Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Last Week in Review

I just got a chance to stit down and type a bit! As the days get nearer to my Full Iron Distance race, time is crunched between my work, activities, my Daughters activities and then being a good old partner to my honey!

Last week was one of the best training weeks I have had and It is another boost to my self confidence going into B2B.

Saturday was my long bike which I rode from my house, met a few friends and rode out to Green Lakes State Park for the 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness 25mile ride. This was a great event where we raised $10,000 for Breast Cancer research and had over 450 cycling! It was a beautiful day! I then Rode home and around with my friend closer to home. On the Way home I flatted 2 times. After 107 miles Ill take it! I called my honey to come to my rescue. His comment to me was "How are you going to change this at B2B if you are taking so long changing it now? Mind you I have 808's on my bike which are deep dished making it a little harder to get off. So I had to do a few changes at home and still was frustrated as I couldn't get the wheel (Back wheel) back on the bike. I had a little meltdown. I'll wait for the repair wagon I guess if it happens on race day!! I am able to change it...but it takes me about 15-20min to do so! I would rather have my regular wheels on but then I've been training with these ones all summer so I will stick with what I know.

I followed this bike up with the best transition run I've had in a long time. I felt fresh, I was holding a pretty good pace in my heart rate zone! This really made me happy with 3 weeks left until show time.

Sunday I had a split run with a spin in between. I felt great for the 1st hour and a half then I was mustering up some good old energy to finish the last half hour. I made it home and was relieved that I could focus on other things in my mind and keep running despite my legs being lead. Took a few hours to visit the family who thinks I am crazy, thinks Im too busy for them, etc. It was nice to see my family. I haven't seen my sister in a month since we got back from Florida!! Geesh!
I came home, Spun out the legs for a while, then on the treadmill for a hour. I started out with a not so good feeling. Running on brick feeling legs is not fun. But after about 15 min I found a groove I could stick with for a hour. (Not to mention the chafing, changing clothes, turning the radio up, etc), I was a bit slower this time around but managed a solid effort.

Last Night I had my first IronMan Dream. I was swimming, swimming, swimming, I looked around and I was last out of the water. I looked around and all the bikes were still there. Looked up at the clock and it said 6 hours. Everyone was already back from their bike and running already. I was all alone.......what a dream!!!!!

From Breast Cancer ride (the date reset! Stupid Camera!)

18 Days and Counting!!

Here is last week in numbers:
Swim: 4,484 yds - 1.67 hours
Bike: 131.8 miles + Trainer- 15.03 hours
Run: 51.63 miles- 8.66 hours
Strength: .50 hour

Total Time: 16:10:26


  1. SHRIEK!! You're getting so close!! Can't wait!

  2. Wow, you are doing such a great job nailing the training! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. It's getting so close!!! YAY!!! The race dreams are the worst... and they NEVER make an ounce of sense!!!

  4. I think I am more excited about your IM than the marathon on Sunday!