain Bagel and a Banana at 4 AM. Got my Jersey on, flip flops, grabbed my swim/post race gear and laid back in bed for about another hour. The Pre race jitters were starting. My Coach text me and yet again I text back Im nervous about the swim. I was nervous as it was a salt water swim, the fear of the unknown and the mass start of 1,000+ people!

I had Andy Body Mark me before we went down to save me some time. He writes my age on my calf Vertically. Thats what I get for making him do this half asleep! We made coffee and headed down to transition.

When we got there it was cold. About 40 degrees with a slight breeze. I found my bike in transition and went to feel the tires and I had a Blow out on the back tire. My heart sank and I started to tear up. I thought oh god, I dont have another spare if the new one should flat. Andy calmed me down and changed my tire. I went to the tech support and asked if I could buy a tube. They handed me one! Free! I was so grateful I almost hugged the guy!

It was about 6AM , made a potty break, Ate half a powerbar, kept drinking fluids

The seam ripped right out of the tube!

Now this is the part that got tricky, and I almost teared up again. I had to take a trolley to the start of the swim and Andy couldn't come with me. I was a nervous wreck. I kissed him goodbye with a tear in my eye and palpitations in my heart. I boarded the trolley with all other FULL distance athletes. We all were talking about the wind, the swim, other triathlons weve done, and where we were from. We said good luck to each other and within 5 min were off the bus at the start line. At this point I had 30min left. I said to a few guys, no turning back now! we have to swim back! Another guy said to me, you look so calm, you are smiling. I guess I can put up a great front!!

20 min before the start I grabbed another porta-potty break, then took my gel with water, and got my wetsuit, booties, caps and goggles ready. Walked down to the shore. I thought to myself, ok this doesn't look as bad as I thought it would. Got into the water to get the wetsuit filled up. Surprisingly the water was warm! About 69-70 degrees. I got my goggles into place, seated myself to the right of the crowd. Then the Eminen song came on- Lose Yourself...we were all singing and dancing, then the horn blew. I ran to the water and dove in and started swimming.

I should've stayed to the right but somehow ended up right in the middle of the whole pack! I was freaking out as I was getting hit, and touched and water was flying. And it was Salt water which I didn't like the taste of when a guy in front of me was kicking like a turbo fan! I slowed down, looked up and wadded a min to catch my breath and bearings. After this it was fine. I sang to myself, I counted to myself. I sighted very well and even drafted off a guy for a few minutes. The tide was to our backs which I could feel it occasionally pull me forwards. I turned at the last orange buoy and swam to a green one and was out of the water. I thought, I cant be done yet, that was too easy! I looked at my watch, 53:-- min. I hurried to the dock where I sat down and let the wetsuit stripper strip me down, ran into the showers and washed the salt away, then onto the timing mats.

SWIM TIME- 55:04

I stopped at the Hot showers for 2 seconds to get warm as the air was Much cooler than the water. It was about 45 degrees and windy. The forecast called for rain and 20 mph winds. I took off across the street, grabbed my transition bag, Stripped down, towel dried myself as much as I could, put arm warmers, knee warmers, hat and gloves on, helmet and shoes with toe covers, a little Chamois Butter and I was out of T1.

T1- 11:25
Off to ride 112 Miles!

The bike was a false flat, occasional rollers with a few inclines mixed in. We were up against some strong winds. I kept telling myself everyone is in the same boat as me and to stick with it. There were times my fingers were so cold, I wanted to stop. At this point I just focused on nutrition and my heart rate. Keeping it below 145 as much as I could. Around mile 40 I could tell I needed to pee. I thought to myself I can hold it until mile 51 where the special needs bags were. About mile 45 I was so full thats all I could think about and I didn't want to drink. I knew I had to do something. I stood up, leaned to the left and peed. It was gross but it was all I could do to keep going with my hydration. I stopped at the special needs area, refueled my bottles, ate 2 snack sized snickers, peed again and was on my way. The guy at the rest stop kept saying another 20 miles and then you will have a tail wind. I didn't believe him. We were pushing into the wind and rain all day! Mile 70 came and we turned onto this nicely paved highway and I was easily keeping a 22 mph average speed I kept this until about mile 90 when the wind started coming from the side. I just kept saying, 10 more miles you can do it. then when that 100 came, I said it again, 10 more miles. Then they stuck it to us by giving us a decent climb into the wind on Cape Fear Bridge right before transition.
I couldn't wait to get off the bike and start running.
I handed my bike off, yelled my number out for my run bag, grabbed it and crossed the timing mat into the womens changing tent. I saw Andy at this time and waved!!

Nutrition on the bike was spot on! 6 bottles of Perpetuem, 1 half bottle water, 1 powerbar, 4 salt tabs, 10oz of gel. NO cramping!! woot!

BIKE TIME- 6:13:53


Changing Tent!

T2 was stripping everything off, putting shoes on, hat on, fuel belt, and getting gels together. There were volunteers in there helping us every step of the way!


Onto the run.....will be Part 2!!


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