Monday, October 17, 2011

2 weeks and Counting

In 12 Days I will culminate this year long journey. I have envisioned how it will play out in my mind a billion times. I have watched myself enter the finishers shoot with pure joy and elation, I have visioned myself running out 6.55 miles and back 6.55 miles, Twice. I have visioned myself settling in the swim and just relaxing.

Easy to say now!!! I cannot believe it is so close! I have had some teary moments, frustrated moments, pure happy moments. It all comes with the territory of your first 140.6! I know that now and I have embraced it all.

Through my last 18 mile run on saturday I kept thinking to myself. This is it. This is your last chance to get nutrition and hydration right. Get it right. I was loving every 18 miles of my run. Through the wind, rain, cold, it was all worth it. My friend was slowing down, but I was on a mission. I was on that mission to block the muscle fatigue, to smile through that, to focus on form and nutrition. It paid off!!

Yesterday I went out with my friend KD who is doing IM Florida. Thank god for her as she has spent the last 4 weekends with me training. If it wasnt for her pushing me and me pushing her, I dont know where I would be right now. Its friends like her that mean so much to me. Friends who inspire, who let you see all the sides of the Ironman experience. This is her 3rd IM and she has some goals in mind that I know she can achieve!! Anyways, we set out for the ride. Me doing 6 hours, her 4 hours. We were great 30miles in, when we made the turn to go back the 30 miles it was Torture!!! 25 mph winds, my bike almost came out from underneath me, I couldn't get into aero without being scared I would fall off my bike. I was miserable. Not to mention I started having a lot of tension to the neck. I finally got home, got on the trainer but my neck was bothering me only to finish another hour because of my neck. I had so much tension from riding outside. Not to mention I had deep dish wheels on which made it that much more difficult to control!! I should've changed the front tire out!

I am ready, I have done the workouts. This has been a long journey. Im ready to soak up the moment and smile through the pain!!!

12 DAYS!!!!!


  1. Reading those words says you are ready. There is no questioning in your words. You have no worry to your words.

    You, my friend, are READY!

  2. So excited for you! You are going to be AWESOME!!! Best of luck!

  3. You are ready! Embrace the training and enjoy the taper!

  4. I just got the chills reading this post. I'm so damn excited for you!

  5. Kristin... it's been so fun to follow your journey and you are going to kick some major butt in two weeks. Keep reminding yourself how strong you are... no need to doubt anything!

  6. Thanks Everyone for the great words of encouragement!!! I cannot wait to post the recap!