Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lighting my Fire

The last few weeks have been a struggle. Struggle to get out of bed, struggle to get my workouts in. Struggle with my mind. get my theme?? I doubted myself in my ability to do this Iron Distance race over and over again. I emailed coach and told her I wasnt feeling all that great. Spirits were down. She emailed back. Lets have a do over. Everyone goes through this especially when it is a late Ironman. Eat well, rest up and start over.

Start over...yeah got it coach

I have been thinking of why I wanted to do the Iron Distance race again. Revisiting this throughout training has really helped me keep focused on my goals. I went back to the drawing board and looked.

1. Anything is possible if you have a dream, perserverance.
2. For all the hardships I have faced up until now
3. For my family, for my daughter to show her to never give up your dreams no matter what people think or tell you
4. For health, for fitness
5. For all the people who cant do these. I am blessed that I can and will

I have many more but these are the most important.

I purchased Maccas book and started reading it. It is actually quite entertaining so far. I cant picture him as an accountant. Im glad he is a hot triathlete instead. Ha ha!

Starting to read his book got the fire lit again. I am back in the game and ready to rock and roll! I have made some times up in my head where I would like to finish, where I could finish and just finishing before 16:59:59

I had a great 13 mile run today with Friends TS, CG, EH. Kept up with my nutrition, saw alot of squished frogs, a snake, dogs, a lady pushing a double stroller like no tomorrow, fellow triatletes. Nothing is greater than running outside in 63 degree weather with a slight breeze at 7 in the morning. I felt like I could turn around and to 13 more without too much trouble.

Tomorrow, 6 hour ride, 30 min T-Run with a friend who is doing IM Florida. Makes it so much worthwhile when you have someone to share stories with and ride with.

35 More days!!!


  1. The Macca book is great. I loved every page of it.

    Glad to hear you got that fire back. I can go out quickly but if you refocus like you did it comes back hotter.

  2. You were a wonderful running partner today! Pushed me when I couldn't push myself. Wanna go to Philly on November 20?

  3. We could debate for hours about the Macca book, he is a 2x world champ though

    I need to find my fire again, its been lost for awhile

  4. Late season races are so damn hard for that reason alone. I'm contemplating IMAZ next year, and I know I'm going to have to be patient. Otherwise I know I'll be burnt out mentally and physically by August. Hang in there, you're doing AWESOME, and will kick ASS in NC!

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